Kuro no Senki (LN)

Lesson 1: Chrono

Chrono follows with his eyes.

The stretch from underfoot loses its contour as it leaves Chrono.

The grass gradually increases in density and at some point it becomes half covered.

When you raise your gaze, there is a dark, quiet native forest spread out there.

The native forest, which extends across the border between the Kepheus Empire and the Holy Argo Kingdom, is called the Coma (Kura) Forest.

The unconscious forest is a heavenly land with several alpine mountains and is home to many fierce wildlife such as wolves and violets.

I've even been told that the demons of the Divine Age are lurking, but there seems to be carriage traffic to the extent that there is still one.

It would be the result of merchants sparing time bypassing the woods and toll taxes.

The Marquis Elakis territory, where Chrono is located, has high taxes.

Via other territories, each time they take a toll tax, so only a small profit remains at the merchant's disposal.

I don't understand the nerves that take more money than life, but I do understand the idea that you have to take the corresponding risks in order to benefit.

So it is also understandable that the Kingdom of Holy Argo is about to attack the Kepheus Empire at the risk of crossing the coma forest.

But I don't know what it's meant to be.

The Kepheus Empire and the Holy Argo Kingdom have repeatedly skirmished near the border.

I am in a relationship that cannot be described as very friendly, but why, at this time, did the Kingdom of Holy Argo go go into a massive military operation?

Asking yourself doesn't give you an answer.

In the end, all we know is that the Kepheus Imperial Army has turned to the rear, that we have to drive our enemies back as soon as possible, and that our colleagues and bosses have escaped.

"... Huh!

Feeling like something had moved in the back of the woods, Chrono clenched the sword pattern reflexively, but his men, the seven hundred sub-men, showed no reaction.

There is no elf who is a forest expert on this occasion, but the beast man, who makes up the majority of his men, boasts a keen sense of smell and hearing.

You should trust your men more than you feel, said Chrono, taking his hands off the pattern.

I've reached for my sword reflexively, but Chrono doesn't like swordsmanship.

I don't like swordsmanship as well as equestrianism.

That's why I usually travel on foot, but I didn't expect my boss and colleagues to abandon me.

If you buy time, reinforcements will come, Marquis Elakis, his boss, left behind, but according to reports of scouts, the number of the Holy Argo Royal Army is 10,000, and this one is a thousand.

Ten times the difference in force...... I'm packed no matter what you think.

Now the life of Chrono and his men is the lightning in front of the wind.

You know that, my men's morale is visibly low.

Many of my men are beastmen... they look like they put the head of a beast on a human torso, so it's hard to understand the look on my face right now.

At the very least, if Chrono had been a good commander, he would have had more morale.

At least I should have had hope.

Unfortunately, Krono was inferior enough to make his name known in the history of the military school because he had just graduated from military school and had no actual experience.

Graduation was possible thanks to the teaching staff who bowed their heads all over the place.

For once, Chrono also made an effort.

I tried to behave like a fancy meal and booze last night and be wary, but they seem to have taken me pessimistically for the last meal of my life, the last booze.

Admiral, are you all right? '(Bubu ~, also ~)

"Sorry, I think I'm gonna leak my cock"

Krono leaked the truth to his deputy, who looked worried.

"... General" (also ~)

The deputy stared at Chrono with black, circular eyes and sounded sad.

The deputy is an animal man with a cow's head called Minotaur.

He is over two metres tall and his body is covered in steel-like muscles.

"No, I'd like to show you some room, too."

Originally, I was weak.

Even though I hate verbal fights, it's not sane to command combat.

It's heavy as if my stomach has turned to lead.

With the slight irritation of peristalsis of the stomach, the sphincter is likely to be free.

"How did you become a soldier like that? '(Buba ~?)

"The noblemen are going to military school because they asked me to."

A blunt nose ring shakes at the tip of Praprapra and his deputy's nose.

The nasal ring is a magic item with the magic of an interpreter. Thanks to this, the structure of the vocal cords allows communication of will with beasts different from humans.

'Wouldn't you rather run now? In a fight like this, and you put your shoulder in a subrace, you get the Admiral, don't you?' (Buku, fufufu)

"... yeah,"

In fact, he's right.

Subhumans are human-like, including minotaur-like beasts, elves and dwarves, but also words referring to creatures that are not human, and a disdain for the meaning of saying they are less than human.

It is also now that the Subman was a natural enemy of man, metaphorically metaphored by God. Once upon a time, man expanded his power and incorporated the Subman into society as a ruled hierarchy so as to clear his previous depression.

In the Kepheus Empire, if you serve in the military for a certain period of time, you will also be granted citizenship to the subpeople, but if you are injured like you will be handicapped, you will have to discharge the army, and even if you get citizenship, it is difficult for the subpeople to get a good job for you.

Still, the response of the Kepheus Empire is better than that of neighbouring countries, and the Kingdom of Holy Argo lists the eradication of the subpeople in the country.

From a subordinate's deputy's point of view, I guess Chrono is a winner enough, even if he doesn't have a handle on one thing other than being noble.

"If you think you can leave your men behind and run, you can run away for real."

"... General, are you serious?

When Chrono said with a bitter smile, Minotaur's deputy said as if he was frightened.

"Of course, I mean it. I never dreamed I'd be abandoned by my boss and colleagues."


Now it seemed like the deputy had lost his word.

"Besides, I'm not gonna let you die a dog."

"I don't think we can stop our enemies with a fence that makes sense." (BUBUBUBUBU)

That said, the deputy glanced at the fence standing in line.

The fence is located a short distance from the forest border.

The height and width are about three meters and the thickness of the wood is about the thickness of the crono.

The fences are installed at equal intervals, during which there is a gap through which people can pass.

'Wouldn't this be a better idea to set up a guerrilla war?

"I thought about that, too, and that's it, you can't push it back."

That said, Chrono glanced at the woods.

I could have guerrilla fights if I had a little more time, but I turned too far behind.

Now is your chance to be in line for the march.

If the Royal Army of Argo goes through the coma forest, only a thousand people can fathom it.

"... we need to push him back"

There will be looting and slaughter, Krono swallowed the words.

There will also be plunder to secure food and loot, and the slaughter of sub people, more than their opponents list sub eradication.

"So what's a religious state?"

Chrono threw up small.

Castle fort city of Hachel… bearing the name of a squire who served the first Marquis of Elakis, the city is less than half a day away from the coma forest by horse and still supposedly functions as a military base, having developed as a city.

Marquis Mansion in the heart of Hashel, in its top floor office. Tilia was waiting for Marquis Elakis' report,

"Oh my God! You came back for it!

When Tilia punched her desk, Marquis Elakis shook her body like she was frightened.

"So, but this should buy you some time"

"" "That's right!

When Marquis Elakis, a fat and fat Marquis, excused himself with a fat sweat, his men also followed him all the way here.

I had no choice.

There was a lack of information.

If you can stop with a thousand subhumans, you say it's cheap.

This is why a little girl who doesn't know the scene doesn't talk about it, but it's like turning to a gaze that accuses Tilia.

Sure Tilia is on the scene...... she doesn't know the battlefield.

Now it is only because Tilia is the first empress of the Kepheus Empire and has the right to inherit the first throne that she can yell at a remote Marquis as old as her father.

Tilia even glared through anger at the attitude of the Marquis Elakis.

Thirty years ago, the Kepheus Empire was in a period of unrest.

Civil war over the right to inherit the throne, multiplied by the independence of the urban state and barbarian incursions.

The tranquillity-devoured aristocrats were unable to cope with successive anomalies, and with the help of several mercenary regiments they finally converged the situation.

At this time, the Empire should have learned the lesson that 'only blood muscles can win battles under the incompetent commander of the handle, and it spreads the scourge of war in a hoax'.

That's why he founded a military school in Imperial Capital that targeted more than quasi aristocrats for admission.

Apparently the adage 'Forget the heat if you're past your throat' is better than the lesson you've learned at the cost of your precious sacrifice.

It should be noted that the mercenary regiment, thanks to its achievements in converging the unrest, was given territory on the southern end of the empire and is now known as the new nobility.

"That 'cheap' doesn't include chrono, does it?

"... we persuaded him to return, but Lord Chrono said he could not abandon his men"

Tilia ate and tied her teeth so hard that her back teeth snapped, she stopped the wild passion.

Marquis Elakis said Krono would only be the son of one of his men, Baron Crawford, the new nobleman, but he is a special figure for Tilia.

"How many days?


"How many days from the surrounding territory will reinforcements come? Or you're not even asking for help!


The Marquis and surroundings jumped out of the room to escape.

"You Chrono fool, you fool, you big fool!

Tilia scratched her mother's conceded blonde hair .

Tilia and Chrono were in sync with the military school.

When I said synchronization, there was no contact between Tilia and Chrono.

The royal family and the new aristocracy, honors and inferiors, were too different positions.

The cut Tilia became aware of Chrono was a defeat in military exercises.

In a defensive battle over the military flag, Tilia destroyed one enemy after another and took him prisoner.

At the end of the day, Chrono has launched a total offense that he can only assume has been abandoned.

Tilia had the whole army storm, and a few soldiers lightly knocked down the military flag.

To put it bluntly, I was hooked on a positive motion.

It was only now that Tilia became ashamed of her shallowness, but at the time she was unconvinced and challenged the argument of eight wins over Chrono.

Talk to me, Chrono was an interesting man. It was a rare type of aristocracy, with its own perspective on things and under pressure to fulfil its duties as an aristocrat rather than a sense of privilege born to aristocracy.

Too anxious is the difficulty, but the new aristocrat... if you think he is the son of the risen, it didn't bother me either.

"Is it a subject for you, even subhuman, to protect?

Her eyes narrowed and Tilia shrugged small.

Chrono regretted from the bottom of his heart that he did not escape the moment a five horsemen heavily armed cavalry emerged from the back of the forest with sheet metal armor plate mails.

Chrono is aware of his weakness.

Swordsmanship could only wear one piece of witchcraft to the extent that the amateur had hair.

Head rotation isn't dull, but it's not even sharp.

I don't have the courage either.

Even if I squeeze my courage, I regret not being able to keep my will up.

When Marquis Elakis said he would use the sub as a shield to buy time, I thought Chrono was not a bad idea.

I'm afraid to fight.

I understand my weakness.

It's easy to tell that a weak self will die if he fights.

It was good to just snort with a smile of obedience.

I just lost my chance to escape without being able to do all that.

With force in his sphincter, Chrono stepped outside the fence.

The threat of heavy-duty cavalry, a battlefield hua, lies in mobility and thrust.

The assault in line is powerful enough to blow up a large sub.

"... my name is Chrono! He is the first child of Baron Crawford! I'll see you with a knight with a name! Miscellaneous soldiers take my neck is shame to the last generation, I want a ride!

Drawing his sword from his waist, the cavalry walked out one horse when Chrono shouted out loud.

He seems to be a leader, wrapped in luxurious armor among the five horsemen.

I put up a spear, and a cavalry rushes in as I speed up.

And the moment I reached the highest speed, the knight's figure scratched out.

Placed for a few moments, Gushari and the knight fell from the back of their heads to the ground.

He stumbled into a rope stretched high in his neck.

"" ""... Huh!

Losing a colleague in a despicable trap, the remaining four horsemen advance.

They dive through the ropes,


Stabbed and pierced by a pile of trees that popped up with Chrono's signal.

Cavalry mobility and thrust is a threat, but if you know you're going to push it in a straight line, none of your opponents are easier to give.

Phew, and Chrono wiped the cold sweat and went back next to his deputy.

"... isn't he proud of nobility?

"If you can win with that, you must have fought proudly. Oh, keep the body."

Drinking up the nausea that drowned in, Chrono let his gaze circle.

There was an accusation. There was a gaze, but the light was back in those eyes.

It was not until some time after killing the cavalry that the enemy's main unit appeared.

It was the Royal Argo Army that moved first.

I guess I saw five cavalry members hanging in a trap, and I was on guard.

The commander with the crimson room put the infantry ahead.

An archer releases an arrow over the fence, but the enemy commander advances the infantry just to say that it is within his assumptions, and the White Soldier Battle has begun.

Whirlpool, anger, soot smoke rising, and the smell of choking blood.

'Push it back!' (Bubba -!

Whoa! And my men respond to the orders of the deputy.

Dwarf spears the infantry attached to the fence and Minotaur smashes the enemy's infantry through the gap in the fence with a giant hammer.

If this was a battle between the subpeoples, it would have been another development, but all the soldiers of the Royal Army of Argo are human… just minimally trained, truly miscellaneous soldiers.

Unfortunately, things are working out so far.

Help with the coma forest rumors, too, or the enemy stormed in without bypassing the fence.

In addition, there is no arrow and magic cover because of the density of enemy infantry.

"Bypass the fence! Attack them from behind!

Enemy commanders scream like pissed off, but soldiers in the Argo kingdom just look at each other.

"Bypass the fence!

"... Huh!

Some never leap into the woods.

He proceeded to scratch a deep jaw down to his waist... and suddenly, he disappeared.

"Gi, hi, no, no, no!

At the next moment, a scream echoed on the battlefield, as did his hair.

The wax shakes violently and the blood swells.

Eventually, a human head popped out of the quieter woods.

"Hey, there's something here!


The soldier who panicked tried to return, but was drawn into the cage.

Again, the screams echo.

"Ambush! Calm down!"

Chrono hoisted up the edge of his mouth, saying he couldn't hold the panic if the tongue broke.

Panic propagates.

weapons fell out of the hands of soldiers in the kingdom of Argo, and at that time the soldiers swung backflow,

"God who makes it crimson and directs destruction!

Go, Va! and the flames explode and swell directly above the soldiers of the kingdom of Argo.

The flames scratched out in an instant, but that's enough to stop the soldier from panicking.

Divine art… is the art of manifesting God's power over fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, and light.

Disadvantages also exist, such as the fact that only the power of the faithful God can be used, the possibility of becoming an abolitionist due to excessive use, but even if the surgeon does not understand reason… for example, he can heal wounds even if he is not familiar with medicine… There are also advantages.

"Calm down, this one's overwhelmed."

On a blank head, the commander's order is overwritten.

"Push it off!"

Whoa, whoa! and the soldiers of the kingdom of Argo barked simultaneously.

Chrono smashed his tongue.

The enemy commander has declared that he will not be associated with the Krono craftsman.

The Royal Argo Army, which regained its calm, was strong.

No, the soldier's level isn't high, and it doesn't make him strong enough to be calm.

This is the opponent's mound... he was dragged into a war of attrition.

An infantryman attaches to the fence and a subman pokes him with a spear.

Minotaur or Lizardman smashes the infantry who tried to break between the fences with hammers.

This repeat.

Little by little, fatigue builds up and this wounded soldier increases.

The protruding spear is cast, and vice versa.

He gets pounded through a disfigured gap and his enemies rub through the sides of Minotaur and Lizardman.

The beast man who had refrained is attacked, but the beast man is one of the wounded soldiers.

And received countless spears, and one of the Lizardmans fell.


"Okay! Hurry up and block the hole!

A deputy officer fills Lizardman's hole, but there was one soldier in the Royal Argo Army, crossing the fence.

The aim is Chrono.


"... ugh!

Krono tried to pull the sword out of the deputy's scream, but it was faster for the enemy to wave the sword down than that.

Intense shock shakes the brain and pukes up.

The skull boasts considerable strength among the bones.

Unless witchcraft or kamikaze are used together, it is impossible to break them from head to groin.

Still, the Miscellaneous Sword was halfway through my sight... taking Chrono's right eye.

Biting his back teeth, Chrono swallowed the scream.

All in all, if the commander screams here, he'll be pushed out.

"... Tenshu Kagura!

The chanting of the activation words thaws the magical ceremony imprinted on the unconscious layer of the brain, and the pitch-black sphere is born over the head of the chrono.

Magic is the power that creatures prepare for at birth… a technique that gives law and attributes to magic and converts it into a physical phenomenon.

It can be mastered by using drugs to imprint surgical formulas on the unconscious layers of the brain, but mastery is required to operate effectively.

In addition, you cannot regulate the power at your will, and the attributes and number of uses of magic you can master depend on your personal talents.

As Chrono waved down his right hand, the pitch-black sphere wrapped the head of the miscellaneous soldier.

"... area designation, forced transfer!

In response to Chrono's manipulation, the pitch-black sphere wiped out every miscellaneous soldier's head.

There was no sound, no light, and a pitch-black sphere moved the head of the miscellaneous soldier into another space.

Still, my heart must be moving.

Blood gushes out of the cross section of his neck like a fountain, dyeing Chrono's face red.

The fire pillar rose across the woods when the corpse of a miscellaneous soldier leaned.


"Heavenly Spirit Kagura Fun!

Chrono activated Heavenly Pivot Kagura, releasing the pitch-black sphere to an enemy commander who stopped moving.

The pitch-black sphere rubbed through Chrono's men and enemy soldiers, enclosing the commander's right arm,

"Realm designation, forced transfer!

They wiped out the area designated just as they did when they killed the miscellaneous soldiers.

Blood erupts from the cross section of his right arm and the commander falls off the horse.

But his eyes were not extinguished arms, and he was still staring at intermittently rising fire columns.

... After a few rounds,

"God who makes it crimson and directs destruction!

The commander burned a cross section of his arm to stop the blood,

"Transfer! Protect Your Highness!

That cut me off.

Soldiers given a reason to flee are brittle.

In addition, there is no reason here for soldiers from the Kingdom of Argo to risk their lives to fight.

In one turn, the Army of the Kingdom of Argo fell into total collapse.

Admiral, are you all right? '(Buba ~)

"Except my right eye is out of use"

Chrono lowered his back to the crate and scratched his frustrating less hair .

You are deluding the pain with medicinal herbs that have analgesic properties, but the shock of losing your right eye is huge.

"Much, you're dead. And a lot of wounded."

Chrono bit his back teeth to indulge in nausea and pain.

There are more than a hundred dead, all but wounded.

I didn't think we could all survive, but the assumptions and reality are different.

More than a hundred submen died by their own command, and they also killed men.

The operation that Krono conceived is simple.

Seven hundred men will stop the enemy and three hundred will remain... an elf skilled in witchcraft raids the enemy's main formation.

Chrono won the bet.

But still, I couldn't get rid of the thought.

If the fire pillar had gone up sooner, no one could have died.

If the elves had done well, no one would have had to die.

Yes, because the elves were guzzled.

I'm not bad.

I'm not bad!

Only then was the hypothesis linked to self-defense and was about to become a fact.

Admiral, a separate unit is back.

"... Huh!

Faced to the voice of his deputy, Krono said the words... lost the words of self-defense.

There were no more than fifty elves left with three hundred.

His whole body was bloodstained and he suffered a lot of wounds.

"also, sorry"

"... ah"

An elf woman knelt under Chrono's feet as she fell in.

Is he about twenty years old?

His eyes are sharp and he's the owner of a smart body line reminiscent of a cat carnivore.

Short silver hair disturbed as telling the story of a fierce battle, brown skin painted on blood and mud.

"Enemy, the pressure from the main force is so... sorry"

"... ah, oh"

That's right.

From the beginning, I sent them off with the intention of a death squad.

Who did?

It's me.

I set up the operation and sent them to the dead.

Chrono walked over to the brown elf in his sleepwalking footsteps, where he knelt.

I'm the one to blame.

And yet, what a shameless mane.

"... sorry"


Grabbing her bloody hand, Chrono shrugged with a trembling voice.

I'm sorry, I repeat, Chrono wept.

It was the following evening that Tilia led the reinforcements and rushed.

That figure that cuts ahead and brightens the silver armor is just the goddess of salvation.

Tilia disembarked from the horse and ordered the transport of the wounded soldiers and the construction of the position.

Soldiers on his side began to move hastily, where Chrono exhaled in relief.

Everyone, including Chrono, was exhausted, although they had ousted the Royal Army of Argo.

If I did badly, I would have destroyed just because a bandit attacked me.

"... I guess it feels"

"I see."

When Chrono finished his report, Tilia poked her cheekstick in a stark manner.

Chrono and Tilia are the only ones in the tent.

I think it's careless, but I guess that's all you trust me with.

"It was a disaster."

You're choosing the words, Tilia said slowly.

Closes his eyes gently, and Chrono thinks of his dead men.

He mourns his dead men, is angry at the Marquis Elakis, who escaped, and hates his own impudence.

"... well,"

Chrono sank various emotions into the back of his mind and returned them briefly.

"What do you think about this one?

I wonder if there's a succession dispute within the Argo kingdom.

Chrono replied to the sigh mix.

Your Highness, and that commander was speaking.

The king of the kingdom of Argo is old.

The heir to the throne has already been decided, but there should be many royalties and their surroundings who are not convinced.

So the First Prince of the Kingdom of Argo tried to make achievements to silence the unconvinced.

In fact, winning a war is a very discernible achievement.

Of course, if I win.

"For a while, the Kingdom of Argo won't be attacking me, will it? The courage of a poorly fought prince who led and defeated 10,000 soldiers should surely be diminished. Hooray if my legs pull each other and the power of my country fades."

"... ho"

Tilia exhaled as impressed.

"But we have to be prepared."


Tilia ran a pen on parchment and finally added a signature.

"Is this good?

"Oh, thank you"

Chrono received parchment from Tilia and smiled.

"You don't have to bother with that"

"This kind of thing is important."

To Tilia, who said with a slightly sharp look, Chrono said with his shoulders flashed.

It says on parchment, treat the wounded soldiers of the subpeople without distinguishing them from humans.

Of course, it's signed by Tilia.

I feel sorry to borrow the authority of a tiger, but I can't feel safe without doing this.

"Well, I'll be there."

Outside the tent, Blur and Chrono looked at the sky.

"... it's been three years"

Krono...... Kumitsu Kurono sighed deeply as he looked up to heaven.

Three years ago, I was accidentally surrounded by a floating sensation, and when I realized it, I was poking my ass cake in the middle of the field.

Coincidentally, the old aristocrat...... helped Baron Crawford and was greeted as an adopted son because he had no trace.

"... no cheats, all I have is the status of a lord's son and knowledge I don't even know if it will help"

I guess nobility is cheat, and Chrono thanked him for his good fortune.

If I hadn't met the old baron, I might have been sold as a slave, or killed by a bandit.

I could say that I was greeted as an adopted child and that I was the greatest luck in learning the language.

"Still, I wonder if there's anything I can do"

Looking up at the sky, Chrono muttered small.