It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 197, God must die!

The altar is the top, it is a square.

On it, it is engraved with dense linear.

Under the command of the big priest, 108 priests are divided into all parties.


The big priest stood in the middle and drunk.

The 108 priests did not stop the circle around the big priest.


Hold the hands, the mouth has a word.

"Night wind in the rain in the bed ..."

I can't listen to the sound that I can't understand.

As the sound is getting bigger and bigger.

Blood color, shrouded in the chest of each priest.

Like a firefly, follow their body drift.


Above the blood light, divide the red silk.

Wrap each other into a bloodline, such as the spirit snake, generally flying towards the big priest.

Finally, drilling into the big priest body.

Whole look, the big priest is like a filament puppet.

As time goes by.

The big priests are getting more and more bloody, more and more concentrated.

It looks like a blood.



The big priest is big, and it is as rushing, and it is shocking.

With his voice, a terrorist blood, sprayed from his mouth, straight track.

Looking far away, just like a blood spring.


On the sky,

Blood fog is likely to be moved, followed by this blood rotation.

Blood fog is getting stronger, like blood is generally viscous.

"Zi ..."

Blood color lightning, there is no pentium in blood fog, and it is rising.

"Booming ..."

Dosing, it is like a crushing the sky and bounce down.

On the ground, there was a line of patterns, lit up the eyes, and shine the whole land.

"Give me!"

The big priest sent a roar, put the whole body, and poured into the sky.


The sky is immersed, and the blood is like a wire.

The blood line quickly stacked and formed a unoccupied people in the half air.

This person is blurred, and the breath is uncertain.

"Give me a show!"

The big priest once again sent a roar, crazy squeezed the power in the body, and in the large array.

Among the air, that is more and more condensed, the breath is getting more and more stable.

See it, the illicit people are shaped.

At this time.


Univisible people open their eyes.


Tiandi spent.

Time solidification.

Space stationary.

The magic will, if the body is imprisoned, the heart is like.

this moment.

The crowd is taken, six blocked, can't perceive everything around.

Even if it is a sense, it is also suppressed by a certain terrorist force and cannot be released.

a long time.

This feeling is gradually dissipated.

Open it, the Mozi will stand the whole stupid station, and it is not believed.

I saw that the sky is unsatisfactory, and blood fog disappears.

The altar square is in large array, directly cracking into a piece of block.

Among the broken blocks, 108 priests are distorted, and they are not integrated.

Miserable model, people can't look straight.

Even the big priest, it is also brought by the body, it is terrible, and it has reached the edge of the collapse.


Blood night pupil contraction, and the face change.

On him, blood is pentium.

His figure flashed and disappeared in the seat.

When you appear again, you have come to the big sacrifice.

"Big priest, how are you?"

Blood night supported the big priest and asked.

The big priest is hard to open his eyes, look at the blood night, and the color is full of face.

"The Lord ... Lord, the peak of the sky has not been able to fulfill the gods!"

"God's fascia, he ... he is growing! Now, it has reached an extremely terrible realm!"

"On the main, God must do our best to eradicate, otherwise, our family is in danger!"

Say this.


The big priest spit out a blood, the body was last blood, and did it dissipated.

The head is awkward, I have no movement.

"Do not……"

Blood night, shackles, like crazy.

That kind of grief, cover the whole sky.

"I am bad for me!"

"God must die!"

Bloody night secretly clears the fist, angry full of face.

a long time.

He recovered anger and looked at the first few people in the past.

" !" Said bloody night.

"Main, in!"

A man who dressed in a blood and greeting is in front of the blood night.

"The soul is in the south area, in case, you bring a few people, immediately support, even if you fail, you have to take back the blood, understand?" Said blood night.

"Yes, the main!"

After that, the sky is gradually dissipated.

Blood night looked at the remaining five generals, said: "This is God's fascinating people, now in the Northern Northern Northern Domain of Tianlo, you will destroy him with this seat!"

Blood night right hand, a vain, aggregation forming.

This fantastic breath is exactly the same as the jade scorpion.


Five Mozi general hugged.

Blood night right hand, a portal appears in front of a few people.


Blood night with five magic, disappeared.



The sky in the northern area of ​​Tiango.

It is unpredictable to fusion with air, and people can't see the shadow.

This person is not someone else, it is jade.

His mouth raised a smile, proud, very obvious.

This time, I came to the continent, it was really right.

Although Wu Zu's feather did not arrive, the painting also flew away.


I heard the two mysterious figure, the whole person has a lot of mood, and the understanding is several times.

This way, don't have to be used, you can become a true Huangxian!

This is the same, it is simply unheard, it will not be seen.

Unexpectedly, the gods who said that Tian Peng said, there is such a means.

It's amazing!

However, let yourself be a young man?

Ha ha.

I can't make this pot!

If the evil magic family finds themselves, it is really no way to go, there is no land next place.

The fool is right with the evil magic!

Be careful to drive a thousand years, and you can live!

Thinking of this, the corner of the jade rose, the look is proud.

He gave a few miles away, looked at the four figures, rising his mouth.

These four guys, the baby is really!

One has a spirit root!

One has ice Fengling, a fairy sword!

There are two, one piece of firewood, a fairy!

Don't mention the roots, the three fairy, even if you can't see the order.

It is probably a Chinese product, and even the product.

This is difficult for this to Bao, and Wan Jing is difficult.

Once you get a piece, it's true!

"Little guys, you actually go to the wild mountain wild! Is it big?"

"Oh, even if you have a big matter, in front of the cactus, you can turn over the room!"

The jade scorpion accelerates the speed and fly forward.

Along the way, be careful, don't dare to know.

If you escape one, you will feel your heart!

"All right!"

The jade scorpion will move, take out several pieces, gently knead.



The symbol is ignited, and it has been four stream lights, rapidly.


Air is fried, the air wave is rolling.

Four streamed giants are giants that are tall and tall, and they hold all kinds of weapons, and a fierce look of fightering.

"Haha ..."

The jade scorpion issued a cool laugh, rapidly.

"Four little guys, uu read the book to hand over the treasure, the old man can wait for Rao, etc. ..."

Didn't finish it, the jade scorpion is hysterested, can't help but knead your eyes, "What about people?"

I saw that the 100-meter giant was encircled, don't say someone, even a mosquito didn't.

The jade scorpion looks at this scene, and the face is slightly changed.

Under the mind of the old man, can they quietly escape?

It's hard, they are still strong than the old man?

How can this be? !

Suddenly, the scalp scalp was fried.

Looking back, I saw four stepping steps, I came to him, I smiled and smiled at him.

"Are you looking for us?"


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