Korean entertainment, I am crazy

Chapter 2451 The Arsonist in Difficulty (Middle)

Seeing that Yang Xianxiu and Park Zhenying played rogue, Zhang Yonghe felt angry at everything. He could make these two people like this at the same time. Zhang Yongjian was barely an ancient man.

Zhang Yongrong was still very happy with the effect. He also understood that the situation was already like this. It was unrealistic to let the three giants take action together.

No, it is the three giants who do not have this power, but the price paid is not the three presidents willing to pay, even if they are willing to use such a large amount of resources, they are not able to arbitrarily bank. After all, they have really done a word and still have no president of a large company without any recklessness. Even the tyrant Li Xioman of the previous era can only count as half.

Although satisfied with the results, Zhang Yongjian was unhappy. Zhang Yongjian was unwilling to bear the effects that came with these east and west.

From Zhang Yongbing's perspective, taking out such an east and west is forced to do nothing. Even if it is the most time-saving and labor-saving effect, it is because Zhang Yongjian did not plan to use it easily, but from the perspective of others, it is another matter.

It seems to others that you can give Zhang Yonghei such a share of the east and west, there is a good chance to give out the second share, even if only one, it can make a constant threat, in the entertainment circle play the usual play the submarine rules, everyone can accept, the comparison is the means and capital, but it is Zhang Yonghei takes out the east and west is illegal, too powerful even the deterrent effect is not everyone can accept.

This is also the reason why Zhang Yongbin has not considered letting these east and west play a role. To be honest, if C-jes and the procurator's system are now tied together, even in such a situation, Zhang Yongjian will probably not use these east and west.

After all, it is good to show the effect, but the consequences are terrible.

Both Park Zhenying and Yang Xianxiu began to play tricks. Zhang Yonghui knew that there was no need to talk about it again. Let's see how these two behaved. Zhang Yonghui did not believe the two of them. Zhang Yonghui was also afraid that the two of them would be forced to break a dead fish net. At that time, they would become Zhang Yonghui himself. After all, it was one thing to take it out, and the exposure was another. The gap between the two was not too big.

Seeing that Zhang Yongrong had left, Jin Yingjing wanted to say a few words of coolness, but seeing that Yang Xianxiu and Park Zhenying hated to eat his flesh and drink his blood's eyes, Jin Yingjing started from his heart, exposing an embarrassing smile, he left.

Jin Yingxin knew that the two people had misunderstood, and felt that he had become a shameless traitor again. Although this was considered to be Jin Yingxin's routine operation, it was if Yang Xianxiu and Park Zhenying really wronged Jin Ying this time.

Although Zhang Yongrong was polite to Jin Ying, but Jin Yingmin was also one of the victims, which was a scourge to watch the play, but Jin Ying was still worth it. After all, he and Yang Xianxu and Park Zhenying were never friends, and it was really fun to see the enemy's jokes. Especially when these two people made a comparison, Jin Yingying did not realize that he was very bad.

Park Zhenying also wanted to leave to think about countermeasures, but it was Yang Xianxu who pulled him away. Yang Xianxu's plan was very simple. He counted one man and two people as planners. He didn't pay much attention now, hoping to get a little help from Park Zhenying.

But it was Park Zhenying who didn't mean to let Yang Hyun-Su go. In front of Zhang Yong-Shui, it seemed that he was working with Yang Hyun-Su. Park Zhen-ying would be angry with Yang Hyun-Su. Even in front of Jin Ying-sensitive, Park Zhen-ying could do the same thing as Yang Hyun-Su's enemies.

There were only two of them left, and Park Zhenying really wanted to stay away from Yang Xianghuo. In Park Zhenying's view, Yang Xianghuo provoked the incident. Although he did not jump out of it with less force than Yang Xianghuo, Park Zhenying still felt that the main culprit was Yang Xianghuo.

Under the current circumstances, it is impossible to meet Zhang Yongbing's request. Then Park Zhenying must consider how to calm the situation. Even if it is unrealistic, it is necessary to ensure that he is not the most unlucky person.

Park Zhenying realized that if Zhang Yongying bit him to death, then the more feasible method would be only scapegoat tactics. For now, Jin Yingzheng was ashore early. Only he and Yang Xianxuo were left. Park Zhenying did not have all the cerebral cruelty to resist.

When he was in trouble, he and Yang Xianxu were allies. The goal was unanimous and tacit, but there was a problem. Then he would have to fly separately. Park Zhenying did not need to stay out of the way. He only needed to run faster than Yang Xianxu. In this situation, their relationship had become an enemy. How could Park Zhenying go to the enemy?

Although Yang Xianxuo wanted to bundle up with Park Zhenying and face the difficult situation like his closest comrades, it was regrettable that Park Zhenying did not regard him as a comrade. Yang Xianxu, who was the most embarrassed of the three, could not really depend on Park Zhenying.

Realizing that he could only rely on himself this time, Yang Xianxu fell into endless regret. Although Yang Xianxu knew that regret was useless at all, and without knowing that Zhang Yongjian had such a card, he would make the same choice no matter how many times he let Yang Xianxu weigh in, but Yang Xianxu could not control the regret.

Although before there was no C-jes intervention, Yang Xianxuo realized that the only chance for him to recover was YG's deep fire, and he was the person who took YG out of the water fire, but now Yang Xianxuozhen is more willing to accept the situation in exchange for C-jes never appeared.

What Park Zhenying could think, of course Yang Xianxu could also think, just because Yang Xianxu felt that he was in a disadvantageous position, he would try to drag Park Zhenying's hind legs, at least until everyone stood at the same line, before going to show the divine ability to win or lose.

It was regrettable that Park Zhenying was too decisive, not giving them a chance. The only thing to be thankful for was that the gap between them was not great.

What price to pay to get C-jes understanding, Yang Xianxuo never thought that he would meet twice in such a short period of time on this question, and each time more difficult than the other.

Although the previous time was when YG and C-jes were fighting each other, but in the end, it was only a fight between BP and the female group hegemon when they were young. From now on, it was a loneliness fight, and it also provoked a nuisance. Definitely, it is typical of losing the wife and folding the army.

Last time it seemed that it was very noisy, but it was noisy, and it was between the two combinations. Even if YG's side is defeated, the biggest price to pay is just to make BP into history. Although this loss will make YG's flesh hurt, it is not unacceptable. After all, although BP is still red and it is the leading women's group, but the residual value has been squeezed. After all, the elderly women's group like when they were young is only a special case.

This time, it is different. Both sides have used fundamental means to shake each other. Although it does not make the other disappear at once, it is also absolutely harmful to the other party.

Otherwise, Yang Xianxu is in a bad situation at YG, and he is also eager to show the big bosses a little bit of achievement, so as to consolidate his position and declare his return by the way. Yang Xianxu really does not want to be a dead man when he shoots.

Yang Xianxiao is no longer struggling with why Zhang Yonghe could bring out such a east and west. He now needs his whole body to think about how to make Park Zhenying carry the biggest pot. As for Yang Xianxiao, he is not daring to look forward to anything outside.

At the same time as Yang Xianxuo was meditating on his thoughts, he did not know that the four BPs were preparing to make it more difficult for him. If he knew, Yang Xianxuozhen would regret not sending someone to stare at BP.

In fact, it is normal for the BP four to have some thoughts and actions. After all, in their view, everything they did before was arranged by the company. As a result, they shouldered the consequences of the problem, which is very unreasonable.

Even if they were hiding because of their inappropriate remarks in the beginning, in their view, the company's crisis public relations were not in place. Otherwise, they would never have reached the point of being hiding in South Korea. After all, what they said was only a needle to China Xia, and cutting off the path of development in China Xia was already the most severe punishment.

In addition, since the exit from the road, it has been contradicting the company. The original BP four people still do not feel that they have been mistreated by the company. After all, the vast majority of artists are so passing, but it is because of the fans' nagging, the BP four people's thinking has changed, and the dissatisfaction with the company has also increased with each passing day.

Previously, they were a little uncomfortable with the company because of the next contract problem. This time, when facing the crisis, the company behaved like this, and it was difficult not to let them suspect that the company was hitting them. Otherwise, they understood that the biggest loss was the company. They would suspect that this was the company's self-directed needle to them. After all, when they first said that, it was a very private occasion, and a whole pot of assistants who had been rejected for a long time. This statement was unbelievable to the BP four.

The original Xue Zang was already hidden. The four of them rarely rested from the start of the road, so they should give themselves a vacation. Even if the company had a different intention, they only needed four of them to be united enough, and the requirements were not excessive, the company would eventually make a certain concession as before.

But a few days later, anxiety began to spread among the four BP people, who liked nonsense thoughts as soon as they left their spare time. The four BP people could not avoid vulgarity. Although they were bored and unattended, they could only stay in the dormitory during the snowy period.

BP four people are not the kind of people who can not go out with their mobile phones, and not the kind of people who can play games for a day, so the idle and bored four people began to re-discover what happened during this time.

No recapitulation did not know, once the original recapitulation ignored all the problems emerged, BP four soon began to suspect that this snowfall is not what they imagined, let alone the company's promise of just avoiding the wind, after all, the last time the company was unpleasant, the company had considered whether it was not to leave the new combination to replace BP, or the new combination performance was poor, and BP's ability to absorb money was YG could not be cut off, maybe last time BP could become history.

Although more than two years have passed since the new contract was signed, although BP has obtained good treatment for itself, some of the provisions are still unfavorable to BP. According to the provisions, the BP four quickly deduced that they may be abandoned as the worst result.

Although they tried their best to find evidence and try to overturn this conclusion, it is regrettable that the result of finding evidence is more and more real.

There are too many precedents. There are no cases of wrestling with the company, but they are basically special. Either they have a new thighless company, or they have the ability to compete with the company. Unfortunately, these two aspects of BP are not available, so in the face of the company, they are not very different from the vast majority of artists. They are in an absolute disadvantage.

It is also because of this that they, like other artists, lack a sense of security. Although they do not reach the level of suffering from persecuted delusions, it is crisis consciousness that is also full of existence.

When they initially chose to fight with the company to gain more benefits for themselves, they considered whether they would be buried in snow and abandoned by the company. The current situation is similar to what they originally thought, which makes them suspect that it has been the company's routine since they started a war with young children.

Although BP is very important to YG, it is the top group of BP with super absorption capacity. After experiencing successive failures, especially after cutting off the road to the development of Hua Xia, is BP so important to YG?The BP four couldn't give themselves an answer, or they said they didn't want to give it.

Now they have every reason to suspect that when the company arranges for them to meet the younger ones, they are prepared for both hands. If they win the battle, there is nothing to say. BP's famous harvest has completely established the status of the first lady group in this era. At that time, BP will even have the opportunity to take a step further and become a ceiling of an era similar to that of the younger ones.

If you do not lose or win, then BP has also gained a lot of benefits. After all, it has become the only Korean women's group after its re-emergence. BP can rely on the fact of reaching a flat hand to hype, and then rely on the advantages of age to become the first thing in contemporary times.

If you lose, although BP does not have any benefits, it is that the company can fully take this opportunity to hide BP, and then logically launch a new women's group, to know that before BP dares to negotiate with the company, it is based on the status of BP and BP's fans, the company wants to impress them BP, must consider the fans' feelings, after all, the current entertainment company does not want to be pressed cold-blooded, only know the earning of the human feelings of the label.

The current situation is even worse than a loss. BP not only lost, but also lost all of its inner face twice. The most important thing is to add the disgraceful account now. Although the vast majority of BP's fans still support them, they believe that they are unintentional. However, from the company's statement that BP will rest for a while, it can be seen that few fans have questioned YG to help them speak. Some fans have already disappointed them, and the vast majority of fans realize that the company makes such an arrangement reasonable.

With this kind of thinking, the BP four can certainly not wait to die, they must save themselves, must let YG understand that their BP is not easy to bully, is definitely cannot be abandoned.