JOJOs who are doing things daily (full book)

JOJOs Who Make Things Everyday Chapter 1

brief introduction

(The background of this story is that after the end of the "Eye of Heaven" plot, JOJOs fell into a strange space, accidentally involved in a daily mixed world, and then, JOJOs It's a story about everyday troubles. Readers who don't know the plot of "Eye of Heaven" can understand it as the ending of all members of 1-8.)

Finally defeated "Paradise dio", however, after the death of dio, the timeline seems to be a weird deviation due to everyone's fighting.

Sorajo Jotaro: "...what's going on?"

Looking at the tall buildings in front of me that completely inconsistent with my memory, and the time of 2018, all this seemed so strange.

However, Chengtaro later discovered that not only he, but also many people were accidentally involved in this "farce".

Jonathan: "All in this another parallel world...?"

Joseph: "Oh! NO! What the hell is going on?!"

Chengtaro: "... yeah, yeah, hit the thief."

Chapter 1: JOJOs who came to the daily fan

On March 31, 2018, in Tokyo, Japan.Today is still a calm and peaceful day. People on the streets are busy with their own affairs and worry about their troubles as usual. Everything is so peaceful.



In a typical samurai-style house in a street somewhere, there was a loud noise suddenly!The loudness of the voice directly frightened many people who approached here, and people couldn't help but wonder whether something like a gas explosion had occurred.

Of course, no one has the guts to see what happened inside, not even the person who called the police.

However, inside the house, it was such a scene...

"That smelly old man--!"

On the other end of the wall that was violently broken through, an angry roar resounded without any hesitation. From the thick smoke came a tall man wearing a black coat and a black hat, but he The expression at this time was very hideous, as if he was about to kill.

"You guy! Don't go out to make money to subsidize the household! Let us actually stick to you?!"

"Wow! Mr. Chengtaro is angry..."

On the other side, the two people who rushed over after hearing the loud noise, one of them was dressed in a blue school uniform and a young man with a rather strange steak haircut. He looked a little afraid of the one next to him. Said the young man about his age.

"Mr. Josta! Go and persuade Mr. Chengtaro! Otherwise, the old man will be killed!"

Another young man with short dark blue hair and a big brown yukata, but still able to see his sturdy tall body, shook his head helplessly when he saw this scene, and then walked forward. Go, pat Chengtaro on the shoulder, and said:

"Forget it, Jotaro, Joseph must have been wrong too, so forgive him this time."

The gentle tone completely inconsistent with the tall and strong body, as if the spring breeze was blowing, soothed people's restlessness.And Cheng Taro played with his hat with his fingers, and after a long time, he shook his head "yah yeah yeah".

"...Just sell your face, ancestors."

"That's great Chengtaro." The young man nodded with a smile when he saw it, then looked at the wall with a big hole broken and the figure that fell outside, and smiled bitterly:

"Joseph, you have to apologize to Chengtaro."

"...Cough cough cough cough."

However, the answer to the young man was a violent cough. After the thick smoke gradually dissipated, he revealed a man who was also quite strong and looked eighth similar to the gentle young man, with brown hair. youth.

"Damn...Kiutaro, you guy really intend to kill me?! If it wasn't for me to use the corrugated body in time! You must have killed you just now?!"

The young man named Joseph got up with a carp and touched his chest with lingering fear. Although he doesn't feel pain now, he still feels scared after the battle.

"Huh!" Chengtaro glared at Joseph again when he heard the words, and he was so frightened that he jumped up and quickly put on a defensive posture to prevent him from being violently suddenly s attack.

To be honest, when Joseph heard the sound effect of "canteen spicy sauce", he would subconsciously cover his whole body with ripples, and he almost became a conditioned reflex.

When the gentle young man saw this, he also motioned with his eyes to Jotaro next to him. After a period of silence, Jotaro still couldn't get angry with his ancestor, so he could only snorted and left the place.

Seeing that Chengtaro seemed to have calmed down, the gentle young man turned his gaze to Joseph again, and said with a rather reproachful tone:

"Joseph, you too, you should go out more. It's not good to always live on us..."


Joseph, who was still very skinny in front of Chengtaro, was unexpectedly honest when facing this young man. He touched his hair and didn't even dare to show an expression of boredness, so he laughed. Look at the gentle youth.

"...Forget it." After a long time, the gentle young man smiled helplessly:

"Come in for breakfast in advance, everyone still has work today."

"Oh! Have you had breakfast?! I want to eat pasta with black caviar!"

"Yes, yes, I have already put it on you."

With a spoiled smile on his face, the gentle young man rubbed Joseph's hair, then pulled him to the direction of the living room.

When another young steakhead saw this, after a helpless shrug, his mouth slightly said:

"Crazy Diamond!"

With the distortion of the space, the originally damaged wall began to be automatically repaired. It didn't take long before the broken wall was automatically repaired, as if it had not been damaged at all.

After doing all this, the steak head boy nodded in satisfaction, "Then, I should go to breakfast too, and I will go to school today!"

"Great! Do you have a right omelette today?"


After finishing the most difficult battle, Sorajo and the other seven JOJOs who fought with him through time and space, embarked on the journey to defeat "Paradise dio".

After a lot of hard work, they finally did it.

Heaven dio was finally defeated by them, but there was a change that made everyone unresponsive.

An extremely weird spatial crack sucked everyone in, like a journey in space. After Chengtaro opened his eyes again, he saw a strange scene.

The modern high-rise buildings, the neat streets and shops everywhere, and the crowds coming and going, everything is so peaceful, which makes Chengtaro a little unaccustomed to.

However, there were four other people who came to this space with Chengtaro!

The ancestor of the Josda family, 20-year-old Jonathan Josda.

The old man in his youth, 19-year-old Joseph Josta.

The old man's illegitimate son, 17-year-old Higashikata Jousuke.

And, dio's son, 15-year-old Choruno. Chobana.

A total of five people, including Koji Jotaro, have fallen into this peaceful but seemingly different world!

An absolutely peaceful world, a world that seems to have no ripples, no substitutes, or even mysterious powers, the most ordinary world!

The five people who accepted all of this also discovered that they seem to have a different identity in this world.

The five of them are brothers of the same ethnicity in this world, unlike the relationship between their ancestors, grandpas and juniors in the previous life.