It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 192, Mozu, 5th

Chen Xu Ming looked at this scene, slightly frowned.

"Little Magic, in our people's mainland, is hegemony, really do we have no one?"

"Break me!"

After that, Chen Xu Ming took the firewood, and the old thin old man who was about to flutter was a knife.

This moment, four weeks.

All people are bright, such as being deprived.

It can be seen, only the knife in the eyes of Chen Xiu.

Silk old people saw this scene, and the face was changed.

"I actually gathered the knife in a knife, extremely enchanting!"

"However, I want to defeat olders, still not enough!"

Dirty old people extend out of the long stick and look forward.


A loud noise.

The thin old man is like a broken kite, fly, and hits it on the rock wall.

He struggled and looked at Chen knife, and he was afraid.

"How can you be so strong?"

"There is a three-story field! Even if this is, it is impossible to hurt your husband!"

"You are in your hand, the firewood, not simple!"

Dirty old people put light, straight down to the firewood in Chen Xiu.

"Oh, old things, don't you like harm?"

"Come, hurt each other!"

After saying, Chen Xu was rushing straight, and came to the end of the old man, together with him.

the other side.

Mu Bing and Su Yiwei are looking at it, and it is also rushing up, one person faces a blood and greetant.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Loud noise,

The waves are rolling.

The surrounding rock walls, although there is a mailing method, it is also fell quickly.

When a cultivator, the immortal looks at this scene, from time to time, I will wipe the cold sweat.

"It is terrible, this is completely immortal!"

"Yes! I didn't expect that the people of the town evil alliance were so strong! This time, if I can live, I must join the town evil alliance!"

"I have to join, I am evil, defend the right way! Think about it is excited!"

"This world, it is the most roan of God, can save the people, dead and no shackles!"

Many cultivators clenched their fists and have an excitement.

They stayed in the fight of all people in the air, bloody.

The jade scorpion hid in the crowd, and the eyes were separated from the air, and the eyes were flashed.

"That ... that is ice phoenix, there is no spiritifier, if you win, you can absolutely sell the price!"

"At least 10 million fairy crystal, sent, really sent!"

"That is awkward, it is also unpispentry, but it is not weak than ice!"

"Old days, you are too old! This time, it is too worth it!"

"The two fairy swords did not see the order, maybe there is no such fairy, the firewood, I am afraid!"

The more you look, the more excited.

"Playing, squatting, it is best to die!"

"When you arrive, your baby is all olders, haha ​​..."

The jade scorpion grinned.

If you want more people, I am afraid that I am laughing.

"Boom! Boom! Bring ..."

The horror explosion is constantly ringing.

The entire cave is a trembling.

Five Dafa is old, the body is repeated simultaneously.

They stood in the air, and they watched the four people.

The face is on the face, that is changed.

"Dafa is old, we are not opponents, they flesh, we must strive for several times more, and then fight, we will die!" Said old.

"God knows!"

Dirty old people nodded slightly, Yu Guang sweeping on the jade scorpion below, a sloppy, a flashing.

"Resurrection the ancestor, for the first thing!"

"Listening is good, I will drag them four, you gave me the following practitioners, I don't stay!" Said the thin old man.

"Yes, Dafa is old!"

After some discussion, five laws made a decision.

However, he also waited for them to react.


Four gods, divided into four directions, surrounded by five people.

Chen Xu Ying took a silver hair, looking to the thin old, "old guy, do you want to kill everyone?"

"Tell you, no door!"

"There are us, never let you succeed!"

"Today, you leave the life!"

After that, Chen Kao is four people, and go straight to five people.

For a time, the sword sword, the waves shock.

It seems to be blown up all over the world.

After a while.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Five fried.

The five major laws of the Mozu, like a broken kite, straight down.


Strive to get up, blood spray.

This time, five people were seriously injured.

"Dafa old, what should I do?"

"There is no way! The sacrifice itself must resurrect the old ancestor!"

"Yes, Dafa is old!"

The five-person disk is sitting down, and the hands are judged, and there is a word in your mouth.

Surrounded rock walls, blood color lines are constantly flowing.

Form a bloody light, shrouded in five people.

"Not good, stop them from!"

Wen people have a big change, pointed to the five major laws and shout.

Chen Xu Yumu listened, I don't want to, take the body fairy, and insert the firewood.

Breaking the sky, directly make it.

the other side.

Mu Ice right hand one finger.


Ice Phoenix issued a screaming, all the power hide in the fairy sword.

A sword is light, which contains a horrible energy, and the five law is old, and it hits the past.

Su Yi Ling is cautious and evoked.


I sent a roaring, open the bloodpine big mouth, and I bite the past.

"call out……"

Insidist of the people, the fairy sword issued a slight sound, and the old man is old.

Four people trick, there is no accident, bombarded in five people.


The ground blows, the rock wall explosion is constantly.

The lines engraved on the rock wall are directly broken.

The shock wave whispering, hitting a cultivator in a distance.

" ..."

A cultivator is like a fairy, and there are four places.

The entire cave is covered with dust.


"it hurts!"

"This is terrible, even if the cactus is afraid, I can't blew such a horror!"

"It's a monster, scared me!"

"This, five laws were stabilized."

The cultivator struggled and looked at the dust, and the eyes were moving.

As the dust is getting down.

Five shadows into everyone's attention.

Everyone is not contracted by the pupil, and the face is large.

"What? Nothing? Nothing is hurt!"

"This ... how is this? Who can be their opponent!"

"After it, we finish, God, please come!"

The cultivar face, revealing the color, the body is not going to go.

"Ha ha……"

"Wait, all with us!"

Five Dafa's old face, scratiful.

Five glasses of redness, flying out from five people, straightforward statues.

"not good!"

See this scene, Chen Xiu Ming four people have a big change, the dark road is not good, I don't want to think, so that I am rapid, I will go straight.

Just, where is it!

"Hey ..."

A egg shell is spurred.

Next second, the transition protrusions.


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