It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 201 God will also become strong!

"It turned out that I am Daozu ()"

Beibu Xiancheng, a tea building.

"Big news, big news!"

At this time, a mustache quickly runs on the tea building and said loudly.

This sound came out, and suddenly attracted many people.

Soon, it is surrounded by a bunch of cultivars.

"What news, don't secret the secret, say!"

Looking at everyone, he wants to wear his expression, and the corner of the small mustache.

"Tell you, there are big events in the north of the Taijie Mining!" Said the little beard.

"What big thing? Don't tell me that there is a monster running out?"

"I listened to the old man, said that there is a clean thing in the Taijun Mining. As long as you encounter, you will take myself in a lifetime, no more turning over!"

"What? This is terrible, what is the monster!"

"Don't break, listen to the beard!"

This time, everyone is watching, focusing on the beard.

"First tell you the first thing, Chai Home came to Beifu Xiancheng, do you remember?" The small beard asked.

"That is of course, 108 flying boats, tens of thousands of elite children, the scene is quite domineering!"

"Yes, it is worthy of being one of the three major people in the Holy Land, it is really envious!"

I heard these sounds, the small beard mouth is soaring, "That is the past, this time, Cheter is suffering heavy, tens of thousands of children die in the mine, even if the owner is, this!"

Quiet, very quiet.

Everyone looked at the beard, but they couldn't believe it.

After a while.


Pour the cold air sound, which is coming.

"What? Chai Home dare to dig too early mine? Even the owner is dead?"

"So, the three major people in the Holy Land, aren't it become two major people?"

"Yeah, this, Chew Shecai is completely finished, even the three-level forces are more than!"

"What about the family? How do they?"

Everyone looked at the mustache and was full of confusion.

"Fangjia? That's more miserable, basically the family is dispatched!"

"This time I dig the minimal mine, it is the first to dig into the Taijun Mining, only to dig the fairy gold, this, I have passed to the Chekaterian ear!"

"Let everyone don't know, fairy gold, but it is the conspiracy of the Mozu. In order to resurrect the ancestors, they will tempted the immortals into the mine, and then in the blood sacrifice!"


The small mustache is in a sentence.

Everyone is widened, but they can't believe it.

Cool is spread on the bottom of the feet, full of whole body.

"Although the blood of the priest is killed, but this is a taboating, but the taboos are raised, who can be their opponents."

"There is between the moment, these soul insects, they lock the cultivator of the living!"

"When this thousands of hair, what do you guess?"

Speaking of this, the little beard deliberately picks up the tea cup, Xiao Yi, "Everyone is embarrassed today, hungry, let me go, let me go tomorrow!"

"Isn't it a Lingshi? Give you!"

"Just, the direct opening is!"

After a while, the beard is around, full of many spiritual stones.

The beard didn't move, and I hugged my fist. "Since you are so generous, then I can only accompany you!"

"At this critical moment, God's fascinates have dropped a contest, playing a song, all the soul insects have been sleeping!"

"Every cultivator is not injured, and the strength is rapidly increasing!"

"Live cultivator, each person has broken a few realm, the heart is stable, the mood is promoted, the talent is more arrogant!"

"And these people have added the town evil alliance!"

When I heard these words, the cultivar of the cultivar was worshiped.

"What? Convenience to a few realm? Isn't it wrong?"

"This means is completely the gods!"

"God's horses are God, what is it ?!"

"I remember, when I have heard the piano, I didn't seem to have this effect!"

"This shows that God is stronger!"

"What? The god can become stronger? It is terrible!"

"This life,

"I want to join the town evil alliance! I have the opportunity to see God's fascia!"

"I also want!"

A cultivator, look excited.

Hot eyes, long time.

For a long time, I have never calm down.

As such a scene, there is different places in the North of the North.

Take the North Fujian City as the center, to the surrounding.

After this, the name of God's fascia, is more deeply imprintted in a cultivator.

There are countless believers.

Many families are infered in the temple, adding a gain.

The four words of "God of Virgin" are very huge.

Moreover, God is placed in the center.

God is a god of everyone.



West House Xiancheng is the center, looking at the top of the star.

Three men sit inside.

For the head of the head, the fan is light, it looks strange.

This person is exhibiting Tianpeng.

"Is the Lord, the things of the mine, is it true?"

The old face is worried.


Zhou Peng sighed, took a picture of the old shoulders, "Everything is true!"

Fang old heard this, look, "Xiao Xiao, you will not have something!"

"Fang Bo, are you nothing?" Astro Peng asked.

Fang old wipes tears, smiles, "Lear, I am fine, you can rest assured!"

"Do you want to take a look at the square?" Asked Tian Peng asked.

"No! I have no one without anyone else!" Fang Lao shook his head.

"That's okay!" Shi Tianpeng nodded and no longer advised.

"Less Lord, the blood magic old ancestors failed to resurrect, I want to be the magic, have already carried out action, this is very unfavorable!" Fang said.

"Don't worry, there is a son, everything is not a problem!"

Speaking here, Zhen Peng looked at Zheng Lao, "How is Zheng Bo, Wu Lingxiao?"

"Less Lord, all Wu Lingxiao gold fragments, all in the refusal door!" Zheng Lao said.

"Red Refining Gate?" Zhou Peng watched.

"Leight, I am inquiry, there are many people who have heard the song in the blood-Phone nest, and they are now the people of the town evil alliance!" Zheng Lao said.

When I heard this, I took Tian Peng slightly, and the fan was closed. "Then this is good, these fairy gold must be received, send the son!"

"Yes, the Lord!" Zheng Lao nodded.

"Yes, what is the people who send Xianjing now?" Zhu Tian Peng asked.

"Lear, they will arrive soon, you will wait!" Zheng Lao nodded.

"it is good!"

Zhu Tian Peng nodded.

"call out……"

At this time, a stream of flow is rapid.

Put the wall directly to enter the room.

A pair of pictures, flying to the front of the show, slightly vibrating.

"this is?"

Zhu Tianpeng took the drawing volume, opened it, suddenly pupil contraction.

This painting volume is not right to grab the "Upper Map" of the jade scorpion?

Why, I fly back?

"Leight, this is?"

"You see!"

Open the drawing, presented in front of the two old people, the two pupils contracted, and the face was shocked.

"Leight, look at the things sent by the masters, they are also useless!"

"Yes, as long as we don't send it, this painting is always our!"

"The child's means, it is simply unimaginable!"