Korean entertainment, I am crazy

Chapter 1 Soul Awakens

"X! Do you want to be so pitted? I live well but let my soul wear it out. The soul wears it out, and it was taken away by a cultivator who didn’t know how many years I lived. It’s enough to take away the house and imprison my soul. What, it's all about imprisonment. You patted your ass and the smoke disappeared but gave me such a big mess. My sun." A naked man floated in the endless void and shouted.

When the man was chattering endlessly, a voice suddenly came out from his sea of ​​consciousness."When you see this picture of the soul, it means that I have failed to attack the Law of Heaven."

The man was stunned and then shouted, "Who? Who is talking to me? Come out! I will tell you my name Long Aotian, what magic sword god, what immortal emperor, what master god dominates, they are all defeated by my men. ,I'm not afraid of you."

"I am the cultivator who seizes you, my name is Liucrazy. I am the cultivator of the purple rhyme star of the universe. A great battle destroyed my physical body and brought me to the earth. I seized you by chance. After reading your memory, I found that you do not belong to this world either. In your words, the soul travels through the parallel universe." A faint voice said calmly.

"It took me more than 200 years on Earth to break through to the Golden Core Period and begin to wander in the universe, and it took me 3 epochs to break through to the Immortal Emperor, and it took me endless years to finally obtain the qualification to challenge the Dao of Heaven. Now that you have seen this passage The impact shows that I have failed and fallen. My whole life is to constantly challenge myself to challenge the way of heaven. I am very tired. I have also thought about spending my life like an ordinary person on earth, but I have experienced cultivation and experience of the universe. Hongda I am very unwilling to spend mediocrity, I think you should also understand the current situation." His voice did not fluctuate as if he was telling someone else's life.

"Even though I died, I also left a few gifts for you. Of course, there is still a big trouble. Hahaha!!! What do you want to cultivate in your life? Dreams are all empty, why not be ordinary? Don't want to enter the avenue again. "The picture disappeared in the impassioned laughter.

"Hey, don't go! Make it clear first, what are the benefits, what are the problems?" A mechanical voice sounded in his mind when the man was yelling and wanted to call out the picture of the bastard who was called Six Crazy." The living body is detected, the body of the living body is found to be the former experiencer, the soul does not match, and a logic error occurs. The AI ​​intelligence is not enough to process the application for No. 250 advanced intelligent trusteeship. Please wait."

"WhattheF! What is this? Who can explain to me?" The man is speechless, what rhythm is this!This amount of information is too big!

"250 Advanced Intelligence is here for you, what is the problem with the 2503687th experiencer?" A sudden voice suddenly sounded.

The man was dumbfounded for a while before he said, "You let me repeatedly, I'm a little confused."

"I have tested that there is no discomfort in your body, that is, the soul fluctuates greatly. 250 remind you please stay calm or 85% may become idiots 15% may be shattered and die" The mechanical voice sounded again.

"Well, what is your first question?" the man asked.

"I am not a thing, I am the senior manager of Perfect Life System 250." The mechanical voice replied.

"Then why are you on me?" the man asked again.

"To be precise, the system has been on this body," 250 replied.

"The perfect life system is hairy?" The man was about to collapse.

"The Perfect Life System is a rule system that allows experiencers to experience their ideal life and helps them complete their ideals. A rule system that is still under internal testing. It is developed by the Universe Tiandao and authorized by the Universe Research Center for physical experiments."

"Then can I refuse." the man asked.

"Of course not! Don't ask such idiot questions, okay" 250 replied.

"Now let’s deal with your situation. Because your situation is relatively special, there is no precedent to refer to. According to the relevant provisions of the Universe Scientific Research Center, the following decision is made: In view of the mission needs, the decision to send you back to the earth is up to you, based on the conservation of energy. Rules: You must hand in the body energy equivalent to the peak cultivation level of the Heavenly Dao executor. Please select the specific time and place for the 2503687 experiencer. Remarks: The location is limited to the actual location on the earth and the smallest unit is the country." Mechanical voice asked .

"Wait, I still don't understand the situation?" the man shouted anxiously.

"Please choose a time and place, otherwise you will be randomly transmitted at your own risk." Unfortunately, the mechanical sound did not answer his question.

"I x, this is a rhythm that doesn't let people live." The man complained.

I also want to refresh the strength of the Enforcer of the Heavenly Path.If you don't give a chance, you have to be more comfortable in your previous life, who was wearing the soul in 2014, so you have to move forward, so that you can use your foresight to make a gap, the man thought.

"250, I decided to wear it to China in 1990" the man said.

"In 1990, the transmission was in progress in China, and the warning alarm failed because the experiencer had an identifiable location on the earth. China failed. The location was locked to the nationality of the experiencer's identity. South Korea. In 1990, the experiencer was 5 years old and appeared to be out of age. Optical technology, do you agree with the experience"

"I x, I must be South Korea. What can I do at 5 years old, do I have to go back to the tragic childhood and the bitter school days, oh NO. It seems that the intelligence will be worn later. I was 5 years old in 1990 and 20 years old. It’s 2005. There are fewer ways to make money. I’m afraid of not being able to survive because of my ability to speak three foreign languages ​​in my previous life. If it’s not possible, I can still go to gambling. By the way, I will wear gambling until 2001 in Korea. I made a fortune in the World Cup in Japan, followed by the Euro 04 and 06 World Cups. This still doesn’t let me make a profit. Although not every game can be remembered clearly, the top 8 and the underdogs can be remembered. . OK is so decided. The man is immersed in endless imagination.

"The 2503687 experiencer, please decide." The cold voice of 250 broke the man's dream.

"Okay, I decided to wear it to Korea in 2001"

"In 2001, South Korea determined that the age of the experiencer was 16 years old after wearing it. It can be checked that the appearance change is bound to the age of the wear. In the binding of the identity relationship, the space distance is 74 peaks (the peak is the length of the universe) and the time distance is 180 eras. The time difference of zero 217 years is 12 earth months. The transmission is confirmed, and the transmission starts. The alarm warns that the transmission energy is insufficient, finds the conditions that can be changed, and selects the time that has the least impact on the experiencer. The determined time is the start of transmission in 2017." The mechanical voice stated.

"I X, it is said that by 2017, I will still mix wool, my money-making plan, should I hack it, and suspend the transmission." The man shouted.

"The transmission has been activated and is irreversible. The request is rejected, the transmission continues, the transmission counts down for 1 minute, 60,59.58..."

"I @#%*........ The transmission started with the man's yelling and cursing. My cup life is still going on. This is the man's last thought. A white light flashed past the man and disappeared in In the endless void, the life of the protagonist's comedy artist officially begins.