Teacher's always wants to bend '[rebirth]

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This article is also named (self-admission after rebirth)

Sumbler is very tight in his life. He is born. I thought I could take this peak in my pastoral experience and the top of the top.

Unexpectedly, it is regenerated, there is no hurt, the mother does not have the patriarchal son, Gu Feng. Not only that, his shell is also very difficult to humiliate, how can this?

So Gu Feng took Hibiscus home, since then in order to keep two people's life and struggle, good in Suumi, this person is very intimate, just in Gu Feng, I feel very impressive ...

Sumu, "Brother, I am Your."

Gu Feng: "..." No, you don't want this, I am not a metamorphosis!

After that, Gu Feng has lived on the days that have been seduce every day, and when Gu Feng gradually be fascinated by Su Ma's beautiful beauty ...

Sumbler: "Teacher, I used to be my magic bar, I will let you be free?"

Gu Feng: "..." Are you teasing me? not good! not good at all! I don't want to go up my thief.

1. Attack double tip, 1V1 + HE, no blood relationship.

2. The car is mainly, the plot is supplemented, and the text is not worried.

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Xian Xia Gu Yu + Door to repair the fairy - bone


1. Acropolitanity is just right, and there will be normal emotions. The reason will be explained in the later stage.

2. The acceptance is a person, full-text overhead, 1v1 + he, double clean, this article is a series of Yue A.

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