It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 187th chapter of the mountain is blown, the mine is spread all over

The northern field, the second of the mine, before a mine hole.

Nearly dozen Qingyi, the clothes are embroidered, and the men and women of Che-sheka, the branch is surrounded, and a guard look.

There are more and more cultivars around them.


The road is Changhong, rapidly.

They stand four squares, three five into groups, dozens of companions.

In the eyes of each cultivator, all the hot eyes are flashing.

"How is it all the people of Chai Home? Founder?"

"That is also said, it is fixed by the black hand!"

"Do we look at it this way?"

"What are you going? Do you see it on the ground?"

In a fingertips, many cultivars pumped a cold gas.

I saw that there were ten bodies on the ground strongly stimulated their eye.

Some autopsies are still inactivation, blood DC.

Many people who are preparing to rush forward, stop the footsteps, and wait and see.



A burst of roaring, came from afar.

More than a dozen flying boats, stopped in the air.

Every boat is written, there is a big "Shi" word.

"What is the mother?"

"Isn't that nonsense? The second world in the northern field is not coming!"

"Yeah, we can know the news, this specialist does not know!" New 81 Chinese network update the fastest mobile phone: https: /

Everyone looked at this boat, and it was shocked.


A obese middle-aged man led nearly 10,000 people flying down from the sky.

Obese men directly went to the children of Chekate, and looked at them coldly.

"Excellers, die!"

Chai parents said, cold killing, without any conception.

"Chai Director is old, Shi natural is not to come to strong, but discuss with you!" The obese man said.


"Don't say this, you see, this is a few days, your housekeeper has not come out, will there be anything?" The obese man said.

This is out.


The elders raised the sword, and they went to the obese man. "Due dare to curse the master, find dead!"


A fried.

The two people fell back, and the face was taboo.

"Shi is just reminding you, you will hurt people, really smell you?" The obese man said.

"Hey, if you dare to curse the master, die!"


Fat man is hysterested, nothing can be said.

He retired a few steps later and stood in front of the immortal, turned around, slightly hugged.

"Dear friends, I just saw it, this firecracker came to my northern domain, arrogant!"

"They intentionally stop us, don't let us go in!"

"I want to be a poisonous hand."

"Maybe the next goal is you, or me!"

"If we are like a piece of sand, then, the northern field will no longer be the northern field, and become a part of the family!"


Can you bear it? "

These words are out.

Frying pan around.

"Chai Home is too tightened! I have to drive them away!"

"Just, if Xuanyuan is here, can they be arrogant ?!"

A group of cultivar faces, don't work.

When the obese man saw this scene, the mouth raised a scene if there was no smile.

A eyes swept away.


"This firewood is too overbearing, I am waiting for a monk, I have already given the life and death!"

"Yes, the creation is in front of us, as long as you can win a fairy gold, we are afraid of this life, what are we afraid?"

"This is a changing, earth-shattering, even if it is dead, what is it?"

Such a sound, rang in a group of constructs, and shocks every ear.

Body blood, intense.

Many cultivators secretly clenched the fists, their eyes, flicker.

"Not afraid of death, keep up with me!"

"Kill, we are more, afraid of him a bird!"

"It's, one person is spit, enough to drown them!"

Many cultivators flying, straight to the housekeeper.

Someone took the lead, someone followed.

More and more repairs join it.

"Chai Jia's deception is too much, I am exactly, I will have a person in today, and I will enjoy the fairy mine with my Shijia.

This is out.

Let the immortal who have been hesitant, join the battle now.

"Not afraid of death, even though!"

Chai parents lived at these people, and their faces were cold.

"Kill!" The first WWW. (X81zw) m./x81zw/

He waved his hand, tens of thousands of children, moved together.

Seeing, the two people have to fight together.

At this time.


A wave of floors.

A shock wave whistling, blowing the two people to the West.

Follow it.

"Boom! Boom ..."

The explosion continues to ring.

The mountain is rowned, and the geotechnical rises.

Everyone was shocked, and half of the half did not recover.

It is exhausted to be exhausted, and everyone looks at it, and it is not worthy of grunge.

I saw a row of mountains in a row of mountains, but they were all mine.

These mines spread to the depth of the mountain.

"Such a hard mountain, all blow it all?"

"This mountain rock, how can I blow it?"

A cultivator, widened his eyes, full of dare to believe.


A excited sound.

"What? Multicolored light, this is the rays that Wuli Xianjin exudes!"

This just sounds.

"call out……"

A road, like a streamer, go straight to the mine.

"Damn, damn!"

The reaction is slow, the secret is very hate, all kinds of magic weapons, not stopping, crazy to the mine cave.

The sky is like a meteor, disappearing in the mountain.

Chai parents have seen this scene, the face is giant, and the right hand is louder, "I will take it!"

"Elders, the owner let us stay here!"

"They all go in, they also guard a fart! Go to protect the Wu Lingxiajin!"

"Yes, elders!"

Chai Home has a child, go straight to the mine cave.

Between the blink, outside the mine, there is only one figure.

She is sweet and sweet, standing outside the mine, watching four sweep.

She is Su Yi Ling.

"It seems that I didn't see Chen Zen!"

"Don't they come to the mine?"

"Still, they are in another mine?"

"If so, how is this good?"

Su Yi Ling took a broken statue arm and was full of confusion.

"Without Chen Zer, I can't realize the meaning of the son!"

"If there is a teacher, what is better!"

"Mon, you give me this arm, what is it?"

Su Yiling muttered, and the eyebrow wrinked iron.


At this time, the stomach rang.

She touched the dry belly, shook his head, "I thought of my son, my stomach was hungry, I really didn't live!"

"Will you eat first!"

Su Yiwei took out a steamed bread and licked two.

"It's too hard to eat!"

"Okay, I am not hungry!"

Su Yi Ling put the hoe and looked at those mines and frowned.

Suddenly, her eyes flashed.

"How is I am so stupid! Who can stop with the strength of Chen Zero?"

"They have already went in!"

"Chen Zer, I am coming!"

After saying, Su Yi Ling is a light, straight to the mine.