It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 188 You didn't lose Wu Zu's feathers?

In the periphery of the Taijie Mine, in a certain cave.

A red hairy man is lying on the ground, it is moving.

He has a clothes on his body, has been broken, and it is not possible.

Irritable, deep and deep.

He is full of face, and it is like a wire.

Already reached the edge of the collapse.

This person is not someone else, it is interaction.


At this time, a shadow was sent in, and a butt was sitting on the ground.

Great face, white hair.

It looks an old man.

In the hands of the old man, he died in a pair of pictures, "Give me!"

A big drink.

The old man calls a fairy force and pouring into the picture.

Crazy vibrating paintings gradually calm down.

This old man is not someone else, it is jade.

He took the picture and a bitterness.

All the way, in order to suppress this pair of scrolls, half of the fairy is consumed.

In this way, it will consume clean or later.

"This death, so long, I still don't listen!"

After a long time, the jade scorpion took the painting income, and looked up to the fierce.


The jade scorpion is a vein, which is not strong and big, "it is not angry, who is it, for me, this is a hand!"

"Don't let the old man know who you are? Otherwise, we want to search you on your own treasure!"

Yu Yu hated hate.

In the unparallel pain, Yu Yuzi took out a jade bottle, be careful to fall out of a medicinal medicine, and fed the fed.

Not long after.

The fierce, black-faced, with the visible speed of the naked eye.


A mouth and coughing, smashed his eyes.

When he saw the jade scorpion, he exposed the color of the touched, "Master!"

"Annual, you finally woke up!" Yu Yuzi held a fierce hand and said.

"Master, thank you!"

Strong struggle, to the jade scorpion, it is heavy to score three heads. First WWW. (X81zw) m./x81zw/

"Wales, what is going on? Who is hurting you? This enemy must be reported!" Yu Yuzi fists his head.

"Master, don't!"

On the face of the face, it reveals a look of a sense of heart.

"How? Do you look down on it?" Yu Yu said.

"Master, no, just ..."

Then, the fiercely encountered everything in Sun Hao, all said it.

When he said that Wu Zu's feather, the eyes of the jade scorpion were all flashed.

"Sure enough, Wu Zu's feather, heaven and help me, these years have cultivated, no white fees!"

When the fierce said summoned the ancestor, the old ancestors took the feather of Wu Zu's feather.

The jade face is blue, and the mouth is slight.

Routing your hand is a slap.


A slap in the face of the face.

The fierce is flying, and the heavy hit on the stone wall and fell to the golden star.


Why do you want to hit me? "

Finger, face, look.

Yu Yu: "There is also a face called my teacher, the face is lost! Give you the dust, you still lose the Wu Zu's feathers ?! You said, should you hit?"

Strong look, usually an amiable teacher, why is this anger.

"Master, I am sorry, I am useless!" I went down my head.

"Hey, is it sorry?"

"You don't know, the old man in order to save you, but use a nine turn back to God Dan, do you know how precious?" Yu Yu screamed loudly.

"Master is full of face," Master, is it in your eyes, is it the medicinal medicine? "

"Ha ha……"

The jade scorpion smiled coldly.

That smile, I saw the gods, the body was cold.

Master has never laughed!

"There is no Yu Zu's feather, your life, in the old man, it is worthless!"

"There is a useless thing, the old man cultivates you for hundreds of years, and there is no more fishing!"

"The old man is dusty?" Yu Yuzi made a roaring.

"Master, here"

After saying, the body trembled, took out the dust, presented to the jade.

The jade scorpion picks up the dust, sweeping a few eyes, raising his hand again.


The fierce hit the dizzy and turned to the southwest of the East.

"You are a livestock, you are abstainable!"

"You actually get three hair!"

"Do you know what this dine is doing?"

"This can be made of nine-tailed days!"

"The old man used the province to eat and worried for 10,000 years, before buying this dust!"

"Every hair is worth money than your life!"

The jade scorpion is desirable, the mouth is slight.

"Master, I ..."

This is just shouting.

"Don't call me a teacher! You are an animal, look at the old man!"

The jade scorpion is poured on the face.

The ten bar is smoked, and the face is swollen as the pig head, it is ugly to the extreme.

He contacnated in the corner, shivering.

Look at the look of the jade, full face.

The usual and amiable master is suddenly changed between people.

why? Why?

"You stare at the old man again, be careful, I will take your eyes and beads!"

I heard it, my body trembled, quickly recovered.

"You are a waste, on your body, there is no more good!"

"There is no Yu Zu's feather, what do you count!"

"A nine turn back to God Dan, three nine-end days fox hair, you said, do you not die?"

A sentence of jade scorpion said that every other sentence, let the body tremble.

Originally thought that the Master seems to have a talent.

It turns out, just look at the treasure of the home?

Is this a teacher who knows?

Must muttered, a face did not believe.

The face gradually became desperate.

The eyes are dead, do not have a half point.

The last hope, taking the jade scorpion.

"Today, you have to die!"

After that, the jade scorpion stretched out his right hand, and he also grasped his head.

He went back, did not dare to see the mutual scream.

Seeing, he has to catch the fierce head.


A burst of explosion came from the mountain.

The cave in the two people, violently shaken.

One side of stone wall, directly burst.

The jade scorpion recovered on the palm, and the explosive hole was opened, not from the pupil. First https: // (www) https: //m/.x81zw./com/

I saw it, the colorful light, the depths of the hole fluttering.

The jade scorpion closed his eyes, took force, suddenly, his eyes bloomed.

"This ... This is the breath of Wu Lingxiao!"

"So strong, I have to have a lot of five spirits! I have sent it, I really sent it!"

Inhibition of the inner excitement, the jade scorpion looks strong, and the eyes are more soft.

"Since you have brought this old treasure mine, then, the old man is too lazy to kill you!"

"It is a life to be destroyed, you have to see you."

"As long as you break this ban, you are free!"

After that, the jade scorpion waved his right hand, a barrier, instantly enjoys the mustacle.

The jade scorpion looked at the eyes, and the mouth raised a brids. Subsequently, the body flashed, straight to the depths of the mine.

" ..."

The whole person fell to the ground, and his face became a shameful.

"No ... It's impossible, this is never possible!"

"Master is not such a person!"

"Do not……"

The fierce, the sound of roaring, the voice is secluded, and the block is blocked back.



A loud noise.

The other side of the rock wall, blown directly.

A quiet hole, presented in front of the fierce.

Blood and red rays, from the depths of the cave.

That kind of ray, the people are heart-filled.

"Did you despair? Don't you want to live?"

"Do you want to revenge? Do you want to get no strength?"

A voice, it is incompatible in the ears.

He nodded in Dogne.

" ..."

Between the blink, cover the fierce barrier.

"Come on, children!"

"When I come to me, you can inherit I have no strength!"

"From now on, no one dares to bully you, you are there in this world!"

The intertrof stopped, shaped the same, followed the voice, walking straight cave, disappearing.