It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The Chapter 205 is quiet enough, finally it is a bit used!

"It turned out that I am Daozu ()"

"Anti, the dead antity, this is the next!"

"Dare to take me the dragon family as food, you are the first!"

"Wait for me to give you to the father, it is a big job. In that, haha ​​..."

Qingyu is laughing, and if it is crazy.

He step by step, he is like a dream.

"Stay, wait for me to peel off your clothes ..."

I heard these, the phoenix is ​​crazy, and it is desperate to write.

"Do not……"

However, she would like to work hard, her body is not controlled, static in the original place.

This feels, the soul has become a visitor, can only look at the Qing dynasty, and it is powerful.

Every step of Qing Yu has caused her a lot of pressure.

Every step will make her more desperate.



After her brain, the hairpin suddenly shocked.

"Oh ..."

Burning is laughing.

"I finally waited for this moment, it's not easy!"

"After a long time, I finally had a bit a bit!"

"There is no existence, you give me such a creation, how could I don't remember it!"

"You can rest assured, I will not let the lady are hurt by half!"

"This kind of soul ban is not over, I can't stop me!"

After finishing, clipping a shock.


A few streamer, in the spontaneous clip, drill into the phoenix in the eye.

At this time.


A egg shell is spurred.

The ban on the soul of the Phoenix, instant cracks.

At this moment, the Phoenix is ​​directly controlled by the body.

However, she did not move, but quietly looked at the green.

"The ant ants, look into your clothes!"

After the finish, the Qingxi is reaching out, and he is as a dream.


"call out……"

A light, a flash.

Young jealous palm breaks.

Go straight to the ground.


The palm hit the ground, turned into a dragon, and made a loud noise.

Qingyu stayed at your arm, but you can't believe it.

"This ... this is impossible ..."

In the next second, he was even more pupil, and his face was gigant.

I saw that the Phoenix was reached out of his finger and pressed forward.

"Zi ..."


Flames and electricity will not stop in the fingertips.

Unequarched young bungee reaction.

"call out……"

As with the electric snake, it is generally jealous, and the crack is blown.


A big sound.

The green bumper hits the ground.

A shock wave, centered on green, spread the quartet.

To devastate and decay, all the cracked everything.

"! ..."

Tiantian dust, hovering the whole space.

Dragon City Pool, half of the flour.

Among them, dragons are also following the housing, cracked into powder.

Living Dragon people, look at this scene, panic, write full face.

"The fairy is forgiving, we are innocent!"

"The cacto is on, we did not kill any human beings!"

The Dragon Dragon is worshiped in the ground and keeps ceremony.

The phoenix is ​​standing in the sky, and I am watching the four squares.

Suddenly, her eyebrows were picking, and the face was surprised, "is her ?!"

The Phoenix Dream saw the princess of the sky fox in the palace - Hu Luyi.

That is the demon, naturally it has been seen.

Moreover, Hu Lu is not intimate with his own relationship, but it is also good.

It is mainly because the ethnicity is different, there are few people.

Unexpectedly, she did she fell to this field today?

Is there a big event in the demon mountain?

I think so, the Phoenix is ​​a disturbed face.


When the Phoenix is ​​in an instant, the mixed yuan is steep, turned into a light, straight.


A loud sound, bombard the ground dust.

"The scholars, there is a kind of way to kill!"

"I remember you,

"You are waiting for old, this enemy must report, you must die!"

A sound came from the blend of the sound.

"not good!"

The Phoenix is ​​like a heart color, rush down.

Standing in front of the mixed cycle, raising your hands and mixing.

In the last mention, the Phoenix is ​​a dream whole.

The mixing element is actually stunned? !

Have more flesh, she is very clear.

Even if it is, it is not too much.

Can't pull a mixed yuan?

How can this be? !

Calling the fairy and the avenue of the palm of the hand, open again.


It is still a silk.

"The scholars, useless, don't get the fairy king, you can't pull it!"

"This is here, you have a kind of kill me!"

Qingyu hide in the mixed yuan, keeps calling.

The Phoenix is ​​not talking, makes various means or cannot move the mixed yuan.

Moreover, the ground near the mixing element cannot be destroyed.


Huang Ru's dream came out of ancient Qun, sitting on the ground and started playing.


The piano sounds, direct mixing yuan.

After mixing the yuan, you won the green brain roar.


A scream.

Qingyu lifted his ear, seven bleeding.


The piano is getting more and more urgent, such as Wan Ma Pentium, Qianjun fights.

The shock is loud, and it sounds in the mixing yuan.

Qingyu hugged his head and screamed.

"Don't play, please don't play!"

"I am wrong, I can't do it wrong?"

Green pour on the ground, a painful color.

Come down, his face is pale, the body keeps twitching.

The phoenix is ​​stopped, and the eyebrows are smashed.

This tune, most of which are blended.

In addition to making him pain, it is impossible to kill him.

But unfortunately, if this mixed yuan can take it away, then how is it.

When you arrive, you can give the son!

"This time, I will let you go, if you dare to make waves, dismiss people, next, absolutely let you fly, you can understand?" Huangru dreams.

"Understand, understand!" Qingyu nodded, how to say half of it.

"Dragon is good, if you dare to come to the people's land, I will fight you!"

"This time, Yuan Yu is waiting for life!"

"Today, only give you a lesson!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​a dream right hand.


Hu Lu flew out from the palace, and the moment is instantly in front of the phoenix.

A point of finger.

"Hey ..."

Hu Lu Lu is banned in an instant.

She looked at the phoenix, and the look is awkward. "It is impossible to be her!"

Subsequently, she whed in the ground, "Thank you for the fairy!"


The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, and the right hand is wager, and a force wraps the Hu Lu.

"call out……"

The two rushed to the sky and instantly disappeared in the same place.

The dragon family, a paralyzed, and sweating DC.

"Too ... it is terrible, this is also a Xuanxian ?!"

"That is also said, all said that the nine fans are terrible, see it today, sure enough!"

"Which fairy is she?"

"Although wearing a face towel, it is definitely a beautiful person, the nine fairy in the nation, the most beautiful, is the flower fairy, I want to, she is a fairy ?!"

"What? Rank fifth flower fairy? She is not killed by the Magic Lord? How is I still alive?"