Itsudemo Jitaku Ni Kaerareru Ore Wa, Isekai De Gyoushounin O Hajimemashita

Number one, hello, otherworlds.

"There is such a thing."

I was standing in the woods right now.

Fantasy-like townships look small up ahead, and if you look at the sky, there are two moons.

If you look back,

"There's always a Japanese-style room with your Buddha's altar."

I calm down and take a deep breath.

"Calm down. Calm down, Sergeant Nida. We'll sort things out first."

After retiring from the Black Corporation at the end of last month, I moved into the whole house that you left behind today.

Finish cleaning and the mover will carry your stuff.

I opened the Japanese-style room where your Buddha's temple (from the beginning) was located.

"It was connected to a fantastic world," he said. Ha... I don't know why. What kind of strange phenomenon is this? I wonder if I'm tired. "

I go back to the Japanese-style room and close the socket.

I brewed a dark eyed coffee in the kitchen, rested for about ten minutes, then tried to open the break-in again,

"I knew you were so fantastic ~"

Apparently, it wasn't an eye illusion or anything.

Is it a full moon tonight, or the two moons were shining in the middle?

Close the gazette again, and give your Buddha a line of incense.

"Did Bha-chan know about this?

Naturally, I don't get an answer.

In the remains - you just double pieces with a slightly annoying face.

Bha-chan went missing three years ago, and death certification finally came down from the bureau a year ago.

It was so hard then, but now the whole family is accepting your death.

"Soldier... I'll tell you Grandma's secret one day"

If you say so - chan has passed away with a double piece without telling me its' secret '.

"What Bha-chan wanted to teach you was a little bit about (here) in the break-in?

Immersed in memories with Bha-chan,

"Hmm? Is this... a letter?

I found a letter pinched in the gap in the Buddha's altar.

Take the letter.

There's the letter 'To Family' there.

"No way...... is that your suicide note!?

I broke the seal and spread the letter.

"This... is your handwriting. What? What..."

The letter left by Bha-chan started with the beginning of 'What would happen if I went this way' and it said six main things.

1. The fact that the penetration is connected to a different world (different world) than the Earth.

2, that the different worlds have a low level of civilisation and that strange powers of 'magic' and 'skills' exist instead.

3. That there are dangerous monsters (demons) that are not conceivable on Earth.

4, that there are a large number of races capable of communicating their will besides human beings.

5, That I have included a 'magic ring' with which I can understand the languages of different worlds with the letter.

6. Because you hide books from other worlds behind the Buddha's altar, put on the ring and then read it.

That's all it says, and the letter says, 'Go without hesitation. If you go, you'll see.' It was tightened in one sentence.


As the letter said, there was a silver ring in the envelope.

If you look closely, it also looks thin and glowing.

The next time you peek behind the Buddha's altar,


I did have two books.

Because it is written in a mysterious language, the title is almost unreadable even if you turn the page.

If what was written in the letter is true, then if you wear this ring, you can understand this mysterious language - and the letters of the other worlds as well...

I put the ring on my left index finger.

Results -

"... in the book of equivalence exchange... ku, the book of space storage?

The title of the book, which I couldn't read until just now, was seriously readable.

The book, written as the Book of Equivalent Exchange, is about thirty pages thin.

About ten pages to the book of space storage.

The content was chimp camp, but when I finished reading it,

"Skills, I got [Equivalent Exchange]"

And my voice echoed in my head.

"So, who is it!?

If you look around the room and you're double-piecing with the Buddha's altar - all you have is your remains.

What's this? It's so fantastic.

"Hmm. I don't know, does [equivalent exchange] mean you got the skills? Sounds like a lanobe or a game."

Continue reading the book of space storage.

"Skills, Got [Space Storage]"

My voice sounded again.

"Sounds like a specification where you can hear your voice every time you get skills"

Now, the skills of equivalence exchange and space storage in a ring that understands the languages of different worlds.

Now that I've got these, what's wrong with me?

I just retired from the Black Corporation, and I was pretty free to blah blah.

Black companies are scattered, and that's what's been wiped out by the life-saving momentum.

I intend to get unemployment insurance clearly.

I was going to live a lazy life with a daze of payouts... right in front of me - or when it seemed like 'different worlds' were spreading into my home break-in.

'Don't get lost. You'll see.'

If it's written in a letter - a will from you.

I put my arms together,

"... what do we do? Me."

And he shrugged.