It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 202, Sky Fairy Princess

"It turned out that I am Daozu ()"

the next day.

After eating breakfast, the Phoenix dreams with Sun Wei.

A person is sitting on the rummer, flying on the sky.

"This fishing net of the son is not like a fairy!"

"But it is impossible to be a spirit, it is more impossible to be all things!"

"Last, the son can use this net to go out of the dragon!"

The Phoenix is ​​holding a fishing net, keeping the money.

After a long time, I still can't see the order.

Receive the fishing nets after the soul space.

The phoenix has taken a map and starts to view.

That is serious, it is completely like a person.

"Ghost Longtan, it will not have a dragon!"

"The son can catch dragons, catch the dragon, and is the master's means!"

"I am not knowing how much compared with the son!"

"Since the son wants to catch a net, then there is only to go to the Dragon's nest!"

The Phoenix is ​​as murmured, looking at the map, start thinking.

Suddenly, her eyebrows, "Listening to the mother, the dragon lives in the cliff in the sea!"

"The cliffs of the sea seem to be here!"

"Go here!"

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream.


Running Xianzhou surrounded by the earthquake layer.

The hairdress drill into the ripple and disappeared.



There is an endless ocean in the South of the Tiango mainland.

Ocean Center, there is a waters of five thousand miles.

Here is the Human Force, known as the cliff of the sea.

There is a city in the sea cliff.

In the city, the palace is moving, the majestic is atmospheric, and the momentum is magnificent.

The palace hall.


A man in a goldpack is sitting on the master, and letting the wine.

He is Ziyang Star Dragon Lord - Green.

He looked at this group of dancers before and shook his head.

"Go, go!"

Qingyu sways.


Dance girl looks frightened, all arrears.

"A group of medioculous powder, you are tired!" Qingyu sighed.

"On the main! The Turtle family has a good thing to give you!"

At this time, a minister of a sharp monkey embarked on and fossed.

"A group of kings eight, where is the peerful thing?" Youth shook his head.

"The master, it is said to be arrested, it seems to be the princess of the sky fox.


The green eyes are light, and a face is high.

"That group of kings, what is the purpose?" Queen asked.

"Is such that……"

The tip man is attached to the green ear, whispered.

The green scorpion is slightly frowned and has not responded.

Subsequently, he said: "Bring it to give it!"

"Yes, the main!"

The joyless man is a look, a guard, quickly retreat.

After a while.

A red woman has been brought up.

She is hot and tempting.

Two foxes, tall towering, warning around.

The eyes, shot, the sky, and I have to burn around.

She is exactly the princess of the ancestral mountain sky.


She is awkward, I can't make a sound at all.


Qingyu stared at Hu Lu, the look.

That fever, there is no cover.

From top to bottom, sweep a circle.

Subsequently, he carrying his hands and exposed a light and rainy expression.

"On the main point, it is said that this girl has already cultivated eight tails, only one step, can become a demon!" Said the mouth.

I heard this, the green is dark.

He looked at Hu Lu in a calm, "What is going on? Why don't you talk to the princess of Tianhu?"

"On the main point, this girl is bicker, I am afraid ..." The joyless man said.

"The fierce? That's too embarrassing ..."

Qingyu muttered his own words, and a face.

He walked to the side of Hu Lu, unlocking the sound ban.


"The dead reptile,

Hu Luyi pointed to the green, a pain.

The greenness is shocked.

As a dragon, why is it been embarrassed?


Next, let him stand in the original place.

"What do you see? Have you seen your grandmother?"

"Don't want to die, hurry up your grandmother, otherwise, wait for my mother to come over, fix you to the bottom of the sea!"


A meal.

The green face is blue, the fist is grip, the joint is fried.


I took the past.


Hu Lu is like a broken kite, fly, and fell to the gray face.

A palm print, quickly edema on your face.

Hu Luye touched his face and surprised.

"Damn, the dead crawler, you dare to hit me!"

After saying, Hu Lu rushed to the green.


Don't say that she is now being sealed, even if it is not seal, how can it be a green opponent.

"... ..."

The green hoe is hand in a palm of his husband, she struggled, and there is no effect.

"Dare to be , you are the first!"

"Do you think you are still in the mountain now?"

"When you have a licked, your life and death are controlled in your hand!"

"If you want to die, still want to live?"

Qingyu is cold and looked at Hu Lu, Icy and cold, there is no cover.


Hu Lu is caught in the throat, can't say a word.

"If you want to live, let's take a nice!" Qingyu said.

See Hu Lu, you.

Hu Lu is standing in the same place, panic, corner, two walks of tears, unconsciously slipping.

She hid in a corner, and she shakes.

Green looked at this scene, satisfied some heads.

"Hu Lu, you listen, you want to live very simple!"

"As long as you have a good time, you can always live, otherwise, death!" Qingyu said.

When I heard this, the face of Hu Lu was uncertain.

Finally, a bit bite and exposed a squat.

"Haha ..."

Hu Lu is standing up and smirking.

She looked at the green, pointed to his nose, and broke.

"To kill you, I want me to serve a discard, dream!"

"How? I don't care ?!"

"Do you dare to say that you are not a disc #, by the Galaxy Dragon King, you still dare you say that you are not?"

"You are not just a discard, or waste!"

"You also dare to work in this Ziyang star!"

"If I have you, I have to find a stone to kill!"

"This is alive, it is a waste of resources!"

"Early death early!"


A sentence of words, just like the sharp knife, taking it into the green chest.

Qingyu pointed to Hu Lu, the teeth biting giggle, "Summit, since you are looking for death, you will be all you!"

After saying, Qingyu lifted the palm of the palm, aligned with Hu Lu, is a slap in the past.


Surrounded by air, it was striped to distorted.

"Dead people, let you know, the consequences of sin, is not you can afford!"

"Tell me!"

Qingyu crazy extracts the body fairy, placed in the palm.

The horror horror is several times.

"Hey ..."

Surrounded by air, as lenses are typically burst.

Hu Luyi saw this scene, his mouth raised a smile.

"Mother, come to the world!"

Hu Lu is not refundable, takes a footsteps, and his hand hits the palm of your hand.