It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 20th chapter is enough for half a month.

"It turned out that I am Daozu ()"

", Fuyuan +10."

I heard this inexplicable, Sun Hao looks.

He put down his hand, and his face was confused.

Do you need to send things? Do you have a blessing value?

Is it hoe?


I just got a day, I didn't get anything.

He looked up at Shen Sheng Shenmu, sighed, "Why don't you sprout? No kindness, should not be!"

"This is the goddess of the gods, so large!"

"If you have some flowers, just look!"

"I don't know where there are flowers sold, wait for the dream back, ask her, then buy some kinds!"

Sun Hao muttered himself and remembered this in his heart.

Shortly after.


The sky is ripple in the sky.

A fairy happened to the sky.

Seeing the words of "Running" on the Xianzhou, Sun Hao's eyes put it, "as a dream back."

The Phoenix is ​​like a happiness, and the white clothes are hidden, and you will float down.


The people are not arriving, and the aroma is coming.

The Phoenix is ​​coming over, standing in front of Sun Yizhen, cross hands, tightly, very nervous.

"If a dream, what is it? Is it not yet?"

Sun Hao came up and asked.

"Bonology, I ... I ..." The Phoenix is ​​swallowed with vomiting.

"If you dream, it's okay!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, I have gone! But ..." Huangru dreams.

"Then you are still so nervous? Is there anything happening?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bono, I ... I will send you my clothes, give others, sorry! Please punish me!"

After that, the phoenix is ​​low, and it is fearful.

The son is all my self-propelled claim.

Be son, please don't drive away.

See Sun Wei stared at yourself, the Phoenix is ​​a dream, and it is nervous.

What should I do? How to do?

Next second.

The Phoenix is ​​ambient.

A warm embarrassment and gently hug himself.

"Dream, this little thing, also said to be punished, is I am so fierce?" Sun Hao said.

"No ... is not, the son, you are not bad, you are so good to dream!" Huangru dreams.

"That is, I will not be able to punish it, or I will be angry!" Sun Hao said.

"Bono, you are so good!" Huang Ru Xiu hugged Sun Wei.

a long time.

The two are separated.

"Yes, like a dream, are you getting a loach today?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, there are a lot!"


The two came to the pool.

Huangru, took out the fishing net, poured all the nets into the pool.

"... ..."

Full of a pool, black black.

Sun Hao saw this scene, his eyes were light.

This quantity, at least thousands, enough for a long time.

"A lot of muddy! If a dream, it is really powerful!"

Sun Hao puts the light, looks at the phoenix, and the eyes are admired.

The cultivator is different, salvage the fish, it is a network.

If you don't fish, you will be more than yourself.

When I went to the beginning, I went to antencilla.

"The son, you have a prize, mainly your net weaving!" Huangru dreams.

When I heard this, Sun Yu's mouth was rare.

If you talk, you can really feel comfortable.

"Such a big pool loach, enough for us for half a month!" Sun Hao's eyes put it.

"Dream, today we have a muddy eating, you like steamed, boiled, yellow and boil?" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, I like it!" Huangru dreams.

"Then come to a braised!"

After that, Sun Hao reached out and grab a loach, and the small knife broke the belly and squeezed into the intestine.

Then, lost in the bowl.

In this way, the water in the water was scared, and the shiver was shivering.

"This ... Who is this mortal? It is actually this horror ?!"

"Even the immortals respect for him, I want to be alone."

"Damn, he dare to eat us as muddy, looking for death! Look at my god dragon!"

A Jinlong, straight to the Sun Hao.

Next second, he was frustrated by any means, and it could not be used.

A hand is gently holding, how to struggle, and useless.

"Oh! This big gold muddy is very good, directly drilling into my hand!"

"That line, eat you first!"

In the next second, Jinlong found a sharp knife to wave.

I feel that the momentum of torn, Jinlong scared the soul.

"Do not……"

Shouting can something to stop.

The knife is crossed, and the Golden Dragon lost awareness.

Then, its intestinal belly is squeezed out.

Throw in the bowl, it is moving.

"Heaven, save us."

"This way, don't have to be eaten!"

Seeing Sun Yanyu broke the belly, the other dragons scholardened hell, and it horing.

Soon, nearly 100 silver dragons were clean.

Next, fire oil is burned.

"That ... that is a fairy tea, my ancestors!"

"That is a fairy, actually use the fairy to cook us, too large, is it used?"

"This ... this mortal, why is it?"

"Old ancestors, how can we get this existence ?!"

After a while.

Table, three dishes and one soup.

A plate is very dazzling.

Sun Yu looked at this loach, satisfied with some heads.

"Dream, come, eat!"

Sun Hao gave the Phoenix, like a few muds.

"Gong, you eat!"

The two came with each other, it looked like a small couple with respect.

A bit bite, a crisp mixed fish, full of the whole mouth.

Fresh, salty, spicy ...

Various taste stimulating taste buds.

The taste is complicated, and the hierarchy is rich.

It's just a taste of the world.

"If a dream, how? Is it ok?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, you have to eat too good!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

Looking at the appearance of the Phoenix, Sun Hao nodded.

"Now, there is a meat, I always like it?"

"Wait for you, I will give you a full feast muddy!"

"When you arrive, you must die!"

Sun Hao muttered himself, a smile.

After a meal.

"Mon, you are in weeding today?" Huang asked.


Sun Yizhen nodded and took the phoenix.

"If you dream, this is a great empty, I want to be a garden here, how do you see?" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, the son!" The Phoenix is ​​a happy face.

"Then do you know where there is a flower in the continent here?" Sun Hao asked.

"Flowers sell?"

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, and begins to think. Subsequently, in the eyes, "the son, to say flowers, naturally the hundred flower valley, there are many kinds of floral, there should be!"

"Baihua Valley?" Sun Hao was in the eyes.

Listening to this name, you know that there is a lot of flowers.

This place, I must see it.

"Where is the barley?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonus, Baihua Valley in the South Dome!" Huangru dreams.

"That line, I will go to Baihua Valley tomorrow." Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, this Shen Sheng Shenmu has not sprouted!"

"Nothing, let's go a day."

"it is good!"


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