Legend of the Asura

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Folklore

July 1, 2209, early summer morning, Jingcheng, Huaxia.

“Welcome to the World of the Round, there are 35 minutes left in the game fair, please be patient. ”

Quit the game cabin helplessly and start browsing the official website for some potentially useful information.

For a boring man who has been homeless for a long time, he can no longer remember how many online games he has played, but no online tour has ever made him so eager, apart from the unprecedented features of "The Round," more for his father's precise to creepy prophecies and unclear mission together.

Round Back is a virtual technology online tour that comes out of nowhere. A year ago, more than thirty countries around the world began promoting the Round without warning. Its propaganda intensity was unprecedented. TV, the Internet, magazines, billboards, buses, even roadside poles, public toilets, almost everywhere people appeared, there was a shadow of the Round.

Even more alarming is the fact that the propaganda community is the Governments of individual countries. Shortly afterwards, Governments dropped another heavy bomb: the game was written and developed by "Luo”, which pushed the Round to the forefront of the wind. The game has not yet begun and has reached an appalling level of fire.

What, you don't know "Luo”? I ask you very carefully: Are you from Earth?

In the 23rd century, when world network coverage reached 99 per cent, virtually all communications, information, life, transportation, military depended on networks, and if anyone could force a country's networks to collapse, he would be an absolute terror.

And that's how it is.

“Luo" appeared in the network world 20 years ago, nobody knows how she appeared. Some people speculate that she is a “spirit” created by the over-intelligence of the network system, others say that she is the automatically generated order manager of the network world, and there is a lot of talk. But it is recognized that she is the God of the Internet, the Almighty God. In the network, she can turn her hands over to the cloud, over to the rain, and easily control to change the online world of any region.

From surprise to vigilance to welcome, the emergence of the "Luo" evolved into fervent worship and respect, because her presence could be described as a complete cleansing of the filth of the online world and, most importantly, her pivotal role in the maintenance of world peace.

In 2188, the United States assembled more than 200 hacker elites to maliciously snipe the military secret system of China Summer, when the image of "Luo” appeared for the first time in the cyber world: the white sand covering, also covered with a light veil, so that no one could see its face. In the monitor, she warned all malicious snipers, instantly blocking the IP of more than 200 people and releasing some of the secrets of the United States to the Internet as a warning.

In 2190, the Dongyuan Island State launched a military strike against a small East Asian State for non-existent reasons, and "Ying” appeared to warn that Dongyuan State was violating the law and that “Ying”, in anger, paralyzed the entire Dongyuan network until it stopped acting and made an apology. This time, the national economy will stagnate for the next three years due to a 20-hour network paralysis.




In the 23rd century, you don't know who the President of the United States is, you don't know that snails climb slower than tortoises, but you can't fail to know the name "Luo" because she's a respected person of the world's people and a true national idol.

The game she wrote was enough to keep people around the world waiting.

According to official propaganda, the main features of the Round are:

1, The Round is a simulated reality online tour developed and written by "Luo”. Its virtuality can reach an unprecedented 99%, and it can accommodate 100 billion players in the world at once without a card. The game is fully represented by the World Cyber Alliance Feitian Group and provides hardware and device support as well as the development and control of the monetary system.

2. In accordance with the principles of fairness and fairness, Round Back handed over all data and permissions to the "flying sky” control of the smart host to eliminate the influence of all GM and external factors. The "Flying Sky” system is also built by "Luo" himself. After the game runs, no one can make management changes to the game data. All changes or updates are performed by "Luo” himself.

3. The Round is the first online tour supported and supported by the State. And Feitian Group has decided, in consultation with the top 10 banks in the world, that when the game begins, it will open the exchange of game coins with real coins at the right time, and the exchange rate of currency worldwide will be 1RMB: 1 gold coin.

4. Gaming equipment is divided into portable game helmets and portable game compartments, with a flat worldwide price of 100RMB and a game compartment price of 100,000 RMB. The game compartment can be folded into a plain leather case size for easy portability and can be used to inject nutrients into the body in a game so that players do not feel tired and hungry and can play for up to a month.

5. The game started selling gaming equipment on June 1, 2209, with only one gaming device per person and will be tied to the user identity. The game will be simultaneously tested worldwide at 8 a.m. on July 1, 2209.

Therefore, the advent of the "Round Back" has driven the world crazy. And some of the world's visionary online tour companies have gradually diluted their online investment and started to develop elsewhere - ready to compete with the Round? That's bullshit.

A month ago, countries began to simultaneously distribute gaming equipment, and Huaxia began selling gaming equipment at retail outlets across the country, and despite its readiness, the level of explosion was remarkable to all. In just three days, a total of 100 million game helmets and 1W game cabins were sold empty. As at 30 June, China was selling more than 500 million game devices, a staggering one third of the total Huaxia population, and that number was increasing, with the exception of an old lost tooth and a small toothless almost manned game device. Other countries are in no way inferior to China Summer. After all, nobody stings at 100RMB in that area to experience this dawn game.

At 0755 hours in 2209, five minutes away from the public inspection, the wind was already somewhat impatient to enter the game room. Early birds have bugs to eat, maybe the first few who enter the game also get rewards. Running away is playing "The Round" against the goal of the first person in the game, who will try to try all the possible advantages.

“Welcome to the World of the Round, there are 5 minutes left for the Game Fair, please be patient. ”

“… please be patient. ”

“… please be patient. ”



“10… 9… 8… 7… 2… 1… 0”

The wind just feels the white light flashing in front of him, it has appeared in a strange void space, filled with luminescence of all shapes, colored light interacting in and out of the void, shining wildly, straight through the deepest part of the soul, making him comfortable all over his body, while at the same time sending wonderful tones in his ears:

“Welcome to Circle World. As this is your first time in the game, an identity scan will be performed. Please wait...”

At the same time…

In the heart of Jingcheng City, Huaxia stands the highest flaming yellow building in Huaxia. It is the largest commercial and entertainment center in the city, and the gold pit of millions of rich people, but few people know that this represents the top floor of Huaxia's flourishing grand architecture. It is an elegant study full of ancient fragrances. Because this is a forbidden place for almost everyone, no more than ten people are eligible to step into this room.

“Chief, the Round started synchronously measuring the world 10 minutes ago, and everything happened as expected and without incident. However, it is expected that the public entertainment industry will be hit for a long time to come, but not fundamentally. ”

The owner of the voice looked a little old, but his voice remained steady and strong and full of air, at a time when he was bowing his head and reporting to the man in front of him.

In front of the walls and windows of the study, he stood a middle-aged man with a swordbrow star, his eyebrows slightly locked and slightly sad, but he could not conceal his superiority, at a time when the atmosphere of the sky was overlooking the prosperity of the capital.

“Uncle Wang, please call me Young Master as you used to, we have scored a lot of points under a different name.” Longwei turned around and smiled. From his memories until he became the youngest supreme chief in the history of China Summer, the gentle old man took care of his diet and lived with all his heart, until now he has no wife and no children. He devoted his life to the Dragon Family.

“Yes, sir.” The old man responded with some excitement.

“Young master, does her method really work? ”

“Perhaps, for now, it seems to be the best solution, at least not dead in the game. Besides, do we have a choice? ”

“ …… ”

“The gradual strength of the Chinese Summer Nation has already provoked panic in some countries with ghost births, and the question of Baoshima is just one of their excuses. A year ago, the summits of nations were the occasion for them to unite to suppress Huaxia. If it had not been for the sudden appearance on the screen of the Conference Hall, we in Huaxia would have been targeted by those countries. ”

“This time, is Luo helping us? ”

Longwei silenced and said: "At that time, Ye Emperor's blood washed Dongxun, deterring the whole world, but also left a handle on Dongxun. After all, this matter is well known to the world. A year ago, the meeting in Dong Yingguo recounted the old events and pushed the problem to the height of the 'public enemy of the world' '*’, fuelled by hearts and minds. In those circumstances, we were indeed at an absolute disadvantage, and this time, it was indeed the 'lullabies' that helped us resolve the crisis temporarily. ”

“Young Master, you can't blame the Ye Emperor for that, after all...”

“I understand," Longwei interrupted Uncle Wang, bluntly said: "If I hadn't had the mission to carry Hua Xia 'an, I would have killed more than he did... After all, it was my Longwei son who died... The Longwei family also cut off from my generation...”

Longwei's body trembled, and even though more than 20 years had passed, every time he remembered, his utter hatred kept him out of control for a moment.

“Young Master...”

“All right, Uncle Wang, just back off. We have guests.” The tenacity of years of practice quickly restored him to calm.

“Yes, sir.” Uncle Wang turned away from the study.

The moment the door closed, a figure appeared in front of Longwei like a ghost. A woman with a black veil covering, wearing a black tight suit, burst her to the fullest appearance of her body. Though unable to peek into her face and age, she did not diminish her feminine appearance. The woman hipped and smiled: “Uncle Long, you can feel my presence so soon, and see that your power is about to catch up with Uncle Ye. ”

Long Weihaha smiled: “Little girl, don't kiss my ass, I can't be that perverted opponent. So, have you met the man you wanted to see? ”

“Yeah, but I'm still not gonna tell you who he is. Hee-hee ~ ~ Now I'm here to say goodbye to Uncle Long. The next time I see Uncle Long it will be a long time.” The young girl's voice is naturally flamboyant, and she has no nervousness or twitching at all, even in the presence of this unfathomable and powerful Supreme Leader of Huaxia.

“Well, Miss Xiao, go. Tian and Ice are already waiting for you. Tian was complaining to me just now, but I told him it was your Uncle Yep's decision, so he stopped talking right away, huh? ”

“My brother waited for the whole year for the Round, and I wondered if he didn't cry when he was dragged to special training on the day of the public examination. ”

“Goodbye Uncle Long, I will never let you down...”

The moving figure disappeared into the study, leaving only a strange look on Longwei's face.

Kwon dumped Huaxia, the chief Longwei of Huaxia, revered by billions of people, couldn't help but wipe off the cold sweat that didn't exist on his head: “Huh, finally sent this devil woman away... but I don't know which kid is so unlucky, this girl actually sees me. ”

In an unknown space, a miserable girl, lightly overturned by a white veil, swims alone in a colorful world. For a long time, the young girl sighed: “For 50,000 years, my mission is about to be fulfilled... will the man in the prophecy really show up? ”