Kuroko's strongest ball god

Chapter 1 Choice

"Where is this?"

Lin Tian opened some heavy eyes and looked at all strange things around with a trace of doubt in his eyes.

"What's going on? Isn't I in the classroom? Why is it suddenly appearing in a basketball court now, right? It's a huge basketball court."

Lin Tian is very puzzled. Under normal circumstances, shouldn't he sleep in the classroom?But why he appeared on a strange basketball court when he woke up.

Although I said that I like basketball very much, and there have been crazy moves like joining the basketball club, haven't I been ordered to quit the basketball club?Why does it appear in such a clean, huge and extremely clean basketball court now?

Lin Tian took a closer look at the strange environment around him. He thought he was in the basketball court of the basketball club in the school for a moment, but this basketball court looks clearly not his own basketball court of the broken school basketball club.

Standing up and looking around, this huge basketball court was empty, and Lin Tian found an iron frame with dozens of basketballs in the corner not far from him.

Lin Tian walked towards it, and walked to the corner with the iron frame, and found that the basketballs in the iron frame were all brand new, just like the unused ones.

"Ding Dong! The system is loading."

"Ding Dong! The system is loaded."

In such a deserted basketball court, such a voice suddenly sounded. This voice does not have the slightest emotional temperature, and the coldness is generally the same as the robot's voice.

"Who, who is here, hurry up and come out to me." Lin Tian shouted in this basketball court in a panic, his voice echoed in this quiet and unmanned basketball court, but no one answered.

When Lin Tian saw no one nearby and no one answered himself, he felt that he might have auditory hallucinations, and no longer asked where the voice came from.

"Basketball, I really like it! Unfortunately, I don't have the talent to play basketball."

Lin Tian looked at the basketball in the iron frame and murmured in his mouth. Although he was very passionate about basketball in his heart, but because he did not have the talent to play basketball, his body was also extremely thin, so he was taken by his own school. The basketball club in China was kicked out.

He bent his waist down and stretched his hand involuntarily towards the brand-new basketball in the iron frame. He wanted to hold him in his hand and once he came in contact with it, he felt the feeling of it in his hand again.

But just when Lin Tian met the brand-new basketball, the cold ice had no emotional temperature, and the sound like a machine sounded again.

"Ding Dong! The system is activated."

Lin Tian listened very clearly this time. Although he didn't know where the voice came from, he was quite sure that the voice existed.

Soon the lights in the basketball court lighted up at the same time, and some dim surroundings became brighter. The atmosphere in the basketball court also changed with the lighting of the lights.

I don’t know why, Lin Tian’s mood improved at the moment, and he didn’t want to know why he came here.

"Ding Dong! Welcome to use this system, this system is called the strongest ball god system."

That icy voice sounded again on the basketball court.

"The strongest ball god system?"

Lin Tian lowered his head and looked at the brand new and even some reflective basketball in his hands.

"Is it because I took this basketball that activated the strongest ball god system?"

Lin Tian felt a bit confused, and some did not understand what is happening now.

"This system is the strongest ball god system, the purpose of this system is to train the host to become the strongest ball god, whether it is basketball, table tennis, badminton, football, rugby, volleyball, as long as it is a ball game, all are in this Within the scope of the system."

"Huh? What is it? A little bit unclear." Lin Tian looked puzzled.

"I wouldn't be sleeping now! If I was sleeping, I might be able to explain it." Lin Tian silently gave a normal explanation for all this.

Otherwise, why is there always a cold voice sounding?Why did you appear in this place?

"Ding Dong! Please host a type of ball game."

"Ding Dong! The system reminds you that once the host selects the ball game, you cannot make changes again. Only if the host becomes the strongest player in the ball game, can you make changes and enter the next step. An area."

As soon as the cold sound disappeared, the surrounding scene changed.

The basketball in his hand flew into the air, and besides that basketball, there was also a table tennis, a badminton, a football, a football, a volleyball.

"What does that mean? If I were to choose, then basketball!"

Lin Tian thought that he was in a dream at this time, anyway, he just played casually, since he had to choose, then choose the basketball he loved!

The hand instinctively touched the basketball in the air, and the basketball was in Xuan Ye's hands at the next moment.

"Ding Dong! The host has chosen, and the draw will start soon."

"Ding Dong! The rewards will be selected among the following rewards, and once selected, they cannot be changed."

Lin Tian was blinded and was already confused. Now there is a lottery. Well, the lottery is a lottery. Anyway, it is just for fun.

"Start the draw!" Lin Tian said

Soon the picture on the scene changed again, and the various balls that were floating in the air disappeared instantly, and a virtual turntable appeared.

The round turntable exudes golden light, and the words in the turntable emit more intense light.

Lin Tian looked at it. There were five things in the turntable.

The first one is a bottle of green potion. Although it does not explain what the potion is for, Lin Tian knows exactly what the potion does.

This green potion is called a "physical potion", which can transform the body of the person who drinks it. It can make an already weak body instantly stronger, and all aspects of physical speed and endurance will be greatly enhanced.

The second is that it is a king card, and its name is "God-level interceptor". Using it allows you to easily snatch the basketball from the opponent's hand when confronting the opponent, and will never foul. .

The third type is an eye. The name of this eye is called "Emperor's Eye". It can see the opponent's most subtle actions and can predict any offensive and defensive actions of the opponent.

Fourth, it is a king card. The name of the card is called "line of sight induction". It can be activated at will, reducing its own sense of existence, and it seems that it is difficult for the other party to notice themselves.

Fifth, it is still a king card, the name of the card is "zone", it can lift all the restrictions of the body and exert its own 100% strength.