It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 194, the son is knocking us

"The son, tea bubble, you taste!"

Huang fell to a cup of tea and handed it to Sun Wei.

Sun Hao is preparing to pick up.

At this time.

" ..."

The Phoenix is ​​a dream, and the cup of tea falls on the table and sprinkles.

"If a dream, what is it?"

Sun Hao helped the phoenix, and worried.

"Gong, I am fine!"

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream.

She looked at the direction of the northern domain, on her face, a panic, a flashing.

"That is the direction of the Taijie Mining. Is there anything ran out?"

"This is trouble!"

The Phoenix is ​​as confined to himself, twisted back, but he saw Sun Hao pressed his chest, and it was uncomfortable.

"Gong, are you uncomfortable?" Huangru met.

"Yes, I don't know what is going on? The heart is too powerful, this time, it is more uncomfortable than before!" Sun Hao said.

"The son, what should I do? Do you want to read it or a bully?" Huang asked.

"We play a quiet heart!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Playing a good gongqin, two people sit down and start playing.



The northern domain, the outermost mining field.

A huge pothole hole.

Before the finishing, a blind fog was shrouded tens of thousands of movements.

They have blood, uncontrolled flying out, turned into blood lines, flying into the mouth.

After the day,

Rising fast.

On the ground.

The thin old man saw this scene, and his face revealed the essence that could not inhibit.

"God attaches people?"

"Oh, it seems to be a joke!"

"In front of the ancestors, this is the turning tortoise?"

"Several little dolls come, and also want to deal with the ancestors? Funny ?!"

Dirty old people muttered their own words, and their faces were smile.

Suddenly, the skinny scalp is fried, and the dark road is not good.


He looked in front, his face became a big change.

I saw it.

"call out……"

A red horse, from the bottom.

Between the blink of an eye, a soul insects rushed to the back of the eyebrow, stretched up the steel knife, crazy attack.


One time, the fire was splash, and the metal gaming sounded.

"Hey! It's so weak, I also want to dare to shoot this seat!"

After the Qing Qing snorted, his eyes swept.

"Zi ..."

Like two lasers, hit on the soul of the soul.

Suddenly, the soul of the soul collapsed into a powder.

See this scene.

Chen Xu Ming's eyes flicker.

"I understand!"

"Give me death!"

Chen Xuoming made a roaring, and the idea moved, opened the soul space.

I will sweep.



Air fried.

A honeycomb that only blows like a soul.

On the heavend, go straight to the Qing Qing.

See this scene, after the diabore contraction, the face is giant.

He raised his hands in the big sword and shot.


The air is squeezed, the explosion is constantly.

The number of unclear spirits is directly collapsed into a powder.

However, there is more soul insects on him, biting crazy.


Fire is splashing, and the metal is constantly ringing.

After the skin, the skin is visible with the naked eye, breaking the road mouth.

After the day, I caught my body, I writh down my body, my blood, my ruthless.

Do not stop a bunch of packed soul.

Subsequently, extended the feet of the sky, from the sky, and a soul of the soul was cured.



The soul of the soul is endless.

There is a few unclear souls to break his skin, to the brain, began to swallow down.


Shouqing made a sharp call.

He hugged his head and crazy.

A piece of skin is under his life.

The root of the root is separated by him.

A miserable scene, can't bear to look at it.


Finally, such as mountains, directly falling directly to the ground, rolling in the ground, surrounded by countless smelters.


Without the body of your head, I fell directly to the ground, blowing a dust.

this moment.

Everyone recover freedom.

They pale their faces, revealing a wipe after robbery.

They stand half the air, everyone is eyeing, they are staring on Chen Xiu.

Grateful, worship, keep flashing.

"not dead?"

Su Yi Ling struggled to stand up, panes his face, showing a brown color.

She was standing with Mu Bing, and she was standing around Chen Xiu, and she looked at him.

I saw that Chen Xiu was sluggish and looked at.

"Chen Zhibo, you are fine?" Wen people asked.

"I am fine!"

Chen Xiu Yumu put his hand, "I blame me, I blame me!"

"Chen Zhi, why do you say this? You saved everyone, how can you blame you?"

Three people on the horses are doubts.

"Do you still don't understand?" Chen Kao said.


What do you understand?

Chen Zer, what did you realize?

Do you say it, don't play my dumb!

"The son is this is tapping us!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Tick us?"

The three faces are not solved.

"I only ask you, are you waiting for the son to save us?" Chen Xu Ming asked.


Three people nodded at the same time.

"That's not wrong!"

"You look at this arm!"

Chen Xu Ming took out the statue of the statue and said.

"Is this wrong?" Su Yi Ling did not understand.

"What a movement is this arm?" Chen Kao said.

"It's a bit like a flower finger, but it is like a seduce."

"Yes, this is a movement that makes a brain!"

"The son seeing us so fall, there is no self-motivation! So, give us broken arms, want to wake us!"

"Just now, the soul insect, directly to the back, don't want to think, is also the son secret operation, and wake us! Tell us: There is no road to the sky, you must self-improvement!"

"If we rely on the son!"

"Be son wants me to wait ?!"

Chen Xu Yumu is a saying, like a thunderstorm, in his mind.

Mu Ice three people face the look change.

Just now, I didn't think about struggling at all, just think about the son to save myself.

It's too embarrassing!

Think of this, the three faces, the shame is ashamed.

"I didn't expect that the son sent the broken arm, and there is this second thing!"

"Yeah, first let the old husband lead to the magic, then, come to wake us! The son is used, it is so deep!"

"The son does not care, it is so taught us, I am still stupid, it is really awkward!"

Su Yi Ling heard these words, grabbed his head, "Is there? Do you really mean?"

On the ground.

Dirty old people look at this scene, and the face is ugly to the extreme.

"Do not……"

He made a heartbreaking rush.

He stared at Chen Xiu, and his face was not willing.

Millennium layout, losses!

All this is because the little doll!

Why do he know that the soul insect is the old ancestor?

"Ha ha……"

Chen Kao said coldly and smiled coldly, flew to the thin old man, said: "Tell you, the son has long, this soul, is the master, let me prepare you!"

"It's not surprised, it is not surprising?"

"Let's talk, is there a lastment?"

Chen knife looked at the thin old man, cold and killing, without any conception.

"Ha ha……"

"Do you think this is the end?"

"You look after it!"

This is just right.


A row of bombers roared.

The whole sky, the fried is constant.

Looking back, but I saw the soul of the sky, and the whole sky was shrouded.

They are staring on each conscriptor, making it creepy.

In the cultivator, Yu Yuzi stands in the same place, the face is on the face, and the changes are uncertain.

"Damn, damn!"

"Don't shock, the old man is full of fairy!"

"The few small guys have to be robbed!"

"Give me!"

The jade scorpion screamed, put all the fairy, and suppressed in the picture.


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