In the tenth year of Cheng's debut, friends around him have gradually become partners.

Normally dating men and women have become families. Now the children are holding hands to go to elementary school. Back then, the sweet-hearted men and men find ways to register and get married abroad. Regardless of the pair, they will lead ordinary but peaceful days while their careers are successful.

Can be mixed in a group of outrageous couple dogs, there is one person who insists on exuding the fragrance of a single dog. After ten years, he is still alone. Fans unanimously regard him as the light of hope. Whenever it is mentioned in the same period as Chengji The star who made his debut would use XXX to mention him in a way that we still have hope before we get married.

The great image of being single without a scandal is simply the last line of defense in the hearts of fans that will never be broken.

That's right!Xiang Yanguang will fall in love?Unless it rains red!

I don’t know if it was hurt too deeply or it was too difficult to meet a loved one. Xiang Yanguang hasn’t moved in these years. Cheng Ji married he was the best man, Wei Heyu married he was the best man, and Tao Yuwang married he was the best man. , Du Shuitian got married... Yes, the best man is still him.

The reputation of the best man professional household is getting louder and louder, except that his love affair sprouts, not even a seed.

I can't say that nobody is around, but he just doesn't talk about it.

In this way, with the passage of time, only years have passed. During this period of time, the friends who had met individually at the time became a small circle of daily fixed contacts. Everyone kept in touch and became daily friends who knew everything. Even Lei Yin, the most unfamiliar person at the beginning, has developed into a friend relationship because of occasional contact after ten years of meeting.

In mid-March, light rain and Xinghua, Cheng Liao and Kang Chen returned from filming abroad.

For dinner appointments in the evening, a few familiar people just have time. At 8 o'clock in the evening, all the people at the dinner table are present, except Xiang Yanguang.

Among the pairs, Lei Yin drank wine alone and had a glass of wine. He, who was always awe-inspiring, suddenly sighed deeply.

The people at the dinner table know his situation very well. Even if they didn't know him at the beginning, they already knew his situation after ten years of being friends.

Tao Moguan, with the most tempered temper, said indifferently, "It's not done yet? How about giving up?"

Lei Yin didn't respond, everyone knew it, and they simply changed the subject to eat and drink.

Cheng Yu was drinking a drink and occasionally glanced at Lei Yin. Lei Yin leaned on the chair, his expression a bit decadent.

The passage of time did not leave any trace on their appearance for them in the entertainment industry. Although Lei Yin is not an actor, he is not much worse than them. For example, now, the gloom between the eyebrows does not affect Lei Yin's handsomeness, but more Add a bit of charm.

Such a person has not succeeded in chasing Xiang Yanguang for ten years, and the onlookers start to wonder if they have any hope.

At the time when the Qian Lu incident ended, Xiang Yanguang, who knew that Lei Yin was messing up, hated Lei Yin very much. Even if he could resist punches and kicks every time he met, he would never give a good face, but with time Every time Xiang Yanguang encountered any difficulties, Lei Yin was the first one to top it. After ten years, Chengji clearly saw Xiang Yanguang gradually soften in the process, from indifferent attitude to friend now. Friendly way of getting along.

On the whole, it has been ten years since Xiang Yanguang has said that there is hope. Xiang Yanguang has not yet agreed, but it is hopeless. Looking at Xiang Yanguang’s attitude, from the perspective of a bystander, I think Xiang Yanguang is distinct. Moved...

Just don't know why, they are still not together.

"Are there any suggestions?"

The question that took a lot of effort to squeeze out of his mouth did not get the attention of his friends. Lei Yin held back for a long time and asked again: "How did you do it?"

A word was thrown, and three pairs of lovers were thrown. The three couples of old dogs immediately opened the chattering box. Tao Yuwang started the game by himself, and even couldn't help crying when he was excited.

"It's not easy! It's not easier to say than you are. You were beaten by Xiang Yanguang, and I was beaten by my parents! My brother and I are a new family made up of our parents' second marriage and their children. After I was found out, my dad smoked me, his mother smoked him, and the one he smoked was called... Hey! This is not over yet, we told our parents that we really love each other, and then guess what, come and fight! , My dad smoked him and it hurt me so much..."

Before Tao Yuwang's words were finished, Tao Moguan slapped his face with a loud slap. Tao Yuwang immediately covered his face and knocked on the table, shaking for a few seconds before wailing: "Brother, I I bit my tongue, QAQ!!!"

The narrative is not over yet, Tao Moguan continued with the words of the dog’s brother. “Anyway, we got together smoothly. To put it bluntly, the relationship between two people must be him. You can admit that you have nothing to play. If Xiang Yanguang likes you, Procrastinated to this day? You still stalker!"

Tao Moguan is best at serial hitting. Lei Yin's face turned black in an instant. Wei Heyu and Wang Wenhang looked anxiously, and hurriedly interjected: "Don't be quarrelsome, don't be noisy. There must be a process in love together. After getting along for a long time, the relationship is determined."

Lei Yin hurriedly asked, "How long have you tried?"

Wang Wenhang sighed: "It's been a long time, probably more than half a month. I was anxious during that time, for fear that Brother Yu would regret it."

Lei Yin: "..."

Invisible fighting is more terrible than serial fighting.

Lei Yin rubbed his temples, looked at Cheng Shu, Cheng Shu thought a little, and replied: "I think I am together with Kang Chen mainly because of Sister Yue. I got into Kang Chen's trap because I liked Sister Yue. If you want to cohabit with a straight man, you should still work hard on someone the straight man likes."

Lei Yin: "..."

Whenever he mentioned the person Xiang Yanguang liked, the effect of the conversation seemed to kill him. Lei Yin poured another glass of wine, his face was gray and he stood up and said, "You guys eat, I'll take this meal."

His back was particularly lonely, and everyone was in tears. Tao Mo watched Wang Wenhang and Cheng Liao look at each other, and then the three of them spread their hands at the same time, revealing a look of "I'm really helpless, can you blame me?"

Tao Yuwang: "..."

Wei Heyu: "..."

Kang Chen: "..."

I really blame you, but they still think that their lover and thief are cute, can they talk about it?

The three husbands looked at each other, and their expressions were full of helplessness and petting. After a while, they each made excuses to leave temporarily.

Lei Yin didn't go far downstairs and was intercepted by three Patriarchs one after another. Tao Yu watched the wind and fire, pulled Lei Yin to the corner, quietly and carefully said: "I told you but don't tell others, especially me. Brother, did you hear me! Well, let me be honest with Mo. According to my experience, the reason why my brother and I can develop from brother to lover is all because of...because of that! That! That's that! Understand! As long as that The nature will change! Regardless of the previous relationship, it will be reorganized in the future. You have a great opportunity to settle the relationship in another way, let's know!"

Before Lei Yin could react, Tao Yuwang patted him on the shoulder anxiously, and said earnestly, "My buddy, I can say it all, you understand! Remember! That! Absolute truth!"

Tao Yuwang retreated for a while, and as soon as he walked to the door of the hotel, later Wei Heyu stopped him.

After calming his breath, Wei Heyu and him gently said, "It’s hard to say in front of Wenhang, but I think you may really need other people’s advice before you ask, so you can feel free to talk about the experience I’m talking about now. For reference. Hmm... I think the decisive factor why Wenhang and I crossed the ambiguous determination line is because we were together in a better atmosphere. We are together in a physical sense, you should understand. "

Wei Heyu finished speaking sincerely and smiled at Lei Yin. He patiently said, "It’s hard to tell about the situation between you and the little elephant, but I have to ask about my experience. I can only provide this. I hope you can have a better one day. As a result, Wenhang was still upstairs waiting for me, so I left first."

Lei Yin nodded touchingly. After watching Wei and Yu leave, he stepped out of the hotel, hiding a tall man in the shadow at the door.

Lei Yin came out for so long, but Kang Chen was still waiting for him at the door, knowing that someone had stopped Lei Yin.

Needless to say, Kang Chen simply said: "I am not waiting for you, but for Xiao Hu. He is worried about Xiang Yanguang."

Lei Yin nodded. Kang Chen seemed to foresee what Tao Yuwang and Wei Heyu had just said, as if the leader had summed up: "In general, you can't ask for a face."

Lei Yin: "..."

Kang Chen: "You can do anything after drinking."

Lei Yin: "..."

Kang Chen: "I think you have just drunk a lot and you should be drunk. The boss called for you and said that you were called Xiang Yanguang and no one could drag you away. It is estimated that he will pick you up in ten minutes."

Lei Yin: "..."

Kang Chen: "Understood?"

Lei Yin: "...very educated."

Kang Chen stared at him, showing a subtle expression, like a smile but not a smile. The meaning is not easy to understand. It is like being a gangster showing disdain for the scum, but also with a way to help you here if you are not successful. Don't be contemptuous of being friends with me.

In a complex mood, Lei Yin saw a familiar car approaching from a distance. He hurriedly turned his head and nodded to Kang Chen, then bent his legs, his face pale and began to retching.

Realistic and dedicated.

Performance is still possible.

Kang Chen waved his hand to greet Xiang Yanguang. When Xiang Yanguang got out of the car and ran over, he went back to the hotel without looking back. He passed by and met the waiter, and he relaxed and ordered a glass of new orange juice for Chengji.

Hey... the next party, even if it will become eight people.

It's really troublesome.

Kang Chen suddenly a little envious of Xiao Zuoren, who has been able to maintain the two-person world for ten years. To be honest, he also wants to be alone with Chengji, but Chengji's personality is different from Xu Fei's. Is to make friends and relatives.

no way.

Kang Chen went upstairs with fresh orange juice. The moment he saw Cheng Yu's face, before thinking about it, his face automatically showed a slight smile because of his habit.

Regardless of ten years or his whole life, Kang Chen likes Chengji so much, what else can he do.

Can only spoil him.

-Spoiled him all his life.