"It turned out that I am Daozu ()"

"Deliberately find it?"

"You will be as you wish!"

The green face is smirk.

He quickly recovered her hand and let Hu Lu have a holiday.

" ..."

Hu Lu defeated on the ground and touched his face.

"not good!"

Hu Lu looked up.

But I saw a power shrouded, and she wrapped her.

There is no role of she struggling.

"The brothers, since you are dead, you don't let you wish!"

"Waiting for you to play your tired, then give you ..."

A sentence of Qingyu said that his face is exhausted.

Hu Lu is listening to these, the corner of the eye is not covered with two lines of tears, desperate color, writing over the face.

"Take it!"

"Yes, the master!"

Everyone has retired.

" ..."


Qingyu grabbed the Hu Luye sleeves and torn it.

"... ..."

A sound of a split sound.

" ..."

Wretched smile, in the entire hall.

"Omersma, call, shout!"

"Even if you shout the sky, no one will save you!"

"In the Dragon Palace, you will be here!"

"I want to pay with you, you don't know this!"

"Hey and ruthless!"

On the green face, the color of Zhang is mad.

"no, do not want……"

"I beg you to kill me, kill me!"

"If you move me, I will not let you be ghost!"

Desperate cry, do not stop.


At this moment, a big shouting, came out of the temple.

Follow it.

" ..."

The temple was hit, an old man ran in, and worshiping in front of the green, "the main!"

"Really disappointed!"

On the green face, a scream and angry.

He looked at the old man who worshiped, "the big priest, what do you have?"

"Go back to the main, there is incompetence, you can't show up!" Said the old man said.

"What? Even the 18 priests can't show up?" Qing Wei said.

"Yes, the main!"

The old man nodded, the look was willed, "Eat the dragon people, there is a mysterious breath on the body!"

"Any way is exhausted, it can't be broken!"

The old man finished, ashamed is low.

"In this case, what are you using!"

After finishing, Qingyi lifted his hand and went out.


A transparent right palm, if you light up, you drive directly to the old man.

" ..."

A loud noise, the old man flew, and he hit the ground.


Blood spit out, the old man is lying on the ground, the look is wilting.


The green look is hysterested, and a face does not believe.

I just took a palm, just taught a big priest.

I didn't expect, I killed him soon?

"Lord ... the main!"

"I ... we were alive, except for me, other priests are all dead!"

The big sacrifice is like a wire, and the tricks are struck.

The green face is slightly changed, and quickly ran forward, and he will help the big priest, "the big priest, !"

"Lord, right, sorry, minister can't do it!"

"You ... you have to remember, don't slaughter people, otherwise, our family is in danger!"

After saying this, the big sacrifice did not move.

"Do not!"

Qingyu sent a unwillingness.

" ..."

Four-week table and chairs, one piece of collapse, bursting with powder.

Ground rocks, it is cleared by layers.

The whole hall, all trembled, it seems to collapse.

The green eyes are blood red, and the dead is fascinated to the murder of the earth, and step by step.

"The dead man, the dead antity!"

"Eating our people, even if it is, it actually killed the big priest!"

"This hatred does not report to the dragon!"

"Our army,

A sentence of Qing Yan said that Hu Lu is going to the back hall.

"I beg you to kill me ..."

If Hu Lu, if you go to the silk, you will spit out a desperate voice from time to time.

At this time.


A loud noise.

The whole hall is .

Qingyu stopped the footsteps, standing in the place, screaming: "What is going on?"

"call out……"

A figure, hurry.

"Back to the main, the people monk invaded the Dragon Palace!"


Qingyu lost his rumor on the ground and the joint was fried.

"Anti-day? The iberate is restricted, they actually dare to enter!"

"The command, sent a guard army to attack me!"

"Yes, the main!"


Qingyu's body, rapid, rapid.

Soon, he came to the palace and saw the scene in front of him, not from the pupil.

I saw, a woman with a face with a face of face stood in the water.

The water flows, and the silk is away.

Fantastic body, it is a peer.

Compared with Hu Lu, I don't know how much.

Suddenly, the green horses will not be removed.

This woman is the phoenix.

She glanced at a circle and finally fell on the green.

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, and the dragon will take a long gun, and it is afraid.

"Girl, hello, my name is Qingyi, is the dragon ..."

Qingyu reach out.


"call out……"

The weak little hand, took a palm.

The water flow is reversed, and a huge palm condensed formed by the water flow.

Suddenly, I was pumped on the green face.


A dull voice, the whole water foundation is trembled.

Qingyi is like a broken kite, fly.

From here, it is broken.

"! ..."

One of the dragons hit by the remaining wave, cracked into a powder.


Like the meteor, the green is hits into the city.

A straw strike, spreading the quarter, in the square, moved to a flat place.

The whole seabed, whistling.

Everyone beats up and down in the sea, left and right, and the body can't stand firm.


The Dragon Dragon will stay at the Phoenix, and it is not believed.

The palm of the dragon is mainly hitting, this terrorist strength cannot be imagined.

The problem is that she did not call any strength.

Only with the flesh, have such power?

When is the people who have this terrorist?

How much is she?

Why is she here?

Doubtful color, write on the face of everyone.

Every dragon is staying in the same place, not daring.


A fried.

Qingyu drilled out of the ground, turned into a cyan dragon with a length of five kilometers.

Body, igniting a layer of cyan flames.

" ..."

Seawater seems to be boiled and start boiling.

"The dead man, the low antique, dare to hurt!"

"Today, even if it is the king of the Tianshi, save you!"

"Cry, shout, call ..."

"Even if you shout the sky, no one dares to save you!"

The cyan giant dragon is staring at the phoenix, and the eyes want to crack.

"Give it to kill, who killed her, she will return anyone!"

This start.


Kill the sky.

Thousands of dragons, such as torrents, generally rushing.