It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 199, good, poisonous female doll

"It turned out that I am Daozu ()"

The jade scorpion fell to the ground, and it was like a wire.

"Yes Yes……"

Spit out the sound, if there is something.

It looks like an old man who is about to die.

Chen knife looked at the jade scorpion, sighed, "Go!"

"it is good!"

Mu Bing and the stone nodded, turned around, is preparing to get up.

Looking back, but I found that Su Yi Ling did not follow.

I saw it.

Su Yi Ling stepped from step to jade scorpion.

On the face, revealing a heart.

"Su Chang Lao, why don't you go?" Chen Xu Yumu was confused.

"Chen Zhi, you see!"

Su Yi Ling pointed to the jade scorpion, showing a heart that is cordial, "I just got it when we started, I almost killed him, he was so pitiful!"

This is out.

As the spring wind, blow into the jade scorpion heart.

Inner, not hired.

I have never been concerned about myself!

All the way, it is a careful wing, giving people a black hand behind it, and this is now a cacto!

Even so, I don't dare to get out of Ziyang star.

Because, in the world, the world is not survived.

Unexpectedly, today, some people care about themselves.


Jade scorpion eyes, do not commend two lines of tears in autonomy.


The next sentence, but let him be shocked.

"He lives this pain, it is better to give him a happy!"

This is out.

Jade scorpion scalp.

I just moved like this.


It turned out to kill yourself!

Good poisonous female doll!

I remember you!

The jade scorpion narrowed his loud eyes and looked at the Su Yi Ling from step.

The more the heart is jumping.

"Damn, damn!"

"Is it really necessary to use the god!"

"Do not……"

"No way, go home!"

The jade scorpion made a burst of unwillingness, as with hundreds of millions of hoes were digging him.

Take out a syllable, gently knead, instantly ignite.


In his abroad, the air shocks ripples, and the package is wrapped in his body disappeared.

"Female doll, old man remember you!"

Leave it, only this sound.

Su Yi Ling is in place, and the face is embarrassed, "Run?"

"Look, this old guy is installed!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"I know, kill it directly!" Mu Ice said.

"Can't!" Chen Tao slightly nodded.


Every face is not a color.

"Don't say it first can't kill, even if you can kill, you can't kill!"

"If I have not guess, he is one of the nine fans of the nation, named Yu Yuzi!"

"Today, if he doesn't, I will die, I will die!"

"The son borrowed his hand, saved us, I would like to let him die, there are other arrangements!"

"The family is now a dangerous egg, the crisis is four orusive, and the ingredient is used!"

"He, maybe it's a very important chess, it is likely that he is a substitute for the son to find!" Chen Kao said.

I heard this, everyone nodded.

They, naturally, I know that Tian Peng went to the Yaochi Palace and also knew that the son is looking for a substitute.

Now, in his hand, the scroll wants to be able to find the jade scorpion.

The jade scorpion is set to take the picture.

However, the son is the painting, is it to be able to win?

The owner did not send it, it is impossible to take it, it will fly back.

Thinking of these, everyone nodded.

"I have an uncomfortable in my heart, I feel like the prelude of the storm, it is very depressed! You?" Chen Kao said.

"I am also!" Mu Ice nodded.

"The old man also has this feeling!" Wen people said.

Seeing everyone looked at themselves, Su Yi Ling grabbed his head,

I heard this, three people were full of face.

After the mouth sigh, Chen Xu Ming said: "Since this is already, let's go back first!"

"it is good!"

Everyone nodded, flying, turned into Changhong, flying towards the Western Region.

It disappears between the blink of an eye.



North field, a cave.


A figure, like ghosts, usually appear in the cave.

He is a jade.

Under the body, the scar is tired.

On the face, it is a swelling, such as a pig.


Just move, it hurts the cold.

"Damn, damn!"

"The god is used here!"

"This is the old man spent 500 years, calendars countless danger, collecting materials!"

"After 1000 failed, I portrayed such two gods!"

"I used a few small dolls!"


The jade scorpion is dark, and the corner does not stop twitching.

Heartache, write full face.

"I didn't expect, the old man will be planted in a few small dolls!"

"This god, who is, it is, it is terrible!"

"A piano sound, I can transform the human body to this place!"

"Small doll, I remember you, next time, don't fall, otherwise! Hey!"

"Hey, restore the injury first!"

The jade scorpion is grieved and screams.

It took a lot of time and finally sat.

He is sitting in the ground, close his eyes and start recovery.

After a while.


"Too painful, this way, at least 10 years can you recover!"

"Do you want to use a medicinal medicine?"

"No, it's absolutely not! A fairy, worth 10 fairy!"

"You can waste here!"

The jade scorpion muttered, closed his eyes and continued to recover.

Not long after, he opened his eyes again, and it hurts to breathe.

"I actually destroyed the old family into this look, look like, no fairy is unable to recover!"

In the unparallel pain, Yu Yuzi took out a jade bottle and carefully poured a fairy.

A bit bite, swallow in the abdomen.

Xian Dan enters the mouth, directly grasses into shares, the whole body.

He injured his body with a visible speed of the naked eye.

After a while.


He spit out a touch and relax.

Subsequently, open the jade bottle, see it, suddenly hurt the mouth slight.

"There is only 5!"

"This, deficit!"

"Nothing to get anything, I have two fairyans!"

"This death is you!"

The jade scorpion muttered.

I thought about the terrorist strength of four people, I didn't have a temper.

"They have a few, the strength is terrible, I am afraid that I will face one person, the old man can't deal with it!"

"Still don't provoke them, safety first!"

The jade scorpion calm down, and he as many mouths.

"I am temper, it seems to be a lot!"

"The song of God's fascia, the effect is so good ?!"

"In this case, wait for the old man to break through, and then calculate the post after autumn!"

The jade scorpion muttered, closed his eyes and began to practice.