It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

What is the first hundred and ninety-eight chapters?

"It turned out that I am Daozu ()"

"You ... how can you be more than the old man?"

The jade scorpion released the mind, swept the four people, and his face did not believe.

"Oh, do you say this?"

After finishing, Chen Kao was released.



The jade scorpion is straight and retreats, and the face is giant.

That kind of do not believe, that kind of shock, written on his face.

One ten steps and half fairy, the contest is more than one hundred times more than yourself!

How can this be?

The jade is slightly changed, and a uncomfortable flasom is flying.

I saw Chen Xiu's four people surrounded, and the body retired, "You ... what do you want to do?"

"What do you want to do?"

"Oh, you are very bad in this old man, obviously you come with us, and ask us!"

"Just, let's talk, what is your purpose?"

"Don't talk nonsense, kill directly, even the son's picture, he dare to grab!"

Four people stepped forward.

Every step is to give the jade scorpion, the heart is dramatic.

"Damn, it was scared by four small dolls!"

"I am gone, on!"

The jade scorpion right hand, four controversy, straight to Chen knife, four people.

Pulling to Chen Xiu, is a hand holding a big knife.


I am a big knife, and I will be under the sky.

Terror, like a waterfall pour, straight into the Chen knife.

The air seems to be cracked and done on both sides.

The other three is also a means of use, and the people who are waiting for Mu Ice.

Surrounded, it is exhausted.

Chen Xu Yumu is standing in the same place.

That looks like scared.

Looking at this scene, the corner of the jade is rising.

"Little guys, now hand over the treasure, still come!"

I just finished this.

In the next second, the jade scorpion directly stupidly stupid stupid places, but they didn't believe it.

I saw it.

Chen Xu Ming smiled slightly, and then the first arrive.

The big knife from the sky is gently clamped by his second finger.

This big knife, there is a few tens of meters long, and if you are worth you.

Two fingers, actually pinch so easy?

How can this be!

" ..."

Chen Xu Ming two fingers gently power, the big knife instantly collapsed.


Chen Xu Yumu stepped out, came to the big knife, smiled slightly, "the knife, but not so!"

He stretched out his right hand and bowed forward.

"... ..."

Ray flashes.

The big knife is all actions, stop immediately.

Follow it.


The big knife cracked into powder, dissipated on the spot.

"This ... this is impossible! How can he be so strong? When you have a war with Haoqing!"

"This flesh, even if it is the dragon of Xuanxian, I am afraid that it is not more than!"

The jade scorpion opened his mouth, muttered himself, and did not respond for a long time.



A shocking giant wokes the jade scorpion.

Looking up, he returned again, and his face was gigant.

I saw it.

Su Yi Ling was only a slag, splashing around.

She exposed a smile, "It's really scared to death. It turns out that this is so weak, it is slightly blowing!"

When I heard this, the head of the jade scorpion was numb, and he was standing up.

Is it so weak?

This is, the old man refines hundreds of years, refining with countless materials.

This is just a symbol.

Four people, but spent near millennium!

You are, just bombing only with your strength?

I want to die for my husband!

The jade is full of face, is preparing to do it.


It's another blow, awakened him again.

I saw it, and I said that the artite was in place, smiling.

"A finger, use a power, you can bomb your slag!"

"My arm,

Wen people rose the corner of the stone, we are very satisfied.

It is impossible to make it today.


Still a sound, another is a slag, and it is torn to the slag.

Seeing such a horrible scene, the jade face is giant.

"Monster! It's really a monster, this flesh, even if it faces Huang Xian, it is entirely able to crush!"

"Damn, big idea!"

The jade scorpion muttered himself, and his body retired later.


He turned around and accelerated, and rushed behind.

"You must run quickly, if you fall into these small family, it is difficult to be good!"

The jade scorpion muttered himself, and he did not have to live.


Just ran out a few steps.

But seeing a shadow instant appeared in front of him, followed by a fist, hosted on his face.

The speed is fast, and the jade scorpion does not react.


A loud noise.

The soul seems to be born away from the body.

Then, the body falls like a meteor.


The head fell, the rock was blown.

Halo, pain ...

All kinds of uncomfortable feelings, full of whole body.

"Damn, damn!"

The jade scorpion touched the edema face, biting his teeth, roaring.

When I looked up, I saw Su Yiling showed a sweet smile.

A finger, gently played with his eyebrow.

"Do not……"

The jade scorpion head is fly off, and the body flew.

Not yet landed.

" ..."

Those who went to his face.

His body flew straight and fell to the Bingzi.

"Hey, the son can be rushed!"

Gently, I have passed the past.

" ..."

The jade scorpion is in front of the body, falling to the face of Chen Xiu.

Chen Kao is naturally willing to be polite, and it will be more embarrassed.

In this way, the jade scorpion is like a ball, and it will fly.

"Hey, your group of livestock, don't understand the old and love you!"

"Don't ... Don't hit it, you will be killed by you again!"

"The old man is the cactus, fighting the people! You can't be so disabled!"

A sentence of jade scorpion said that he made a burst of trouble from time to time.

"How is the immortal? What is the fairy? Dare to grab the son sent out, even if the fairy is coming, I also take it income!"

"Old things, don't think I don't know, you have been ignorant our treasure!"

"It's good to say that it is the fight for the people? Just now, after returning, why didn't you see you?"

After finishing, Chen Xiu was kicked.

"Oh ah……"

A strange call, the painful jade face is distorted.

"The damn boy, good toxic heart, do you want to let the old people break the sun?"

The jade scorpion hurts the cold, and the cold sweat is DC.

" ..."

One finger bounce, heavy bounce on the jade scorpion.


" ..."

The teeth are bounted, such as hail falling.

On the ground, there is a lot of sprinkles.


"Don't hit, my mouth is being smashed by you!"

"The old husband is wrong, isn't the old husband wrong?"

"The old man is so big, you will do it, don't fight again!"

After a while.

The jade scorpion fell to the ground, if it is like a wire, it is movable.

On the face, swell directly into a pig head.

Blood foam, spit out from time to time.

Look, it is terrible.

The four people looked at the jade and stopped.

"Lao Mi, this time, I have to give you, if you have next time, don't blame us!"

Chen Xu Ming screamed, scared the jade bodily tremble.