Han Yue took a long breath, smashing the soft broken hair in front of his cheeks, whispered: "Sorry, I always want to be old to you, but I never let you really happy I originally thought that the time for a lifetime was very long. I didn't expect that I can only take every day as the last day. I will happen even if I don't know, but at least tonight. of."

He went down and kissed it on Chu Chen: "Sleep."

In fact, Chu Chen did not fall asleep.

His wounds on his calf have also hurt, plus just being immersed in some saline, this will only feel that every cell is in the pain of fire, and he is anticipating with him.

He has been numb.

In the end, he met the people like Han Yue more unlucky, or the Korean hit Chu Chi's "should not hit" more unlucky?

Chu Ci himself has not been distinguished.

You see, it is a stranger who should be rubbed by the vast people, biased because of these is full of mistakes, come to the end, after all, I owe me, I also lost you.

You can't take your Yangguan, I have not been able to have a good wood bridge.

The trauma on the legs is still inherent, plus this time you have to get 40 degrees of body temperature, Chu Chi's brain is groggy, and some pain in this trauma is somewhat slow. The internal injuries in the stomach did not allow him to be strong, and the destructive coloration destroyed bones was like a knife head in his stomach, and also opened the biggest file. I am going to die in my life.

Chu Chi, all the way to the bathroom, opened the door, opened the door, and the ceramics of the ceramics vomited.

The brain has the same blank, but it is a darkness in front of him. After half a minute, Chu Ci was confused with the faucet and poured two more water.

The colic in the stomach, the cooling between the seams and the cheeks make him awake a lot, he slowly opened his eyes and saw some trembled red.

I just mixed my water, I didn't look very sticky. After being diluted, the color was not so scary.

However, in the bathroom of the lunar, it is called the white porcelain, which is said that the blood is still eye-catching.

There is also a bloody, positive and water flowing into the water perforation. Chu Chi thinks, it is like a fire-red poisonous snake core, and it is not very uncomfortable after biting. It is also like just a sly ill person, which is covered with bloody bayonets. At this moment, it is arrogant.

Chu Chen didn't want to go back to bed.

He is slightly slowly leaning on the floor, sitting on the wall.

The high temperature ridge is sticked to the cold white porcelain wall, and Chu Chi has been temporarily commutated.

He slept slowly.

But this is very unrestful.

The person he wanted to kill, has already died under his bayonet, he should say it is ... no regrets ...

And when this game came out of the first child, he had already thought that there were countless finals.

Even if things become, they will be caught by the Tian Luo Lizhi. If I lost my hand, then I will give yourself a door to hell. He is always able to live. From the moment of deciding to revenge, Chu Chi has given his life with a countdown stopwatch.

He didn't die in the lost, and he did not seize the case, and now it is still shattered under his shelter.

Is it ironic?

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