It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 189 0 years layout, fish has been included


Mu Ice and Chen knife looked in front, and the face was revealed.

After they, a group of refines the doorstep, standing throughout the channel.

Looking at it, just like a pile of light bulbs.

"It is the main mine!"

"The crisis is heavy, life and death is unknown, Wait, now I want to leave, I have come!" Chen knife looked at everyone and said.

However, everyone is a firm, and there is no meaning of leaving.

"Chen Zhibo, we can do something for God, is unparallel!"

"It's, God's scenic people save the world, regardless of honor and disgrace, not afraid of danger, not afraid of being broken, this is a model of my generation!"

"For the world peace, we are willing to contribute yourself a blood! Even if you die, never regret!"

They excitedly clenched their fists at all.

I heard these, Chen Xu Ming secretly nodded.

"Good! There is you, the people are expected!"

"However, after the past, reiterated again, don't release the knowledge, and alarm the soul!"

"Otherwise, even if it is God's fascia, I am afraid that you can't save you, you can understand?" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Yes, Chen Zen is the master!"

Neat the sound, shocking the whole space, humming.

"set off!"

Chen Xu Yumu has a fortune, bringing everyone, and goes to go.

Entering the Taijie Mining, Chen knife looked at the four-week rock wall, slightly frowned.

"Xiangmen Lord!" Chen Xiu Ming shouted.


The item released quickly, and the face was laughing.

"The minerals here are you excavated?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

The item remindeds a bald head, smiled, "Chen Zero, these all existed, we just opened here!"

Chen Tao was slightly nodded.

Looking back to Mu Bing, I asked: "Mu Long, you see, these cave constructs, when is it?"

"This is unsatisfactory, this mined rock wall is weathered, at least in the ancient times!" Mu Bing said.

"It seems that in the ancient times, is it in this time?"

"should be!"

"We are careful!"

"it is good!"

Chen Xu Ming slowed down, with everyone, touched it forward.

Shortly after.

"Blood Crystal!"

Chen Kao looked at the rocks on the rock wall, and the eyes were light.

I saw it, on the top of the rock wall, several red-red lascons were emitted.


Chen Xu Ming flew up, carefully pulled the blood crystal stone and closed the soul space.

"Chen Zer, there are many!"

"Chen Zero, this is a big one!"

"Wow, all blood color sputum, so terrible!"

Take the blood chlorns in front of all the way, there are more and more.

Finally, everyone stood in a circular cave.

Half of the cave, full of highly lamelite.

That look, like a giant tree, cover the entire cave.

Alternatively, these blood chinensis are attached to a big tree.

"This should be the old nest of the soul!"


"Start collecting!"

"it is good!"

Chen Xu Ming looked at the children, said: "Everyone pays attention to the collections, do not surprise them!"


Everyone flew up and carefully collected.

The serum of the sky is visible with the naked eye, and the rapid decrease is reduced.



Too early mining, a cave in the bottom of the ground.

There is a statue of a height and kilometer, standing in the cave. First https: // (www) https: //m/.x81zw./com/

The statue is holding hands in the long sword, and the eyes are swept forward.

The mighty domineering model is like a height of torn earth.

Under the statue, five are in a bloody and robes, and the old man holds the old pole sits together.


Suddenly, an old man opened his eyes and exposed a face.

"There are more than 500,000 people this time, the light is above the flying, there is more than 100,000 people!"

"Dafa old, start?"

I heard this, a thin old man shaped in a shape opened his eyes.

In the eyes of the dead, do not zone.

"Not bad!" The thin old man faintly opened, hoarse voice.

"However, when you arrive!" The old man said.

"Dafa is old, there are 500,000 people, enough to resurrect the ancestors! Why didn't you come?"

"The old man has some uneasy, like some kind of big matter to happen!"

Dirty old people face their faces.

He looked at the old, said: "Old 5, how is you?"

"Dafa is old, you don't believe me!"

"That is the most dreated place for the sake of the soul of the year!"

"Now those mymels, I have already slept!" Lao Wei said.

"Old 5, don't mind, oldness, but ask!"

"Since you are confirmed, then you don't have to look!" Said the old man said.

"Of course, we have taken the soul insects to the side!" Lao Wei said.

"Old five, hard work!"

Speaking of this, the thin old man is looking to another old man, "I'm old, how? Is there a message?"


The old man opened his eyes, shook his head slightly, "Dafa is old, sorry, can not come out!"

"It seems that some kind of existence, I have already gained us!" Said the thin old man.

"Dafa is old, you are more? Isn't it a popular blood?"

"You are too careful, we can't give up at this critical moment!" Said old. Genius a second to remember Chinese M.X / 8/1 / z / w.c / o / m /

"Yes, Dafa is old!" Another old man said.

"This matter is important, you must be careful!"

"You don't know, the recent people have a godmia, everything is everything, and the evil people are all done!"

"Although our family is not hurt, this god is really hateful!"

"In case he is a big event for my family, what is it?" Said the thin old man.

"How do you do everything? Dafa is old, you also believe it? Even if it is the cavity of the bliss world, can you do everything?"

"It's, Dafa is old, you are too much!"

When you hear these words, the thin old man secretly nodded, "I hope I have more consideration!"


Another old man opened his eyes.

On the face, show a fear.

"Dafa is old, I have a cacto here, I am coming to here!" The old man looked up to the top, and a face is afraid.

This is out.

Everyone opened its eyes at the same time.

"What? Cactus? How is this?"

"Dafa old, the millennium layout, is there a loss?"

"Damn, how can a cacto come here?"

Several faces, don't work.

Dirty old people sway, everyone immediately shut up.

His eyes don't seem to turn, I can only stare at the same place.

"How is the cactus, we are arranged in the big array, even if the cactus is, it can't escape!"

"The fairy is temporarily caught in the first day, first swallowing others, after the ancestor is resurrected, even if he is a cactus, it will only become a power of the ancestor!" Said the old man said.

I heard this, everyone nodded at the same time and relaxed.

"The fairy came in!"

"Dafa is old, the fish has entered the net, do you want to pay?"

"Don't worry, there is one, you see!"

The thin old man is on the right hand, and a picture is presented in front of everyone.