It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 193 After the Qing Duo, the man is boundless

"Ha ha……"

Five laws sat on the ground and smiled at the four people.

That kind of play, write full face.

"Now, it is late, Wait, you have to be acclimated with us!"


I heard these sounds, Chen Xu Ming took two steps forward.

"Oh, even your old ancestors are resurrected, what is it?"

"Do you think that the son is not enough?"

"Wait, then!"

Chen Kao Ming is standing in place, there is no fear on his face.


"Hey ..."

A egg shell is spurred.

A cultivator looks up, and it is not contracted by the pupil.

I saw it.

On the km statue, the road crack is around.

The entire statue seems to be collapsed.

"Not good, run!"

"The statue is broken, you come here!"

The item release shouted.

The cultivator tested to Changhong, ran in the direction of the debt.

They hide in the cave, look up and look forward to the statue, not from the color of the face.

I saw it.

" ..."

A fried.

Statue mouth, directly cracking.

No, it should be said that the rock cracking in the mouth is coming.

A root sharp teeth, such as the sky column, exudes the brightestness of people.

Looking at it, it makes people get hair, sweating DC.

" ..."

The statue is on the rock, and it has been cracked.

Two blood red eyes, exudes the heart of the people, can't dare to see.

On the head, it is even more than two gods of the horn, and the hometown is scattered.

Drop, pregnant, pain, avoid hate ...

Various negative breaths come.

Blowing to the people, like the nine broth, the body is cold.

"This ... this is the magic old ancestors - Shen Qing! My old day!"

"What, Huan Qing is resurrected? Finished, all finished!"

"How is this good? The whole world is over!"

The cultivator looked at this scene and his face was frightened.


After Zhang Qing opened the giant mouth, he sent a roar.

An infinity angle, forming a shock wave, swept the quarter.

The surrounding rock wall, directly cracking into a powder.

The top of the head is connected, and the inch is collapsed.

A huge mushroom cloud, from the majestic mine periphery, spread the quartet.


A dull sound, spread across the sky, swept the entire Tiango continent.

At this moment, the fact that the strength is above the half-fairyland, no matter what is doing, this is a heart.

They look at the direction of the northern domain, and they are not frowned, and they are full of face.

The outer circumference of the Taijie Mine, in the center of the explosion point, the square is 10 miles, and it is moved to flat.

Look at, just like a huge deep pit.

The trimmer was shrouded by the dust, and it took a long time to struggle.

They looked back, and the body trembled vigorously.

Just send a roaring, you can destroy the earth.

If it is all right, then the whole world, don't you instantly land?

Think, it is afraid of people.

Everyone's body is not hidden behind them.


In the eyes of the Qing Qing, slamming two red, swept on all cultivators.


Everyone is trembled, and the whole person is imprisoned and cannot move.


After the body shook.

"! ..."

The rock, a layer of layers crackled.

After landing, putting the entire ground in the trend of the mountain.


That piece of mountain is like a five-spirited gold, directly fry tens of thousands of pieces, sputtering four squares.

The ground trim, like a torrent swept, rushing up.

Subsequently, it turned over and fell.

Strong strength, vomiting blood.

The strength is weak, and it is a blood mist.

Five laws, even if the body is like a King Kong, there is a shock between the air waves, the body is depressed, and the bone is broken.

In addition, there are four laws and deaths between the vitality, the challenge.

The rest of the old man is on the ground, and support it hard.

He widened his eyes and stared at the front.

"The ancestors, you finally lived!"

Dirty old people muttered their own words, their eyes gradually lost their gods.

Seeing, the thin old man will die.

At this time.


A blood gas, gone him.

In the eyes of the thin old, it will regain the light, look at the Qing Qing, have a face, "Thank you for the ancestor!"


After the opening of the Qing Dynasty, the eyes were 4 sweep.

A waving.


Tiandi spent.

Tens of thousands of cultivators are not controlled, fly.

Finally, it was shrouded by a bloody.

Chen Xu Yumu is four people, but also the first to rush.


They have blood, not controlled by control.

Form a silk brown blood line, gather together, flying into the mouth.


Chen Kao Ming four people struggled, and various means.

However, in this blood mist, all means, no effect.

"Chen Zhi, this ... what can I do?"

Seeing the four weeks of Xiuwen fell by one by one, he was worried about the people's face.

"Don't worry, the master will save us!"

Even if the blood is fast, there is no panic on the face, and there is no panic on the face.

"Yes! The master will come to save us!"

Mu Bing despite his face, it is also calm.

"But, why don't you come? I am so dizzy, I am not dead?"

Su Yiwei muttered, looking back at the direction of the big demon, a face is not solving.


There is no response.

Four people live in life, follow gas, fast loss.


A trimmer made a sharp call, and finally became a bunch of bones.

The white bones are not banned, the wind blows, immediately broken into a powder, disappearing on the spot.

I can't take a moment.

There are nearly 10,000 cultivars to die on the spot.

More than 500,000 people, now there is less than 50,000.

Even if it is the refinement door, it is repaired by quenching the meat, and there are also many people to die at this moment.

The primary entrance is closed, and the mouth is muttered in his mouth.

"God's fascia, ask you to see the spirit, save us!"

Under the leadership, a disciple around him, and all the hands and ten, started to pray.

"There is a murderer, I am your most devoted disciple, I know, you will come to save us!"

"God attacked, I have only one wish, I just listen to you! Please come!"

Such a sound continues to ring.

However, there is still no response around it.

"It's impossible, this is absolutely impossible!"

"The son will not let us take it!"

"What must be delayed!"

Chen Xu Ming muttered himself, supported hard.

His blood and vitality quickly lost, so that he is getting worse.

After a few more interest, it will die.

At this time.


A red horse, flying on the ground.

Between the moment, fly to the eyebrow.

See this scene, Chen Xiu's face, regain the light.

"I understand!"


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