It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 186, there is a son, still afraid of a fart

Wen people are nautical and red, put it in hand.

The brow wrinkled and loosened, and wrinkled.

"Is it red-yang? No ... is wrong, this inside, there is no hot breath, the opposite, there is an intimate!"

"This kind of breath makes my heart have a feeling of hair!"

"What is it? Is there this feeling?"

Wen people are muttered, and a bitter thinking.

Everyone is staring on the stone stone, a nervousness.

Suddenly, I was fried by the stone.

The manner is loose.

Blood color rock falling in place.

" ..."

The blood chinensis should be cleaved, and the crack is blown.

"Zi ..."

Red electricity is flashing, a red squirt drilled out of crystal stone.

"call out……"

Such as lightning is general, pounce towards the human eyebrows.

Those who won the people, the face has changed, the lower consciousness.

It's just wherever you come.


The red beeworm is in the smell of the people, and the madness is biting.

The fire is on, the metal is moving, and it is constantly sounding.

Wen people's stone eyebrows are quickly torn.

One of the pain came from a drill heart.

Through the stone, the stone reached the right hand, and the two fingers pinched the red beeta.

Unplug it from the eyebrow.

"Zi ..."

Red squps crazy struggle, crazy torn biting people.

Wen people rushed quickly.

The red beef is falling to the ground, drilling the rock, playing a small hole, and disappears instantly.


Everyone stayed at this scene, but everyone couldn't believe it.

The item is more like a body, and a butt is sitting on the ground.

"Smell ... I am old, just now ... what is it?"

The sound of the release dust.

"The speed is too fast, even I can't react, but I am fine, you are fine!"

On the face of Mu Ice, it is afraid of a pair.

"What is it?" Chen Xu Yumu worried.

Those who wipes the cold sweat, watching around, a face, "That is the soul!"


Everyone does not understand.

"The first soul insects were previously recorded in the ancient times, they, special soul!"

"Legend, they are a petty pet, and there are many quantities and cannot be calculated!"

"Even if the Xianzun encounters them, I can only drink hate on the spot!" Said the stone.


Chen Xu Ming a few faces of his face.

Attractive color, write on your face.

Even the immunity can only drink hate?

That is too terrible!

"Wonder to be old, why don't you do?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"There are three reasons, one, this kind of soul, the strength is not a very different year!"

"Second, it is only one, it is better to deal with!"

"Three, because my flesh, it is comparable to the fairy!"

"If it is not given me, I will give me this.

I am afraid that I have already lived on the spot! "

This is out.


Pour the cold air sound, which is coming.

"Moreover, this kind of epitonic breeding speed is extremely fast, as long as there is enough food, you can reproduce unlimited!"

"Now, escape this, for all things, it will be a disaster!" Wen people said.

"Is there any way to deal with it?"

"Don't worry, I have been in my body, I can induce its position, we only have a trap, lead it to hook, then capture, there should be no problem!" Wen people said.

When I heard this, everyone was so angry and calm down.

"Smelling old, taboos, who is it?" Chen Xu Ming said.

"I don't know, there is no record on the book. The book says that this world is not allowed to say his name!" Wen people said.

This is out.

Everyone is trembled.

Even the world is fear? ~ 8 ~ 1 ~ Chinese network ωωω.χ ~ ⒏ ~ 1zщ.còм

Who is not afraid of?

No wonder, the son looks at the northern domain, which is worried.

I am still stupid, and I didn't happen.

If it is not the owner of Luo Zhi, he is only afraid that now, still stay at home.

"This is said, will it be buried in this too early mine?" Chen Xiu Ming asked.

"It's very likely!" Wen people said.

"The son is looking for us, what is it?" Mu Bing asked.

"This is not simple!"

Chen Xu Ming smiled slightly and smiled.

"The son is everything, this soul, will the son will know?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Nature know!" Mu Ice nodded.

"The son has no justice, the heart is in the world, you said that the son will let go of the soul as a disaster?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"So, the son is to let us kill the soul insects?" Mu Bing asked.

"Not bad!"

Chen Tao kicks up.

"However, the soul of the soul is like a fairy, even my flesh, can be easily broken, how to destroy them?"


Chen Xu Yumu is a glimpse, the face is on the face, and the change is uncertain.

Finally, the eyes are staring on the items.

"Chen ... Chen Zhi, you ... do you stare at me?" The item released the face, showing a fear.

"You said!"

Chen Xu Ming used his hand to release the head, "Do you know, you have a big disaster!"

"Chen Zhi, I ... I ..."

The entrance dust sounds, sweating DC.

"What I am, let's talk, how many blocks do you have?" Chen Xu Ming asked.


After saying, the item released the blood chlorica, and then gave Chen Xiu Ming, and continued a few steps.

Chen Xu Ming took out one of the bloodline, released the knowledge, and started viewing.

Next second, a hair feeling, full of whole body.

" ..."

Blood color spices were immediately blown, chemically became a soul insect, and they came straight into the knife.

However, Chen Xu Ming is ready.

The second refers to the death of the soul wings, let it work, and cannot break free.

"Hey ..." The soul of the soul is called, crazy struggles.

Chen Xiu looked at this scene, rising his mouth, "Sure enough, as long as you release the knowledge, you will be alarmed!"

"Every blood chinen, it is set to seal a soul insect!"

"If there is a soul power to stimulate, they will wake up!"

After Chen Xu Yumu, everyone nodded.

"If so, then the soul of the soul, we can't do it!" Wen people said.

"We can't fall, but the son can!"

"We only need to collect those red spices, give it to the son, then it will be!"

Chen Kao said.

Mu Ice and the words of the people are looking at it, and nod together.

"Chen Zen is the master, the understanding is good!"

"you are welcome!"

Chen Xu Yumu put his hand and looked at it, "said, where is the mine?"

The item release touched the head, the face was afraid, "Chen Zer, I said, don't hit me!"

"Say, don't hit you!" Chen Kao said.

"I looked at the side of the Taijie Mining, we didn't stay from them, and we also dug a!"

"These blood chinensis are dug from the Taiji Mining!"

The words are just turned.

" ..."

Chen Xu Yuma Packed on the top of the news, he was embarrassed.

"You ... do you want to kill everyone ?!" Chen Kao said.

"Chen Zhi, I am wrong, I am wrong, I don't dare again!" The item released.

"Chen Zer, Tai Chuan Mining, very horror, I am waiting in, I am afraid ..." Wen people still stop.

Chen Xu Ming did not speak, standing in the same place, frowning thoughts.

After a while, his eyes flashed.

"Don't be afraid! We will be fine!" Chen Xu Yumu is a confirmation.


The words of the people are in the face of the two people.

"The blood of the blood nest, do you remember?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Of course, I remember that the ethnic law appeared, it was a son, and the town was killed!" Wen people said.

"When you protect the son, you can remember?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Memory is new! Drought, I am the opponent, the son is shot, and the drought!" Mu Bing said.

"The recent West House Xiancheng, you will not forget this matter?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

This is out.

Wen Art Stone and Mu Ice are looking at it, and the face is full.

"Chen Zer, what you mean, this time, the son will not be able to deal with it, will you help?" Wen people asked.

"Yes!" Chen Xu Yumi head.

When the two listened, worried about the color, and disappeared.

There is a son to support it, even if it is too early mining, it is also possible to

Chen Xu Yumi nodded, "So, we only need to go to order!"

"There is a son in the waist, I am afraid of a fart!" Wen people said. Genius a second to remember Chinese M.X / 8/1 / z / w.c / o / m /

"It makes sense!"

In the eyes of Mu Ice, the eyes bloom so much.

"This time, we have to find the soul of the soul, and then open!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Okay, things are not suitable, we will have it now!" Wen people said.

"it is good!"

Chen Xu Ming is a lightweight, "Xiangmen Lord, you bring everyone to the mine, find blood chinensite!"

"Yes, Chen Zen is the master!"

"Remember, don't release the knowledge! After digging, save the soul space!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Yes, Chen Zen is the master!"

"go quickly!"


Waiting to release the dust.

Chen Xiu looked at the stone, "Smellging the old, this kind of soul, you should stare first, don't let it run!"

"Good!" Wen people nodded

"Mu Long, let's go!"

Chen Xu Yumu right hand, put the soul in the hands of the soul, with Mu Bing, fast.

There is not long after Chen Xu Yumu leaves.

"Not good, it's moving!"

"I have to follow it, I can't let it run!"

Wen people's martial arts should go to the bottom of the soul, take a footsteps, quickly follow.


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