It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 190 Shura Hell


A beautiful figure, flew in the cave.

This person is Su Yi Ling.

She died in the right hand and grabbed a statue of a statue and worched.

"Chen Zer, where are you?"

"The son gives me the arm, dedicated!"

"You are coming out!"

"It's late, you can't get it!"

"Hey, if you pass the jade simple!"

Su Yi Ling muttered, accelerated, and flew forward.

Urgent color, write on the face.

Shortly after.

Su Yi Ling stopped and looked at the front scene.

Now, she is located, is an incomparable huge cave.

Among the caves, the colorful light, keep flowing.

A block of five spirits exposed the surface, strongly stimulating Su Yi Ling's eye.

"... ..."

A cultivator took out a mine, knocking.

These knocks, collected, form a song.

At a glance, the entire cave is all people, how much is the number.

"A lot of fairy!"

"I don't know if the son is like?"

"Do you want to dig a piece to the son?"

"I have to think about it! They are so hard! I still don't dig, I look for Chen Zen's main tightening!"

Su Yi Ling ran into the way and watered four sweepers.

"Chen Zero, are you there?"

"Mu Long is old! Where are you?"

"Wen Long is old! How do you not there, how is this good?"

Su Yi Ling stands in place, it is helpless.

Not far from her.

Jadezi is like a ghost generally in the cave.

He looked at the five spirits, and his eyes were not destroyed.

"Hair, send it!"

"Dig! Make up! Wait for you to dig out, all olders!"

On the face of the jade scorpion, he revealed a smile.

Subsequently, reach out, holding above the fairy, starting to pull up.

The power is exhausted, he found that the fairy silk is not moving, as in the bottom of the ground.

"The old man will not believe!"

The jade scorpion mobilizes the fairyland in the body and poured into his hand.

"Give me!"

A big drink.


The whole ground is shaking and lifting up.

It seems that the whole must be pulled up by the jade.

Digging the mine and cultivation, stopped, and frustrated surrounded.

"what happened?"

"I don't know, it seems that the ground is trending!"

"I strange, this more excavated, the more you dig, it's hard, this five spirits, long together?"

This time, many people have changed.

If so, don't you do useless work.

Finally, it was incorporated by one!

How to do?

Everyone stopped, and a face guard looked around.

For these, Su Yi Ling is ignored.

She frowns,

Helpleless face, regain the light.

"You can't give up so!"

"The mission of the son, must be completed!"

"Since Chen Lezhong is not here, you must be in other mines!"

"I go out first, look for it!"

I think so, Su Yi Ling go out.


She has just taken it.


On the ground, a red smoke was straight.

Between the blink, the entire cave shrouded.

The red smoke is so blood, can cover five knowledge, block six sense.

Everyone is as isolated in a space.

The red smoke shrouded in the cultivator with horrible tear.

A cultivator is blown in an instant, and the red smoke passes through the nostrils.


The cultivator made a scream, hugged his head, crazy. First https: // (www) https: //m/.x81zw./com/

A piece of a piece of leather blood was directly lined up.

Blood is like a column, DC, and in the bottom of the ground, disappeared.

" ..."

Between the blink, the immortal is chemical into a corpse, and he hits the ground and bursts into dust.

This scene is not stopped around.

I can't take a moment.

There are nearly half-cultivators to die.

Strong bloody, shrouded.

The rest of the people, this is half-ground, and support it hard.

"No ... don't, I don't want to die, heaven, save me!"

"There is no main god, please make a big compassion, save us, I am not greedy again!"

Pray for sound, constantly sound.

However, their five is blocked and cannot be heard at all.

"Seeking God is definitely no, God's fascia people have heard that they are very spiritual, I ask God!"

Many people muttered their own words and shouted their names.

Many of the big family owners are even worshiping, and they are devout, "God's enrollment, I know your most well, ask you, save us!"

"If you can bless us to leave, this life, you are my regeneration parents!"

"I beg you!"

However, it is not used.

The cultivator is continuing to fall.

not far away.

Yu Yuzi looked at the four-week red smoke and could not help but frown.

"This ... this is the magic sacrifice!"

"Damn, this Wu Lingxian is used to attract people, the old man is fooled!"

"Hey, the old man will come to break you!"

The jade scorpion rushed to the sky, and the sky is the sky, it is a punch!


A loud noise, Yu Yu was slammed back and retired by the power of anti-earthquakes, and his face was exhausted.

"The death, the fairy is not much, can not be used free!"

"The picture is still suppressed!"

"The old man is going to see, what tricks do you play ?!"

The jade dish is sitting in the ground, waiting quietly.

Not far from him.

Su Yiwei stayed around, and his face did not understand.

"I can't see anything, I can't hear anything?"

"What is it?"

"The stomach is very hungry!"

Su Yi Ling hugs his stomach and exposed a distraction.

"What is it in the four weeks? My spiritual roots actually want to eat?"

"No matter, it is too uncomfortable, eat it!"

I think so, Su Yi Ling opened his mouth and took force. New 81 Update the fastest mobile phone: https: /


Around the red smoke, form a whirlpool, quickly poured into the Suyi Lingku.

After a while.

The red smoke is exhausted.

Su Yiwei grabbed the bulk belly, a pair of meetings, "It's so full!"

"Although there is no flavor, it is finally not hungry!"

Su Yi Ling opened his eyes and saw the scene in front of him, not from God.

I saw that a cultivator he was lying on the ground, on his face, showing a look.

There is only one quarter of the rest of the immortal.

Others, already have a bone.

"I am still alive, I am still alive, heaven, you finally open your eyes!"

"The sky is a fart, it is a fascinating man, just now I shouted the god, immediately and immediately."

"Yes, it is God who!"

Many cultivators worship their land, and they are devout, "Thank you for your fascinating!"


At this time, an excused sound.

I hope to go, all people are watching, they are staring on Su Yi Ling.

"Isn't that the Su Chang of the Zhenyi Alliance? She is a red man in front of God!"

"What? It is her! No wonder we are not dead, it turns out that God is sent to save us!"

"Thank you for the old life!"

The divoration of the cultivator worships in Suyi, and the head is brought.

Su Yi Ling showed a smile, "Save you, I don't have to do it, I am from the horses!"

When everyone listened, nodded slightly, in the eyes, there was no grateful color.

"Look, the son is here, I am here to save them!"

"However, what is the relationship between this? What is the relationship between the arm? I can't think of it!"

"This brain, really stupid!"

Su Yi Ling muttered his own words and shook his head.


Suddenly, the entire ground is dramatic.

Terror changing, let everyone like Shen Yu, cold sweating DC.