It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The twenty-zero chapter mixed yuan, no extreme

"It turned out that I am Daozu ()"

A dragon swept the four squares and came straight to the phoenix.

Seawater pentium, chaotic flow.

"The dead antity, my family is you can be!"

"Even if you are cacto, you have to treat life here today!"

"My Dragon, a crude ant!"

Qianlong Pentium, dragon whistling.


The Phoenix Dream Station is in place, and the face does not change color.

She didn't rush to take a fishing net and throw it up.



A sound.

Seawater solidification, time stationary.

All moves are quiet at this moment.

Or, in front of the fishing network, their speed can be ignored.

"call out……"

The Phoenix has risen sharply with the fishing net, and it is quietly standing.

At this moment, the dragon recovered.

All movements continue.


Dragon is all burst.

A spherical gas, pushing the sea water, forming a spherical space.

"Oh, I was fried into a virtual, such a tender man meat, I didn't eat!"

"Unfortunately, it's a pity!"

The dragon face is bitter.

The words are just turned.

"call out……"

A whistling was rapid.

Look up and see.

The gale dragon is not a pupil.

"What? Didn't die? She ran!"

"What it is?"

Looking at the upper fishing nets to go down the cover, a dragon is full of face.

"Is this? Fishing network? There is no spiritual fluctuation, no fairy fluctuations, this is all things!"

"No, she wants to deal with us with everything? She is funny?"

Thousands of giants looked at this scene and smiled over.


"call out……"

The fishing nets are rapidly contracted, and thousands of dragons are shrouded.

It is also a bit of role in how they struggle.

This fishing net seems to have a tropic means.

All the dragons of the dragon and the power of the flesh are actually sealed and cannot be used.

Their body is sharp and narrowed.

If you don't take a moment, you only have the arm thick.

"How is this possible? A broken network actually has such power ?!"

"Dream, it's a dream, my law has disappeared?"

"Dragon Lord, Help, Help!"

Parlast, do not stop.

For this, the phoenix is ​​completely ignored.

She looked at these dragons and could not help but frown.

"How do this appearance look like a dragon, not like loach!"

"How can you let them become loach?"

The phoenix is ​​as murmured, frown thinking.

Suddenly, her eyebrows, with a high face.


An ancient Qun is coming in front of her.

Her dishes are half empty and gently dig.


The piano came out, and a transparent gas wave shocked.

The seawater that is swumped around, and it was squeezed out again.

The invisible barrier, isolates the sea water, and cannot reflow.


With the movement of the Phoenix, a Dao Yin, like a storm, flour into the fishing net.


"no, do not want……"

"Forgive ... Forgive ..."

In the fishing net, the sound gradually stops.

Thousands of dragons are changed at a variety of visible speeds in naked eye.

They have a rapid reduction in the body and rapidly.

With the piano, their body is gradually formed into a muddy model.

"Cheng! There are so many, should the son be satisfied?"

The Phoenix is ​​satisfied with his head and collects the fishing net in the soul space.

Four Dragon Shuai looked at this scene, and it could not be widened.

A chill that is spread in the bones, full of whole body.

Is it that people who eat dragons?

This means is simply incredible, unimaginable.

So many dragons, full hits, even if Huang Xian will be spike.

She actually was safe, and, she made the dragon soldiers who had just shot!

What she wants?

How to do?

Four Dragon Shuai looked to Qingyi, but he saw his mouth to make a word.

"Harbat ..."

The ancient dragon spit out in the mouth.

On the green, an ancient bell slowly fooled, the more it became more, and the green is covered.

There are countless blue silk, and since ancient times, it is generally drilled into the green bodies such as the waterfall.


A dragon, shocking world.

A cyan dragon ball was spit out by green.

On the Dragon Ball, all over the road, the ancient dragon stripes, exudes the power of destruction of the earth.

"The dragon is in useless!"

"Not good, she wants to run, stop her!"

The four Dragon Shuai looked at each other, and the thousands of rice dragons were heard.

See this scene.

The Phoenix is ​​like a slight frown, reach out of the fiber, and face forward.

"Zi ..."

Nine-color electricity is moving in the fingertips and wound each other.

Then fuse together, becomes a white electricity, and it is usually ringing.


A touch of a word.

Jade is pressed forward.


Air shock, layered outwardly spread.

"call out……"

White electricity, such as the electric snake, usually take out.

Between the blink, I went to a dragon.

"This ... this is impossible!"

"Do not……"

Dragon Shuai looks frightened and keeps escaping.

Just, where is it.

" ..."

A fried.

Ten steps of the ten steps and a half-fairyland, the body fell into powder and disappeared on the spot.

"Zi ..."

Leave it in place, there is only a lot of electricity.

See this scene, there are three dragon handsome body, cold sweat.

"This ... this is the robbery of fairy, my old day, is she is the master of thunder?"

"It's impossible! The thunder of this fairy robbery is controlled by heaven, not to use it!"

"This ... how is this?"

They looked at the phoenix, and the body was not allowed to retreat from autonomous. There was no war with a battle.

Seeing that they didn't stop, the Phoenix did not kill again.

She waves right hand.


A layer of waves, rushing up.

Above sea water, straight from both sides, reveal a passage.

The Phoenix is ​​ready to step, it is not bombed by the scalp.

Looking back, the pupil shrinks, the face is giant.

"Dead people, give me!"

A roar, accompanied by a huge ancient clock, rapid flying.

In an instant, the phoenix was covered.


The ancient bell is inside, countless blue silk rushing, wrapped around the Phoenix.

This intangible force, in an instant, the phoenix is ​​in place, and cannot move.


The phoenix is ​​big, and it is crazy to struggle.

However, it is useless.

It seems to have a terrorist force between his soul and the flesh.

This kind of power, isolates the soul alone and cannot move.

"This ... this is unpretched, how can the mixed yuan in him?"

The phoenix is ​​as murmured, and the soul keeps struggling.

However, in front of this force, it is not comparable if the baby faces the giant.


The phoenix is ​​as murmured, in the eyes, I can't help but take two lines of tears, "Mons, sorry, I blame I useless!"

"When you come to the world, come back to repay your kindness!"

The Phoenix is ​​as despair.