It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 195, you are waiting for the anger on the Lord!

"Haha, die, give me death!"

"There is your pad, and there is no shackle!"

The thin old man looked at the soul insects that fluttered to the immortal, and the face was proud.

"Waiting for you, then, the soul worm will sweep the whole land!"

"When I arrived, I only had a soul insects in the whole world!"

"All everything, all destroyed!"

"Haha ..."

Dirty old people are hidden, they are crazy.


Chen Xu Ming looked back at the sky and the dark road was not good.

It is preparing to move.

"Do not……"

A shouting sounded.

Then, a pair of pictures, flying from the jade scorpion.


The scroll spreads, rapidly.

Blinking, covering half of the sky.

In the drawing, go out of two models, a man and a woman.

They are sitting in the air and start playing the piano.


A sound, shock to the quarter.

At this moment, the space is stagnant and time is stationary.

Every person is watching, staring in half an air, looking quietly.

"The son, I know, you won't matter if we!"

"Thank you, wake us, since then, I will try to practice, and I will no longer make you!"

In the eyes of Chen Kao, two lines of tears.

Touched color,

Write over the face.

"Mon, thank you!" Mu Fee muttered.

"Gong, you are really tapping us!"

"My brain is really stupid, I can't understand your intentions!"


Su Yi Ling sighed, and his face was shied.

"Bonology, you can rest assured, have any indication in the future, we will do our best, can no longer let you shoot!"

"Don't say a arm, just break a head, I will never wrinkle!"

Wen people are muttered, and the right box is cheerfully.


The piano is in the ear, and everyone's eyes are rapidly changed.

At this moment, they lie on the grass.

Taste food with people, talk about life.

Shuhua, write on his face.

They closed their eyes and lie down on the ground.

They are in the mood, rapidly improvement.


Wen people stone is slow, floating in half.

A rhythm, surrounded him, no turning circle.

The statue of the statue flew up, and the wounds of the Wenren Shi left arm were integrated.

As the piano sounds, on the broken arm, grow the skin.

From the appearance, there is no difference with the normal arm.


Those who are ready to push down, all stop.

They listen to the piano, the body changes.

Finally, it turned into a piece of blood rock, falling in the ground.

on site.

The only one hearing the piano is uncomfortable, it is the thin old man.

He is a desire to crack, and he is angry.

He hugged his head and made a sharp call from time to time.

"Don't play, damn, don't play!"

"God's fascia, you must die!"

Dirty old people bite teeth, watching four sweep, finally, staring on the jade.

"Damn, I should pay attention to him! It was cheated!"

"It turns out that God is him!"

"I haven't shot until I finally put the painting!"

"Tibet it is deep!"

"You wait for the anger on the Lord!"

Dirty old people distorted, bite the teeth.

Then, he took a piece of bloody and gently kneaded.


A bloody shaping.

It is the same as the jade scorpion.

"On the Lord, he is a godmia, bad me, you must eradicate!"

A sound, was wrapped in a secret treatment with a thin old man, placed in the blood color.

"Zi ..."

The blood color human body is flashed, did not enter the ground, disappeared.


The thin old man makes a crack.

He is bloody, and has disappeared, disappears.

Follow it.

The thin old man is visible at the naked eye, and it is a bloody, flowing in the ground.

The rest, only a decayed bone.

The sound of the piano passed, and the moment was exploded.

After a while.

The piano is getting scattered, two figure, walking back.


The painting contraction, change back to normal, make a sound of blanking, disappearing in the sky.

Everything is calm.

Everyone is lying on the ground, closes his eyes, and a smile.

For a long time, the people opened their eyes in turn.

"It's so comfortable! Hey, I won't see it!"

"Haha ..., I have recovered, completely recovered!"

"My talent is 100 times, this ... this is impossible! I broke through several realm continuous!"

Excluding the sound, constantly sound.

After returning to God.

The cultivator will be worse in the ground, and the hands are all in the hands.

"Thank you for the gods!"

"God's fascia, this life listens to you, I will die without regret! I will take you as an example to save the world!"

"God attacked, your big en, only use action to repay!"

Especially thousands of disciples, I am moving, tears!

The whole people are exclusively, and they cry.

I don't know, I thought he was hit.

"Restore? Further, further!"

Chen Kao Ming is standing in the same place, staring at your hands and dares.

This song is listening to the song than the blood nest, and the effect does not know how much it is.

Just, the loss of qi is more than all recovery, and it is more than a few times.

Just a song, let your mood have improved several times.

For the sense of knife, there are more ambiguity.

It's almost one step, you can reach a small knife!

By then, as long as you spend the fairy, it is a real fairy!

"this is?"

Chen Xu Yumu thought quietly to Dantian, and suddenly looks.

I saw that Dantian Yuanying has changed, turned a big knife.

Overbearing, mighty breath, flock to the entire Dantian.

"This ... this is a spiritual root!"

"This is extremely uncleary, I can't see it!"

"Mon, thank you!"

Chen Xiu looked at the direction of the big Mountain, gratitude to the face.

the other side.

Wen people stone whole stupid station.

He looked at his left arm and did not believe in his face.

"It's the same flexibility as before, but I feel the outbreak of power, at least one hundred times!"

"Is it that the broken arm integrates into the body?"

At this time, I was shocked by the stone.

Subsequently, his face was exposed to the grateful color, "Gongzi, thank you! This is the same, I'm still smelling my life!"

Two lines of tears, stunned.

Mu Bing and Su Yiling two, and it is also a pleasant surprise.

Receive your mood, four people go together.

"Wen Long, your arm!" Su Yi Ling exclaimed.

This sound together.

Suddenly three people, all look at the people.

"The arm actually grows? It is impossible to think!"

"The song of the bomb, it is really incredible!"

"Hey, the arms!"

I heard this, I walked in the mouth of the stone, "Don't find it, here!"

Those who wanted his left arm and a face.

"What? Millenas with your arm? Granding!"

Chen Xu Yumuang exclaimed, and his face was revealed.

"Haha ..."

Wen people have a good smile.

"Thank you, Mr. Chen League, or you have a good understanding, how can I know that I have to break an arm, the third level of the master, I will send me a shocking!"

"Smellging the old, congratulations!"

"It's so envious, I'm old!"

Two women looked at the people, envy.

"Well, since everyone has got a creation, then, don't stunned, put all the souls, give it to me!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"it is good!"

Under all cultivar, everyone quickly picked up the blood chinensite on the ground, and finally, he handed it to Chen Xu.

"Chen Zhibo, I want to join the town evil alliance!"

"Chen Zero, can we join?"

A cultivator comes surrounded by the immortal, surrounded by Chen Xiu Ming.

"You, don't move, you should join the town evil alliance, of course no problem!"

"However, it is also a condition!"

"The item is released!" Chen Xu Yumu shouted.


The item released.

"From today, you will be the rudder of the rudder, everything, everything is responsible, understand it by you?" Chen Xu Ming said.

I heard this, the item released the dust, and the face was exposed on the face.

"Thank you, Chen League!"

The item released the dust and worship, starting the hoe.

"Well, you have to join the town evil alliance, find a rudder, you can!"

"I have something to wait, let go!"

After that, Chen Xu Ming took three people, rushed to the sky, disappeared in the sky.

"Want to slip? No door!"

The jade scorpion made a smile of yin, as ghosts, disappeared.


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