Kuro no Maou


That was a pure white space.

The walls on all sides were painted white with no joints, the altar sitting in the center was white as well as solidifying the snow, and the light that filled this room was shining white again.

"Give me your offering."

A voice echoing all over the room from nowhere.

An open, double-open door, a line of people comes from beyond that dark passage. Like the white chamber, the men were white again.

Cover your whole body with a clean white robe with no stain, with a white mask on your face and no exposed areas of your complexion.

In their hands were white boxes large and small, and a total of six boxes were transported to the room. Whether the box was a 'offering’, they quickly installed the box in place and left the room intact.

At the same time as the large double-open door was closed, the sound of the lock wooded into a silent white room.


The man who was‘ watching 'the series from the separate room muttered contentedly.

He also wore a white robe similar to the one who installed the box, but no mask on his face, exposing him to a deep wrinkled face that made him feel old.

"Here we go."

To the voice of the old man who said so, the white man, who had refrained behind his back, conveys his approval.

"" Deal "- End of chant, gate unleashed -"

The old man closed his eyes and listened quietly to the voice flying behind him.

At present, we know that the more we are in direct sight of the white altar room, the more light is overflowing, so the old man's eyes only show behind his lid, the dark darkness.

That's how noisy the indoors can only regain their tranquility.


When the old man muttered, small cheers and relieved voices rose from there.

"Enter the procedure"

At the same time, white men march in rows along the passage leading to the white altar room, as they did earlier.

In their ears was the voice of an old man who resonated from nowhere, putting into their minds without listening word for word to word with the information that the word would bring.

"Male, Age 17, Student -"

Personal data of mysterious figures is told from the old man.

But you understand the intent, there's no confusion in them.

"His name is - heh, heh, ha..."

Shortly after I tried to mention the man's information, the man's name, which was being told, I suddenly laughed.

"Ha ha!

The old man is laughing, how unforeseen that is, there was an atmosphere where the men couldn't stop walking but were clearly upset.

Still, the men finally reach the doors next to each other, connecting to the white altar room, unlocking them with familiar hands.

"Excuse me, gentlemen, it was a name that was too good for you."

An old man tells you that, at the same time, he sees an indoor sight.

Unsullied, pure white room, no different.

But the box they had brought had disappeared neglectfully, and instead, one human being lay naked on the white altar.

The brunette man, his appearance was consistent with the information the old man told him about the person.

And the old man, again, tells the name of this man.

"His name is the Black Demon King"

I feel soft light from behind my eyelids and blurry consciousness lights up in my head.

The head recalls being in a deep abyss of sleep and realizes that the body is wrapped in a warm futon.

Though I think I'll wake up, I can't step inside to get out of the bed where the demonic warmth resides.

also, a little more like this...... about five more minutes...

"Wake up!

At the same time my body is relentlessly exposed to the brutal cold.

Too sudden a stimulus, I couldn't stop jumping up.

"Whoa! What enemy attack!?

"What are you fighting?"

Listening to chilling voices, as well as coming into view, are the faces that would be the most familiar in the world. When you recognize it, the blurry sleeper smoking in your brain instantly drives you away.

Farewell to the world of dreams, good morning reality.

One woman stands in front of me, lying in a bedroom with a little mess, a futon stripped off.

Glossy long dark hair, white skin without a stain, high nose in neat contour, a thin brow connected with a luminous lip and crispness pulled into one letter makes you feel a little angry.

It would be a division of preferences to look at that riddled and sharp eye and think it's scary or beautiful, but either way, it must be affirmed that it's a well-groomed face enough.

In addition to its beauty, the body is a long body that just reaches 180 cm.

A line of limp hips on a long, slender leg, but the chest pushes the apron around the body wide from the bottom, claiming an overwhelming presence.

Exceptional style like such a model and a good take on gravure idols will always attract the attention of a man unless it's severe lolicon or faggot or impossible.

But no matter how pretty and good-looking you are, you will never touch the harp line of my heart, because,

"Morning, Mother."

Because she's my real mother.

"Good morning, wake up. Everybody's already at the table."

That's all I said, my mother walked out of the room, with the door open.

"Close the door... it's cold"

Looking at the watch at hand, the time is 6: 50.

As a high school student who doesn't even have morning practice, can you say it's early enough time to wake up?

You shouldn't sleep twice in front of a horn that has been woken up once.

"Well, wake up and get ready."

Thus begins today an irreplaceable and peaceful day for me, Mahogany Kurono.

Change into a high school student's proven school run and leave the upstairs private room behind.

After washing his face, brushing his teeth and getting fit all morning in the lavatory on the ground floor, breakfast is served in the living room.

As my mother said, two little shadows had already arrived at the table.


When I speak, the two of you notice my presence and look back.


One is a father.

I still keep the youthfulness that passes in my thirties, and when I see my mother who falls into the category of beauty enough, my friend acquaintance is surprised, but this father's appearance goes further above it.

You probably wouldn't suspect anything at all about being in your twenties, because of your youthfulness, plus your little height and child's face less than 160cm, you're a boy rather than the earliest middle-aged.

I wonder what the hell is going on with this father's body, so much so that time may have stopped instead of his body knowing it was fading.

Perhaps by the time I graduate from high school, I will surely look older alongside this father.

By the way, I'm completely far from this neutral, short-skinned father, who looks like a mother.

My mother's long and sharp eyes are beautifully handed down to me, making her a ghostly horrible shape with a vicious eye for 183 centimeters tall.

Tall is good, but it should not be regretted that his face did not become a neutral beautiful boy face similar to his father's.

How scared I've been by the people around me for not doing anything because of this vicious aspect...

"Morning, Mahogany"

The other one sitting at the table is my sister, Mana.

My sister is the opposite of me, like a father, and that's already a pretty, little, pathetic, flirtatious, kind of girl who wants to protect you.

She is a lovely sister who is already a college student and has a maiden hairstyle called brunette twintail.

"Did you even make lunch today?

"Mmm...... yeah"

There's something about dyeing my cheeks red and responding small while my sister.

But I'm not the one with the favor that's been hidden in those little breasts, it's for my recently made boyfriend.

Just like my father, my almost faceless poker face sister changes her expression in an understandable way, as much as it involves this first-time boyfriend.

Well, that's how happy I am, the most romantic relationship I've ever had.

Fine, there's going to be a day when I can have her, too, probably, probably, if I can.

While a little anxiety swept through his chest, he cleaned up the rice and miso soup that had been prepared + alpha and took a seat.

"Are you going now?

In response to your sister's inquiry, I respond with my coat in my feathers.

"It's raining, I'm taking the bus today"

"Yes, it's a long way from the bus stop."

My sister, who went to the same high school until last year, knows perfectly well that bus attendance from home takes a lot of time.

If I could get out a little later on my bike, I'd make it in time, but I have to give up if it gets so much momentum and rain.

"Look, lunch box, don't forget."

"Mmm, thanks."

I pick up my lunch from my mother, put it in my bag so I don't pull it back, and then head to the front door.

"I'm coming"

Sent to the voices of three members of my family, I took a step out of the cold.

I get off at the bus stop in front of high school, but I can't reach the school building without crossing one signal from there.

With a huge rain grain on the open umbrella, wait for the crossroads signal to turn blue alongside the many students who got off the bus, just like me.

Other students who go to school on foot are stopped by a red light that doesn't change inside, and the population density keeps increasing.

In the meantime, I noticed the presence of one female student.

I feel a small, luxurious body or a dark blue umbrella in my hand somewhat larger.

Little among many students, she also appears to be buried, but her characteristic flax long hair stands out at first glance, claiming a definite presence.

I thought I was probably a classmate next door, and I was confused to speak to one female student until I blocked them from having a friendly conversation.



I have eyes in the mundane moment.

Adorable circular eyes bordered by long eyelashes are magical eyes that only make a man's desire for asylum extra stiff.

No sharp contour stains a single white skin, a smooth nose beam and small but luminous lips, and facial parts can find any drawback that damages beauty anywhere.

A body that depicts a slender yet firmly feminine body line, sailor clothing that wraps it around, with long, flowing flax hair, makes you feel a clear word.

Approximately the ideal girl people think of, a girl student with a beauty that can hardly be complained about enough to embody one of them.

I thought I couldn't pretend I didn't know her as she gazed, not because she was such a perfect girl, but because I knew her more simply.

Good morning, Mr. Shirazaki.

I decided never to greet Sayuko Shirazaki, a fellow member of the Literature and Arts Department of the same grade.

"Ah, good morning Kurono-kun..."

The Ministry of Literature and Arts with a small number of people, of course my girlfriend and I know each other well and have had many conversations, but as far as relationships are concerned, they are less than acquaintances and less than friends.

So I have nothing more to talk to her about on this occasion than to say hello, I've put enough courtesy through, and after that, if you'll just keep coming back next door to your friend who looks surprised at me, that's fine.



Is there something wrong, Mr. Shirazaki won't move while standing in front of me?

I'm not saying anything, however, but silent tension flows between me and her.

As a result, the height difference of nearly 30 centimeters makes me look down on nature and Shirazaki.

Maybe you don't see me from around here like I'm questioning Mr. Shirazaki.

"Oh, you know, today -"

"Come on, Lily!

I felt like Mr. Shirazaki was about to say something, but her friend pulled his arm and sometime crossed a signal that had turned blue, disappearing into a stream of students starting to walk.

"... what, is there something in today's club?

It's unlikely that Shirazaki will bother to talk to me about a private topic. If there is, is there a club relationship, or is it actually inactive today?

"Well, look, if you go, you'll see."

But Shirazaki's friend threw an awfully hostile glance at me and I got a little silly crack in my glass heart.

No, before that, Shirazaki himself barely looked me in the eye, and I had a faint feeling at the point where he only said hello.

"I thought you hated me..."

I don't think classes are boring enough to say the least.

If the study also catches up with so much understanding, the class content may never come to mind, or you may even find some fun in that discipline.

Sometimes all the audio coming from the teacher's mouth can only sound like hypnotic soundwaves, such as when he is still tired.

"Nah Kurono, lend me your notebook."

However, in this case, not me, my friend was in charge of sleeping.

"Fine, but I don't know if sleeping in a row until the fourth hour is a boulder."

Hand over a notebook with an exact copy of an ancient text sheet in a half-hearted tone.

"Thankful! But I accidentally stayed up all night yesterday, so I had no choice but to go to bed."

This boy student, who laughs haha without any evil, is one of my few friends, Miscellaneous Hoga Sun.

The fourth hour is over and now I'm off for lunch, and I stick my desk with the Miscellaneous seats in the back and go into lunchtime.

"So, you finished last night?

"No, this is hard to get into the individual route inside. Come on, I was just wondering if I should get a liking, and once I get the liking of the other heroines, I'm going to have to make them jealous -"

Anyone who hears one end of the Miscellaneous conversation and knows what he's talking about will know.

In short, we're talking about a pre-construction romance simulation game offense that should not be played under the age of 18.

"- Yeah, well, that's what took me so long, some of the reasons I interrupted and saw late night cartoons in real time, but I spent an hour on that one."

Miscellaneous products do not have the appearance of geeks because they are middle-backed and do not wear glasses, but the contents are as I was told.

The nerd level is not enough to be called severe, but it can't be said to be obvious or light, and it feels like I'm quite addicted to it.

I'm not as good as Miscellaneous, but I'm classified as a geek enough.

The genre I write in the Literature and Arts Department is not pure literature or mystery, it's called Light Novell.

"Aren't late night cartoons enough for recording?

"Yikes, I knew I had to watch the animation in real time, and the reality is exciting!

Remove the lunch box while appropriately gaveling.

"Oh, my God, I heard so much about you going to school with Shirazaki today, didn't I?

"No, it's nothing like that."

"No, Kurono, that kind of blunt character production"

I'm not the kind of guy who works to make characters every day.

"I'm staring at each other in front of the signal because I've witnessed the scene so well, uh, I envy you, if you're erotic, the level of event CG out, and I want to experience that kind of event scene in real life, too!

"Relax, Shirazaki and I are just doing the same thing, and it's not like we're going to have an erotic scenario."

"Oh, yeah?

What? I don't believe you from the bottom of that mind. The gaze of suspicion is so overreacting that the black whirlpool effect behind you is visionary.

"He's the protagonist, that's what they all say! I'm a regular high school student, I'm not hot, I don't have that relationship with that girl - I don't care what you think. It's 100% heroin favor!

"So calm down and let reality and fantasy go together.

Let me tell you something, Shirazaki and I were close childhood friends, and we made important promises, and even though we're not dating, they wear us to wake us up in the morning in discipline, because we're not in the same class, but we have lunch on the roof together, and none of those sordid events. "

"Shut up, Mr. Shirazaki. Being two shots in the morning school scene with a beautiful girl on the level would be too tasty a situation in the first place though!

So you don't think anything, do you? What about being a man? Normal boys in high school don't have a single contact with girls!

"Oh, that's..."

Maybe that's the case if you tell me.

Even if you're freaked out or not, maybe you've already been blessed just to say you can say hello in the morning with Shirazaki, a beautiful girl high school student where everyone admits it.

If I didn't belong to the Literature and Arts Department, I wouldn't have any other contacts with girls, I wouldn't remember my classmate's name as a good place, and I don't remember being satisfied with one of my greetings.

"No, wait, that kind of miscellaneous doesn't mean you can't talk to any girls at all.

You're in the football club, and you're gonna have about a chat with that cute little girl manager?

"Stupid Yarrow! She's already socializing with the captain! Besides, I'm already in high school, my third boyfriend. No! Hey - I don't want to hear any real love stories about girls. No!!

"Oh, my God. You're a wagga mom, why don't you just be cute?

"Burrows! What a heroine to be bedridden by! That kind of thing is only allowed to exist with the porn of the livestock and the noon drag!!

"Okay, okay, I know enough what you're trying to say, so calm down, let's just start with sitting in a chair for the time being, shall we?

Phew, I don't have a choice, a miscellaneous gag that slowly lowers my back to my chair with a look like that.

If I kept heating up like that, I would have been the target of my classmate's attention in a nasty way.

"Well, if a girl with a boyfriend is an NG, Mr. Shirazaki will be excluded."

"That, is it?

I'll tell Miscellaneous with my cheekstick and slightly distant eyes, staring out the window.

"Mr. Shirazaki is a good girl who treats men like me with no bad looks."

Well, he doesn't look me in the eye, but he's just not explicitly avoided. So it's better.

"You look scary, big guy."

"Exactly, but it's something I care about a little bit, so don't say any more."

"OK, so?

"So, do you think there's no shadow of a man around Mr. Shirazaki like that?

It's obvious, there's a convenient development where you can be just nice to me. I can't separate it. No, if you're telling me that she's a really sweet, good daughter in the first place, there's no way you're sending that goodwill only to certain individuals.

"Hmm, you've certainly seen some kind of handsome guy talking to Mr. Shirazaki"

"Yes, I mean, I'm just one of those acquaintances who gets a voice, and there's countless people with two hands who seem to be friendlier."

"Oh, yeah - I can't believe it's real. - I'm a human being to be a beautiful girl, and if there's a good guy around, it's natural to be deadbeat."

"That's the thing, if you're Shirazaki, it's natural to have one or two boyfriends -"

"I'm not here."

What blocked my dialogue was not the Miscellaneous, or if he suddenly made such a cute voice, I'm not sure I can do it with a friend.

No, no, it's not, this voice, it doesn't have to be...

I don't have a boyfriend.


Why are you out here at such a good time?

I just told you, I've never seen you come all the way from the next class to me, saying that it's not like having lunch on the roof with me on lunch break.

I don't know, why am I feeling so backwards right now, my heart is pounding, and, oh, I can clearly feel the twitching cold sweat coming from my face.

Wait, calm down. I'm not supposed to be saying one thing about dis Shirazaki!

"No, I don't... I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."

But I was apologizing.

Yeah, well, yeah, it's never a classy story to talk about someone else's relationships with unsolicited speculation, and there's nothing more to this than apologizing if they ask you in person. This is...

"Oh, I'm not mad at you, I'm sorry"

"Oh, yeah, well, I hope so..."

No, no, no, it's not good. This atmosphere definitely persists with Miscellaneous and other statues that have already become stone statues and completely unrelated to me.

Apparently, it's not even furious, but I can somehow feel things that I wouldn't be comfortable with.

There's just nothing more than breaking up here than what he said.

"Uh, so, what can I do for you?

"Yeah, well, 'cause I got snorted out in the morning"

In the meantime, let's stop guessing what's in Shirazaki's mind, who doesn't look good with a top-down look, the same from the time he appeared, and focus only on the content of the conversation.

If you listen to her, it means she still had some kind of contact in the morning.

"Today's club, I have an important meeting... definitely, come"

"Meeting? Yes, I understand."

I didn't hear anything about that yesterday at the time of the dissolution... well, this is how you bothered to contact me. I guess there's a situation that needs to be done quickly.

At the end of the day, there is no change in plans to go to work today.

"Yeah, well... I'll be waiting"

"Oh, thank you so much."

Thus, after a brief, administrative conversation, Mr. Shirazaki left the classroom early.

It's always been a short conversation and a clerical story.

"No, beautiful girls are strangely compelling!

A thin friend of mine breathes back, who had just decided to get stuck.

"Miscellaneous, aren't you supposed to have followed something a little more like this?

"No, no, you can't, I don't know you in the first place.

But I'm glad you seem to have healed in all directions!

You're saying it's healed, are you? Absolutely my thing. It's just falling back.

"Shirazaki, I'm glad you don't have a boyfriend, Kurono! We have a chance!!

"Oh, you're going back to that story again"

"It's a love event when it comes to high school life, after all!

I thought you didn't like real life.

"Okay, I'm starting to get fucked up too, hey Kurono, next time you introduce me to Mr. Shirazaki!

"You're either rooting for me or you want to hang out with me."

But that's all I can say, because of my current facial familiarity level, my level of communication is not high enough to introduce my friends, which means it's impossible in my status to introduce Mr. Shirazaki to Miscellaneous.

"Let's eat lunch faster than that."

"That's true, too, the lunch break is short - and, uh, I don't know about two more hours off -"

Hands on a lunchbox that I left on my desk during an urgent conversation with Mr. Shirazaki.

If you remove the lid, there will be Ocan specialty, less laborious dishes waiting for you.

"What, here..."

A large heart mark, depicted by a mysterious peach flake, pops into my eyes over white rice.

"Oh, that, what Kurono's lunch box!? I've only seen it in such an obvious love lunch game!?

"Oh, well..."

All I can feel is a one-way love for someone who eats lunch, this dish, this is definitely not for me by my mother.

"Mom, you made a mistake on my lunch..."

This is definitely a handmade lunch made by my sister to her boyfriend.

What an unfortunate mistake, I'm sure your sister's boyfriend will be wearing her mother's unusual lunch box by now.

"Wow wow! It's a heart, Hart, haha! Awesome!!

I decided not to worry about my friend who was wasting my time, and I decided to eat my sister's handmade lunch in a complicated mood.

But sister, isn't this a little heavy on love?

Finish a temperamental lunch and get over the remaining two hours of class after school.

After cleaning duty, I left the classroom and headed straight to the Literature and Arts Department room.

Open the same drawer as in the classroom and step into an already familiar room.


I accidentally raise a dumb voice, because there's only one person in the room.

The Literature and Arts Department is a small department, and there are haunted members, but even though I've even contacted them about a meeting, it's odd that they only gather one person when I arrive slightly late on cleaning duty.

It is betrayed lightly that I already imagined the sight of several seniors, including the general manager, chatting and waiting for a daze, as usual.

To put it further, I didn't even anticipate that the only member of that gathering was Mr. Shirazaki.

Even as you sit backwards from the door, you can tell right away by its characteristic flax hair.

"Ah, Kurono-kun"

Mr. Shirazaki, I'm alone.

"Yeah, yeah......"

Yes, end of conversation.

I didn't have any more words to go on against her as adorable and unchanged as Nobu.

I don't know if I should keep talking about anything more, but I sit back in the right seat as I worry.

Though I think a lot about it in my head, I don't actually have a word out of my mouth, and I don't have a voice from her either.

Mr. Shirazaki has a lovely covered manuscript in his hand, and I take my own light novel out of the bag to kill time with my reading, too.

The handmade, rounded booklet that binds A4's copy paper shows a straightforward title that you won't even see in the Imadoki RPG called The Legend of the Brave Abel.

This is the first story I wrote when I was in middle school, well the content is as the title suggests Abel the Brave is going to defeat the Demon King, no twist or originality whatsoever, besides awkward writing, amateur work is a good place, but it is still one of the memories that I have completed properly.

It's been a long time since I've read it back today, or even written a sequel, and I brought it with me with all sorts of thoughts...

Almost silent, the room only has the hanging of athletic clubs echoing from the ground and the sound of the pages rubbing by each of my books and Shirazaki's.

In a slightly awkward atmosphere, I hardly get Lanobe's text as open as I just did.

What, why isn't anybody coming? Didn't you have a meeting? Anyone who doesn't come early because it's good, or because of the lunch break. Honestly, Shirazaki and I are awkward and don't have time for each other.

Yeah, I've never been alone with Shirazaki in the first place, because it was always a conversation between someone.

No, but it's kind of painful to keep quiet like this, shouldn't we be talking about something here, even if it's somewhat unscrupulous?

Yes, Shirazaki and I have the same literary department, somewhat different genres. There is a common topic of books, there is nothing I can't do.

Besides, the director and the members of the Literature and Arts Department must be jumping into the room in a hustle and bustle soon. We just need to connect them to each other for a few moments. All right, let's do this.

"" Um ""

Gu, my voice is covered!

"Oh, sorry."


Awkward, it's the same time if we raise our voices even though we were silent about each other until just now.

"Tell me first..."

"Oh, come on, Kurono-kun, talk to me."

And, although I'm encouraged, there's not much to talk about over here.

"No, uh, everybody thinks it's too late,"

Don't think of yourself as an uninterrupted, unobstructed person.

"Oh, yeah, right, me too..."

But, well, Shirazaki seemed to be trying to say the same thing.

"... yeah, no, no"


"The truth is, that's not what I wanted to say."

Somehow I see a change in quiet attitude earlier.

No, does that mean I have something to say?

"Um, you know..."

Mr. Shirazaki takes his seat with momentum, as he has decided.

Standing up, Mr. Shirazaki can now clearly look into both eyes, always looking down and never trying to fit in with me.

Its adorable circular eyes are filled with powerful colors that can be described as readiness.

I'm slightly surprised at her sudden leopard change, but work and dress as calm.

"Lies, are..."


I said, "I have a meeting. You know, I'm lying."

I know what you're talking about, I know what you're talking about, but I don't know what the intent is, it's all overflowing with hatena marks in my head.

"Oh, yeah."

All I can say is yes, it's nothing like an angry lie. It's a wack, and I don't see why in the first place, now there's nothing more to it than to move on.

"Yeah, so, the..."


Longer silence than I thought, I can't go on talking.

But I don't think you should speak up to Mr. Shirazaki right now, this is a silent waiting hand.

"Well, I..."

And finally she said,

"I mean Kurono-kun -!!"

Yes, Mr. Shirazaki did say.


But I can't hear you, Mr. Shirazaki's voice, the sound you're supposed to hear from the outside, I can't hear anything.

Why, why can't I hear anything? Suddenly even the eardrum was torn?


In a world without sound, suddenly a sharp pain runs on my head.

There have been several times with colds, such as the experience of having been hit by headaches, but this has never been worse, no, the quality of the pain itself is different in the first place.

This isn't just a headache, it's more, it's more life-threatening, it's deadly...

Impact and pain running to the body, with inverted vision.

After a few seconds, I understand that I fell off the chair.

I can't get up lying on the floor because of a headache that gets worse and worse every second instead of the same.

All I'm allowed to do is hold my head.

I may be raising my voice to too much pain, but I can't hear that in my own ear.


I tear at the edge of my eyes and see Shirazaki leaning up to me in a desperate shape I've never seen.

Rather than complaining about the pain, I was more concerned that you were making her look so sad because of me than wanting an ambulance.

Her crying face in sight, something a little bit like black sand flickers at the sight.

That sucks, I think I'm finally going crazy to my sight.

The black one immediately covers her sight like a sandstorm, scratching off her still beautiful face even with the tears that should be in front of her.

I don't hear anything, I don't see anything, I don't feel the feeling of falling asleep on the floor if I realize it, I can't tell if I can even breathe already.

The only thing I'm sure of is the pain that thoroughly ravages my head.

You're gonna die, I...

In the complete darkness that has closed my five senses, I can't even recognize my consciousness at last.

I don't want to die.

That was the last thought.