Lady Villain Fell Into a Common Person

Final story: Thinking, taking over the bond, and staying the course

The city where my brother and sister live. It was Kaori who waited for me to come out of the station. Looking at Yuuki's face, it seemed that she was smiling at Nimari from the beginning. I'll take the side road and make sure I don't go crazy.

"Yes, yes, I won't run away"

I guess I gave you too many hints after all.

It's possible if it's a piano.

Perhaps it had nothing to do with Tsubaki. If it had anything to do with it, I would not have left it on the way, and Yayoi would not have intervened. If it was the opponent of the Twelve House, those seniors would have done something about it.

As you can imagine, my mission is to bring Kotsu-chan here.

"From here on out, I'll join the fight." I've been out since before noon, so I don't know what the shop is doing. "

Thoughtful preparation.

Is it difficult to guess the situation based on the information from Kaori? What I know is that Senpai and Senpai are doing something jointly. Kinoshita-senpai was there too, so I couldn't see what was inside. I don't even know how Kinoshita-senpai did it.

"It doesn't seem to matter if the shop is going to do it alone."

Even though I reacted with Yuuki and Chirasu, I didn't try to face my face. Kaori also responded in the same way. What do you two think I am? You don't know anything just because you look pale.

"You overestimate me, don't you?"

"I think this is a good time to be dealing with Kotsu-chan."

From before, but I don't really know what to do with the sound of the piano.

"What do you think I am?"

This is my brother's fault, isn't it? The image of Juzuki's qin sound has become firmly established thanks to the fact that he liked to do it on his own. I wonder if it's still good that it stays only among my friends.

"It's been a year since I've been alone. It's been a thick year."

"I don't think we've had much time to be alone." You met me the first day. "

"You'll see us again in the summer." Just listening to the story should have attracted more people. ”

Charming. I personally don't know if that's what it is. My sister was quiet and didn't try to stand out. On the contrary, the second one tried to stand out in a bad way. It is said that my brother has attracted attention due to the gap that has existed so far.

"I think it caught my attention not because of me, but because of the influence around me."

"I think the first half was involved, but I think the second half was chaotic on its own."

That's not it. Kaori-chan blew it off from where she was found, right?

It's true that from that time on, the sound of the kotatsu began to be chaotic.

It was not blown off because the identity was found out. My brother may have scratched his legs to remember his sister because he knew she was alive. If my sister remains, my brother will disappear. Back then, I saw it as one of my possibilities.

"My brother was trying to leave a trail."

"I think that's a scar." Besides, it's against someone other than yourself. "

Kotsu-chan has been involved in someone for a long time.

"It's not my fault, it's my brother's fault, so no count."

"What are you saying to the same person?"

I can't say anything about the tsukumi from Kaori. This is an excuse for my mental stability. I have no intention of denying what my brother has done. It's the same thing I did.

I don't think the sound of the harp has changed, though.

"I think there has been a slight change." This is kind of like a way for me to think separately. "

I'm sure Yuuki would like to think that my brother and I are different people. My brother is gone. In fact, Yuuki takes the fact seriously. In order not to waste it, I must recognize it as a piano sound.

"Everyone thinks differently, so I won't say anything."

"It's as dry as ever."

"It was unexpected that Kaori believed me without saying anything."

"There's a lot about personality." The world is full of wonderful things, so it seems more fun to believe than to doubt. "

"Kaori-chan has also been poisoned by Kotsu-chan." That's right, it's best to enjoy everything. "

The result of prioritizing fun was a group of freaks called Magical Caves. From now on, there will likely be an event where I will meet them as well. Not to mention, there was also a promise that my brother had made. We still have a long way to go, but we'll probably have to do it.

“Promise? My brother left a lot of stuff behind.”

What did you leave behind?

"You know Yuuki." The New Year's Eve party is one of them. "

"We're all looking forward to it." It's like a New Year's Eve party or something. "

"Are these guys crazy about the New Year's Eve party?"

Kaori knows about the New Year's turmoil via Senpai, so I guess that's how it feels. If ordinary people know those freaks, it's only natural. I want to escape if I don't have anything to do with it.

"We have to keep our promise." No matter how much I hate it. "

"That's what I said. I know you're really looking forward to it.”

“No, I think you really don't like this.”

You're gonna mess with me, and I don't know what you're gonna do. You don't want to take the initiative to participate in such an event. There are some troublemakers I haven't met yet.

"That brings me back to my current problem." I don't think there's much of a change in appearance. "

It's not that far from the station to the coffee shop. If you walk while talking, you'll get there in no time. The appearance of this coffee shop is as usual. If there is a difference, is it "close"? Today is supposed to be a business day.

“The whole house is available for rent, so I guess there will be quite a few people inside.”

“The harp. Let me tell you, I don't know if I can guess that far in this situation alone.”

It's good to always think about the worst, but aren't you tired of being too vigilant?

"You're more abnormal than I am." I'm even wary of situations that I can't think of normally. "

"Haha." Yeah, it's no use thinking about it. "

It looks like you're a dark person again.

In the meantime, let's drop the subject of the bowl here. If there are enough people in the room, what kind of situation should be assumed? Senpai Hazuki, Senpai Ai, and Senpai Kinoshita are confirmed. It's a question of who the other face is.

What's the purpose after that? I'm sure I'm involved, but the fact that I haven't contacted my brother or sister at all is creepy. "

You know what I'm going to do when I let you in.

Because Kotaro slams the stone bridge and crosses it.

"Who else?"

I wonder if the person who's flying the best isn't a stone bridge, but a faction that crosses the railings.

Kaori, it's like laughing with your nose and denying it. It's never a scene where you can believe it and twist your mouth. Even if that's the truth. But Yuuki was also right. It's better to get inside than to think it's over there.

Think of it as a celebration and decide to be prepared.

“I don't think you need to be prepared to go into the shop.”

Grab the doorknob and get ready to open the door. No matter what happens, you will not die. Even if it is a relief, it is resistant to the case of my brother and sister this morning. You can't possibly have anything more than that.

"" Happy Birthday!!! ""

“How's it going?

Crackling crackers and flying paper snow. I don't care about those because they are the second best thing this morning. What surprises me is why it is treated as a birthday. Moreover, the faces gathered are too strange.

"What, this number?"

Fufufu, that's because we called out.

When I said it was the birthday of the harp, this was the kind of face that gathered me.

I was even more surprised by the words of the masterminds, Senpai Hayatsuki and Senpai Hayatsuki. The inside of the coffee shop is not different from the sushi packed state. At least I think it's okay to let someone out. I couldn't get inside through the entrance.

Ah, can I say something to you?

"Oh, thank you."

And I said, "Well, if you're ready for this, please say the right words for us."

Then don't hesitate to scream. Don't say words worthy of this occasion.

"My birthday is in a month!"

Everyone's attention shifted from me to Senpai Hayatsuki and Senpai. It was very funny that everyone had such a serious expression on their faces. Some of you are laughing bitterly. It must be the people who know my birthday.

I'm so thrilled!

"You're stupid, you two."

Where'd you get that placard? I have no idea why it was necessary to trick the attendees into believing that it was my birthday. Everyone seems to be wondering what to do with the presents. I can't let that happen more than a month from now.

"Manager, why didn't you spoil it?"

"That's because my mouth was blocked." For me, the rented money was delicious. "

Is it about the exchange terms? It's not bad as an event, and there are many familiar customers, so there seems to be no problem. If there is a problem, the number of seats is not enough at all. That would be something that Hayatsuki-senpai and the others would consider.

"Now that the outdoor seating is ready, either the front or the back can be moved."

Looks like the Hayao and Mizuki servants were all mobilizing too. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to set up a seat in such a short amount of time. I can't help but think of an event like this. Why don't you ask me later?

We're open to people at home, so it's okay if you know who you are.

The store manager was a big hit, too. I don't want to open my home unless it's a gathering of my family. The people I meet are all friends, so no one will do anything wrong. They all had the appearance of being very foolish.

"It's going to be so chaotic, it's going to be so chaotic."

How close did my brother get? The people of the past are scattered, and they've already begun to drink. Besides, I was in a battle with the adults I was currently involved with. I'm sure the current team will regret it.

There, look, the main character of the day is this way

Don't let yourself into the puppet masterminds.

"Because there's no other good excuse." Hey, Shinnyo-chan. "

My sister's recklessness has made it difficult for my seniors to know I existed. It was my brother and sister who asked for this festival, but for both of them, it was a fuss when they were no longer there, so I guess they thought about it to the extent that they would do it on their own. I wonder if you could come back and take a look at the current situation.

It's true that it's your birthday.

"The timing was told to me by the sister of the harp, so I managed to do something about it."

Damn it, there's still a jamming effect left. More than that, I can't believe you left me with the memories of your lies. Didn't you have any contact with your predecessors? What was my brother and sister like to play informational warfare against themselves?

You're no match for me.

Why do you feel like you can't win at all if you're working together, even though you're supposed to be a top compatible couple? If we're doubling the performance, it looks like those two are having a squared effect.

And I said, "Do you have anything for us to do?"

"I want the best praise."

"It's a catastrophic mistake. For now, I'll just say thank you."

I don't care if Kinoshita-senpai is not there. After all, I would have pushed the two executives away if I had nothing to do with it. If you're messing with seniors, you're a good fit for the Scapegoat role.

"Even though I've been tired in the morning."

Double harp sounds like you've been hit by a big blow.

"If those two are the opponents, I think we have tough things." I don't know what to do if I give you a pre-preparation period. "

"I know. I know."

Because the result was me in the morning when I was beaten up. Even seniors are wary of my brother and sister. I don't respect it, but I think it's amazing. The mischief of fate had left me unable to join hands, but I suppose that was the right answer in a sense. No, I was happy to meet you, but you're right.

Well then, let's have a word from the leading player of the day, Kotonin-kun.

"You can sing a song if you want."

"Don't be reckless without the right of veto. I'll say hello."

You've gathered for my birthday, so I won't say a word. Even if today is not the real birthday. It is true that I was born today, but the birth of Juzuki is different. We have to think about it separately. It's me, but Ruizuki Jin Sound is the same as my brother and sister.

Don't forget. Ruizuki Kotsuki means that there are three people and one other person. My role is to take over everything as Ruizuki Kotsuki and remember it.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am so sorry that you took part in my birthday fake project.”

An apology is important, even if it's not something I planned, even if I'm one of the victims. I don't know where the grudge comes from. Especially for those who prepared gifts until their birthday.

"These two people will cover the entire cost, so please submit the receipt if you have it. Ah, at a later date, that's fine."

I wonder if you'll be hungry enough to turn all the hates on us?

I think you're rather helping me to reduce my resentment.

It would be cheap if money reduced resentment. After that, it depended on the human nature of the opponent. Any idiot who asks for money thinking he's a duck will be reminded that he's going to be shot with a hunting gun. Especially if you're dealing with these seniors.

"This year, many people took care of me, and I was very helpful to everyone."

"Kimono, it's hard. It's hard."

”It's like a corner banquet, so please don't do it with Paa”

Let's get excited to get rid of our daily anger!

I thought the tension was rising and falling too hard. It was true that I felt stiff as a greeting. So if you try it cheerfully, only some of them will be excited, and others will smile bitterly.

Aniki, your unwavering connection to the past will have given you the chance to meet rich people.

Sister, I'm sure you've been watching over me, and you've given me heartfelt memories.

And I'll never forget leaving behind a troublesome case. If I had the chance to meet them, I'd beat up about one or two of them.

So, please keep an eye on me from now on. See what results I can derive.

Because we as Ruizuki Qin Sounds still continue to walk.