It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The twenty chapter of the chapter is sharp, and the ant ant necessarily slap!

"It turned out that I am Daozu ()"

Sea cliff, sky.

Muro looked at the phoenix, and his face was grateful.

"Thank you, fairy, life!"

Hu Lu is preparing to worship, but found that it is not possible to kneel.

"Okay, since you are there, you will listen to me!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​a dream to take out ancient Qun, start playing.


The piano sounds.

Wonderful voice, into the heart.

At this moment, Hu Lu felt rapid changes in surrounding scenes.

Warm sun, spring breeze.

Lazy lying on the grass, sunning the sun.

Surrounded by family playing and playing.

Her mood is rapidly improved.

A song is completed.

Hu Lu is still closed on his eyes and does not move.

She quietly feels her change, shocking the original place.

My soul, I have grown more than ten times!

This means is simple and is incredible.

When did the family, when is this terrorist?

Is she really spending fairy?


When will the flower fairy play the piano?

For a long time, Hu Lu is only open his eyes and full face.

She looked at the phoenix, and her face was grateful.

"Thank you, fairy again!" Hu Luyi hugged.

"Don't! You are a sky fox, why will it appear here?" Huang asked.

"The fairy, the length of the man, but it is because of the Turtle!"

"I am caught by them, as if they have to reach a certain agreement with Dragon!" Hu Lu said.

"Some agreement?"

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, "" With the strength of the temple, it does not rely on the dragon family? "

Hu Lu is slightly.

This immortal, actually knows this clear, amazing!

Hu Lu is in the eyes of the eyes.

"Yes, cactors, but they seem to have to deal with a demon!" Hu Lu said.

"Give a demon fairy? Is it a mother?"

"Or other demon fairy? Is the Turtang family not involved in these disputes?"

The more you think, the more you do, the more doubts.

An uneasy, flocking to the heart.

"This is the communication jade, trouble you help you pay attention to this, the Turtle family has any wind blowing, tell me immediately!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​thrown out of a jade simple, handed it to Hu Lu.

"Yes, immortals, guarantee completion tasks!"

Hu Lu rums to take a jade and look back.

After some thinking, the Phoenix came out from the spiritual space, handed it to Hu Lu, "I am receiving this, maybe help you!"

Hu Lu Lu will take a moment instant.


Like a thunder, bombard in your mind.

Her body is not treated.

"This ... this is a fairy, I can't see the order, I am afraid of China's fairy!"

"With this dress, spend the immortal robbery, at least 80% of grasp!"

"Is the immortal who calculates yourself to be robbed?"

Think of this.

Hu Lu looked at the phoenix, gratitude and worship, flashing.

"Thank you fairy, this life, my sky fox, will look forward to your horse!"

After saying, Hu Luyi has a three-headed head.

Seeing this scene, the Phoenix is ​​uncertain.

I really want to dismantle my identity, think about it or not.

I want to be a sergeant mountain to die.

Hidden in the dark to control everything more.

"That line, you go back, there is any news, immediately report to me!" Huangru dreams.

"Yes, cactors!"

Hu Luyi hugs, did not leave.

"Are you still something?" Huang asked.

"Xian ... cactus, I still don't know your name!" Hu Lu said.

"Call me, you can!" Huangru dreams.

"Thank you for your fascinating!" Hu Lu marry! "

Hu Luyi took out a paper paper and gently kneaded.


Sky earthquake layer

Waiting to leave, the Phoenix is ​​a dream, and the mind will be glanced.

"No lady, I am burning, you call me a small burning!" A voice, the spontaneous clip came.

"Demon? Just, you saved me?" Huangru met.

"There is no lady, small early is not a magic, you should call me a heart!"

"Save you, but it is a requirement!"

"There is no existence, I will have to have this robbery, so, the small seal is in the hairpin!" Incineed.

When I heard these words, the Phoenix is ​​slightly nodd, and the eyes are touched. "Mons, thank you!"

"How do you break without extremeness?" Huang asked.

"If you return to my wife, the little follows you, for a few months, every day, there is no existence with you, the soul grows very fast!"

"Half a month ago, there is no existence of a spline seal in the Taijie Mining into the hairpin, which is the residual soul of a peerless fusement, just, I swallowed it, the soul is 10 times! "

"Plus, your own soul is very strong, withstand the mixed yuan of more than 50% of power, so although it is a small break, it is complete, but it is your credit!"

Incineed a sentence, full of mouth is the voice of the horse.

"Okay, I know!"

The Phoenix is ​​nodded and puts the hair clip.

Subsequently, she looked at the direction of the big demon, her face, showing a worry.

"Gong, I sent clothes to others, will you take me away?"

"As long as you don't hurry, let me want to do what I will do!"

Huangru dreams out the hairdo, walk into it.

Then, the Xianzhou shocks ripples and disappeared.




Restore calm.

Under the mixing bolt, Qingyu explored a head and looked at the three dragon handsome, whispered: "That hammer ... cacto?"

"Lord, yes!"

"Main, we are safe!"

When you hear this, you will pay a lot of your right hand and put the mixed yuan.

He stepped out, walk into the palace, "pass the command, let Wang Ba ..." God Turtang! "

"Yes, the main!"

After a while.

A man dressed in a green dress with a few people come quickly.

Every person is behind, there is a turtle shell.

"See the dragon!"

Everyone worshiped.


"Xie Long!"

"You are, I already know, I have to promise, I have to add a condition!" Qingyu said.

I heard this, the green man is on the eyes, "Dragon Lord, please say!"

"Within a month, send 100,000 troops in your family, come to this collection!"

"Among them, Xuanbi old ancestors must be present!" Qingyu said.

This, the green men's face is giant, "Xuanbi old ancestors? This ... this matter, I have to go back to the long business!"

"No problem, time is only one month!"

"After a month, you want the army, attack the people, and you can slaughter these ants!"

"If you didn't see the brilliant old ancestors, the 100,000 army came, this matter is done!" Qingyu said.

"Yes, Yes, Dragon Lord!"

The green man said.

"Okay, let's take it!"


Take a green man and they returned, green is looking at a red robes, "Red General!"

"the host!"

The red robe is worshiped.

"You replace it to go to the bloody stars, say that in danger, let the second brothers come to support!" Qingyu said.


The red robe man is hysterested, full of bitterness, "The Lord, the empty mouth has no, I am afraid that the second mother does not necessarily believe!"

"Hold this!"

Qingyu took out a pendant and handed a red robe man.

"Quick back!"


The red robe man puts away the pendant and goes fast.

Qingyu sat on the chair and the eyes were strong.

"No matter what you spend the fairy or who? Xiao Xiaodian ants actually dare to step on the dragon dignity, we have to strip your skin, smoke your gluten, your blood ..."

"This time, more than Tu Weido mainland, but also pull the nine centian Jiuxian!"

"Fighting with me, you are still tender!"

A phrase a sentence of Qingyu, resentment.

"What is the collection of Ziyang Star Army?" Asked Qi.

"Go back to the main, the army has set up 30,000, but today is nearly two thousand, there is still 28 thousand!"

"There is also the 50,000 army on the return road. Within half a month, he will have a place!"

"That's it?"

The green scorpion is slightly frowned, saying: "All dragons, regardless of men, don't divide the young, all come together!" Qingyi said.

"Yes, the main!"