It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 191 Banon Let me break 1 arm [thank Zicheng seven hundred twenty four]

"How old is it?"

Chen Xiu looked at the stone, and his face was puzzled.

"I followed the soul of the soul!" Wen people said.

"Is it below?"


"That line, we burst into a method, grab it!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"No, it is still running forward!"

After the words of the words, they went forward.

"Wen Long, there is no road there!"

"Go, look up!"

Everyone followed the stone and ran quickly.

Come to the front of the rock wall, everyone stopped.

"The soul of the soul drill is over?" Chen Xu Ming asked.


Wen people have a banned hand gesture, low head, and listen to it.

After a while, he smashed the sound, looked at everyone, whispered, "I don't seem to have something to attract it, it wants to hunt!"

"Hunting? Wen, can you attract the soul insect?"

"In addition to the soul, what else can you!"


Everyone was shocked, and the face was bleached.

"What is it below?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"It is likely to be a certain disabled!" Said the stone stone.

I just finished this.


The ground tremor, dramatic shake.

"Hey ..."

Front rock wall,

Crack a crack.

Follow it.

" ..."

The rock wall is directly bursting, as with a bomb, hitting everyone.

" ..."

Everyone is like a broken kite, flying, and falls to the ground.

There are a lot of strength, the body is scarred, vomiting blood.

Strive to get up, look up and look at the front of you, not shrinking the pupil.

I saw that in front of them, it was an incomparable huge cave.

In the middle of the cave, a statue is traveled in front of everyone.

The statue is large, and there are thousands of meters high.

At the bottom of the statue, the cultivar fell to the ground, and screamed.

At the foot of the statue, there is a strongly stimulating the eyes like a hill-like Wulongxiao.

"Wu Lingxiao?"

The imaginary dust does not exclaim.

"Don't move, this is very strange!"

A big drink, wake up the items.

Chen Xiu Ming stood up, and he walked with two people and walked in the cave and walked in the cave and walked in the cave.

Watching four sweeps, do not dare to have a big idea.

"Hey, hurt me!"

"Which one kills thousands of knives, it is not prison!"

Su Yi Ling struggled, shouting from time to time.

Watching a sweep, just seeing Chen Xiu Ming and others.

"Chen Zero !?"

She is rapid, and quickly rushing to Chen Xiu.

"Su Chang, how come you?"

Chen Xu Ming and others are also look at the look.

"This one!"

Su Yi Ling took a statue of a statue, handed it to Chen Xiu Ming, "Gongzi I sent this!"

"This one?"

Chen Xu Ming took the broken arm, viewed around, and his face was confused.

"What about the Lord of Roz," Chen Xu Ming asked.

"The Master is looking for the nine elderly, and it will come back to it for a while!" Su Yiling said.

"So you are?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"This is me to go to the son ..."

Su Yi Ling said hetered this arm.

Chen knife grazing this arm, secretly wrinking eyebrows.

Why do the son send such a hand arm?

Is it what made me an arm?

Can you better practice a knife?

No, there is a more flexible arms.

The sword fairy offs an arm and does not affect the body coordination.

So, is it to let the old say yourself?

So thinking, Chen Xiu Ming looked at the stone, his eyes were directly eye on his arm.

"Chen Zer, do you look at me?"

Wen people have a blue face.

"The son let you break one arm, you look at it!"

This is out.


Like the thunder, in the top of the stone.

His whole stupid stands in place, but he can't believe it.

"Chen Zhibo, what is this?" "Wen people asked.

"The son sent a broken arm, what does it mean? Is it not to indicate that we have to break one arm?" Chen Xu Ming said.

A few people, nodded.

"However, why is the old man? Isn't you Chen Zer?" I asked.

"It's very simple, I learned the knife, I need to hold the knife with my hands, the explosive power is strong! I will break away, this life will no further, the son will naturally know these!"

"And you, learn the sword, one hand, the sword, complete enough, as for the elderly and Su Chang, are you willing to let them break one arm?"

"The son is willing to see their arms?"

Chen Xu Ming said, saying that he said that he said that the people were scream.

Wen people took out the fairy sword and trembled.

"Since it is a son request, the old man does not say any arm, it will be broken, and it is never frown!"

After saying, Wen people will pick up the long sword, look at Chen Xiu, "Dispose that arm?"

Chen Xiu Ming took the initiative to see, slightly frightened, "This looks like a left arm, it should be letting you break the left arm!"

"it is good!"

Hands of the sword.

"... ..."

Blood splash, the arm falls in the ground.


Su Yi Ling sent a scream and turned his head.

Mu Ice is also a slight frown, dare not look at it.

Wen people call fairy, stop the injury.

The whole process, he is not awkward.

"What should I do now?" I said.


Chen Xu Ming pointed to the stone chase arm, exclaimed.

Everyone looked at it, and it was not contracted by pupil.

I saw that the people were ardued into blood, forming a bloodline, flying into the statue, disappearing.

"It is swallowing blood, this ... this is not a statue, I am afraid it is a magic old ancestor!" Chen Xu Ming said.


Several people were fried, and the face was slightly changed.

Those who is full of excitement, secretly nod.

"Bonology, you are really a god machine, let the old man burst into one arm, just to lead the magic!"

"I come!"

After saying, I went to the sky, and the right hand took a fairy sword, and I pushed my strength into it. At the head of the statue, it was a sword.


Air roar, waves shock.

A curved sword gas, with a torn momentum, rapid.

Seeing, you have to cut off the statue.

At this time.


The sword is in front of the air, and suddenly the earthquake is ripple.

One is dressed in a blood robes, holding the old people, and drilled in the ripple.

Stretch the long stick and face forward.


Air shock, a white light, directly in the sword.


A loud noise.

The old man and the young people were straight back, after standing, the two faces were taboo.

"That is the old man!"

At this time, an excused sound.

Declined in the following parameters, the face is giant.

Holding it into a group, and retreat behind.

Squeeze in the corner, shivering.

"This little guy is a bit strong!"

"Old 5, come to the old man!"

The old people shouted.

"Yes, three brothers!"

An old man who is in a blood supply, appears behind the people.

Two people surrounded by the people.

Everyone has woke up from the horror.

At this time.

"Call! Call!!"

Three rings in a row.

The three movements are around three directions, cold and glance.

Especially the thin old man, the pair of eyeballs that cannot be rotated directly on Su Yi Ling.

"You two, kill them, resurrected the ancestors!"

"The old man will go to the little doll!"

"Yes, Dafa is old!"

The two are finished, and the hands are waving.


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