It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 196, how are you?

Taichung Mining Next, a passage.

A red-haired man goes forward like a zombie.

He is being fierce.

"Children, come on, it will be here!"

"My strength, the world is unparalleled!"

"After you get it, it will become a no master, no one is your opponent!"

"Once you have bullied you, hurt you, you will be trapped in your feet!"

The ear does not stop this sound.

Shortly after.

He came to a tomb and stationed in front of a dark coffin.

"Children, come, put your hand on top, my strength, you can pass it!"

The sound has passed from the coffin.

The mustacle is in the same place, in the eyes, restore a clear clear.

"How are I here?"

Sliced ​​muttered, hugged your head, and screamed.

"Do not……"

"Master is not this!"

"Why do he want to be like this!"

"In my eyes, you are my loved ones!"

In a sentence, the sound is gradually desperate.

"Since there is no love, then, there is no existence in such a world!"

"Give me strength, let me destroy!"

After that, the fierce reached the palm and pressed on the coffin.


A red blood line, from the coffin, it is not in the body.


Intertility is like electric shock,

The body is crazy, and the mouth does not stop in the mouth.

The blood is in the body, the hair is dancing, the blood red eyes, the dead is dead.

The breath rises sharply.

" ..."

The ground rock seems to be can't stand this pressure and crack quickly.

After half a time.

"Haha ..."

Sir, I laughed, and I am crazy.

"One million years, a million years!"

"I didn't expect, I will live again!"

"Haha ..."

"There is a strong resentment, it is really a good thing!"

"There is a rioli, and I am helping me!"

"Hey, what is this blood?"

"Old days, this ... this is the blood of the blue, no ... not good!"

I just finished this.

"Do not……"

A roaring, roaring throughout the tomb.

Sir, smile in the ground, laugh at it, I will yell.

Two kinds of looks, non-stop.

Finally, the face gradually became calm.

a long time.

He opened his eyes and shot twice.

"After the Qing Dynasty? One of the Magic Australia? You are really be careful, even divide the soul into two!"

"I didn't expect it, you have left so many secret treasures in this world, but all this is my fierce!"

Sliced ​​muttered.

"However, you are doing it, it is not enough!"

"In this life, let this seat to conquer it!"

The eyes of the eyes are red, and they are suffocating.

Fright, a blood sea is present in your hand.

Among the blood sea, the corpse is floating, horrible.

"Master ?! Waiting for me, I will come to you right away!"

"Don't die, or not addiction!"

"There is also the phoenix dream, since you dare to kill my father, then I will kill your family!"

After that, the shackles flashed and disappeared.

Not long after he disappeared.


A figure, such as ghosts usually appear in the tomb.

This figure, full body, full of green hair.

The strange face, like the prison king, people dare not look straight.

It looks at the direction of disappears, and takes a foothold.

" ..."

A sound.

The green hair monster is flying, and it will play back.

Like some kind of ban limits its actions.


The green hair monsters make a unwilling, the whole tomb, the inch collapse into a powder.

After a while.


A blind man.

The monster is gradually dissipated, and there is no trace.



North of the mainland in the mainland.

Crossing a big ocean, there is a barren continent, named Tian Mo Continent.

On the continent, inch of the grass is not born, the rain is not lost.

On the sky, all year roundness is filled with blood mist, and the sun is dead.

The whole continent is made of red mist.

The mainland center, a high-top world of high school.

The hall.

A height of five meters, a pair of blood red wings, sitting on the main hall, a pair of easy access to cultivation.

In his body, he is angry and keeps whistling.

He is the master of the Mozu - blood night.


Blood night open your eyes, sticking out the right claw, gently grasping, bloody, tall the body.


The paws are gently grabbed forward, and the air shocks layer ripples, and one pass jade is simple.

Open a look, blood night look shocked.

I saw that the jade slipped, an old man turned out.

This person looks like an .

"On the Lord, he is a godmia, bad me, you must eradicate!"

The old man muttered himself and kept repeating this sentence.

Blood night looked at this vain, in the eyes, shot two redness.


Jade is broken, and the vain is dissipated.

"God attacked people? It's a good thing you bad!"

"Don't except you, it's hard to explain!"

"This is to see, what are you sacrificial!"

Blood night, I looked up, I looked in front, said: "Big priest!"


The air shock is ripple.

An old man appeared in front of the blood night, worshiped, "The Lord, what do you tell?"

"Last to the godmia, how is it?" Asked blood night.

"On the back of the main, there is a mysterious breath on the body, and you can't wear everything!" The big priest said.


The blood night is dark and frightened, "Don't you have other ways?"

"Go back to the main, unless you open the peak star, you can break this layer of mysterious breath!" The big priest said.

"Peak of the sky?"

Bloody night is slightly frowning, revealing deep thinking.

After a while.

He opened his eyes, and two fierce shots came out, "That line, immediately open the peak star!"


The big priest looks, thinking that he has been mistaken.

"How? Didn't you hear this seat?" Blood night sound is cold.

"Yes, the main!"

The big priest has a flash, disappearing in the same place.

When you appear again, the big priest came to a pavilion.

Pick up your hands, gently dance.

"All priests are listed, and immediately came to see a collection of altar!"

His voice passed through the secret, and it was clear into the ear of each priest.

At this moment, the priests in the hundred miles clearly clearly heard the voice of the big priest.

Shortly after.

North of the main hall, a giant altar surrounded.

Standing with a breaththawk.

Each, all have ten steps and half fairy strength.

The person headed is, it has the power of the cactus.

If you have a lot of pressure, people don't dare to get close.

In front of the altar, on the primary, blood night sitting there.

Even if you are sitting, he is three meters high, just like a giant.

He looked at the big priest to stand in front of him, slightly.

"Yes, the main!"

The big priest retreats and retreats.


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