"Let's summon, success ..."

A woman who tied her glamor black hair to her twin tails said.

You may think you don't know what you are saying.

Please be relieved.

I don't even know.

I was walking somehow and I was hungry and decided to go home.

Then I picked up 10 yen and found a shabby company.

It seemed to me that the ragged thing was mysterious.

The 10 yen was dirty, and I put in a offer.

Say your wish.

"I want to go to another world"

Then the company glowed white and I was being summoned.

Look around.

It is in a dim cave.

I'm standing on a magical white glow.

When I was a year, I was in my early twenties, the same as before summoning.

After summoning me, the black-haired twine said.

"My name is Laura-Gine-Amara!

A goddess of wisdom, the great goddess of intellect who called you into this world! ! "

"That's right"

"And you, summoned to this world, must possess great skills for a Kokusai Musou!"

"Is that so?"

"Because the summoned person should get one when they pass through the gate!"

It was so.

"Show this skill to this great me!"

"Is my skill ...?"

I don't remember at all.


But I did not see the status window.

Oh, but was it?

"But you need raw eggs to show your skills."

"Eggs ...?"

"Oh, egg."

"If so, would you show this great me?"

"That's it"

"Come ... wait a minute!"

30 minutes later.

"I'm right now!"

Laura is back.

Her beautiful hair is ragged, and her regular face is dirty with mud.

"OK! OK! OK!"

In addition, chickens that seem to be wild are getting kicked.

"A little bit, it hurts, it hurts!"

"Ome ... were you brought from the bird's nest?"

"It's the one who said you'd bring it ..."

The self-proclaimed, great being cried, losing to the chicken.

However, it is quite unreasonable to say that you can use this egg.

This is because if I receive the egg in a vicious manner, I will be targeted.

it can not be helped.

I was out of the cave.

Dig the ground lightly.

I found an earthworm.

Catch it and put it out to the chicken.

"How about in exchange for this guy?"

"OK ..."

The chicken stopped the attack.

I was on the ground and blew my earthworm.

I guide you out of the cave on the ground one by one.

Did the chickens who were eating eaten satisfied with it or forgot at the bird's head?

I went flying with my wings spread.

I look at Laura.

"Higu, Guuu ..."

Laura, who claims to be God, was crying.

I thought it was less than an hour since I met.

(Go home ...)

I want to return to the original world.

I wanted to go to a different world, but I didn't want such a goddess.

As far as I've heard, it's unlikely that this guy will give me great power.

"Hello ... this time it's your turn!"

But earlier than I left, Laura of the goddess cried.

"At the egg that I, the goddess of knowledge, bet on my life, it's my turn to show the national warriors !!"

"Is it dead ?!"

"There are only 20 goddess points left to support my life!

That's it, so we have 4 remaining!

It's just barely speaking! "

I don't understand the unit, but I knew it seemed to be small.

It's just cheaper to die with a single egg.

You can buy a pack of 10 sold at a supermarket for 150 yen.


If you do, I'll show you my skills.

"Please bring something."

"Wow ... I understand."

Laura brought a cup.

Katsun, Katsun, Katsun.

I applied the egg three times to the edge of the cup.

After cracking moderately, patari with one right hand.

The egg is safely in the cup.

"That's my special skill."

"What do you mean…………?"

"Eggs can be split with one hand"

"Myuaoooooooooooo !!!"

Laura's scream screamed.

"What are you talking about?"

"That's it. As far as I know, that's all I can think of."

"What great magic and mystery?"

"I'll do it if I can."

"Myua-oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

The second scream resounded today.

"I can't! I can't!

I'm a great goddess of knowledge, but also a great cliff goddess? !

Did you intend to count the rebirth with a random familiar summon ticket, which was blessed at the end of the prostrate who abandoned the pride? !

What is that garbage skill like? !

What do you mean? ! ? ! "

What vocabulary is the great cliff goddess?

Like a genius stupid, it just feels like minus minus plus.

What's the goddess of knowledge in this one?

"I don't understand that, so please explain from the beginning."

"The goddesses have the role of helping, raising, and guiding people!"


"And in order to survive, you need Godpoints, which accumulate from the sincerity and worship of people!"

"That's why I don't want to skip."

"But I was skipped!

After storing it all at once, I was playing around in the palace (house)!

Thanks, the god points are also drastically reduced!

He was kicked out of the palace (home) and also flew to a remote area, and his life was at stake! ! "

What a self-sufficiency.

"So I asked at the goddess meeting to be serious in the future!

You got a Familiar Summon Ticket, which allows you to summon Familiar from other worlds! "

"However, the only thing that appeared was that I could just split an egg with one hand ..."

"That kind of thing ...!"

"By the way, is there anything good if you help Ome?"

Laura, who was depressed, put her hand on her chest and said finely.

"Thank you for being me!"


Laura keeps up to her stunned me.

"I am God! I'm great!

Speaking of thanks to me, Grand God thanks!

Don't you think it's too big a benefit for just humans? ! "

"I don't think !!!!"

I want to release this goddess to the river right now!

I want to let go of the river and say, "It's not coming anymore!" !

No catch! And release!

"Don't you think rude now?"

"I don't think about that?"

I'm rude or just real!

"That's okay ..."

Laura pulled down easily.

And when I was having a silly conversation, my belly squeaked.

Speaking of which, I was thinking I would go home because I was hungry.

"Nah, Laura"

"Now, what?"

"Can you give me a meal?"

"I'm a goddess!

Meals are tribute, not your own! "

"The money ...?"

"I'm a goddess!

Money is a tribute, not your own! "

I can't use it! ! !

Appalled, I stopped relying on Laura.

"Tell me that, just tell me the location of a nearby city."

"I don't know!"

"What ...?"

"Because I've been sent here and it's only been a month!"

Even level 1 villagers know how close the city is! !

What a great god, inferior to level 1 villagers! !

I mean.


Isn't this a little fancy?

There is no cheat and the supporter is a goddess.

I don't even know where the nearby villages and towns are.

Isn't this really packed? !

When I thought so, I was worried about it.

But worrying doesn't mean the situation will improve.

Hey, me. Keep calm yo! Tell yourself,, and make sure you weren't worried.

If you don't, you won't feel anxious.

Perfect, me.

"I understand that you can't use it.

So let's just teach it where water and food are available. ''

"By all means ... I need it ...?"

"of course?!"

"Fumyu ..."

Laura, the goddess, went out, nodding.

"The most probable thing I know is the berry of that tree."

Laura came out of the bush and showed a tree on a small hill.

"So that's it……"

I nodded once.

The tree-like nuts are shaped like persimmons.

Moisture is also likely to be taken.


(What guys are lying in the wood?)

(Don't you see?

A chimera lion. (A monster with a snake's tail on the lion's body and head.)

(I'm listening because I understand!)

I shouted in a small voice.

(I can't help it!

Speaking of the best way to procure food as far as I know, there is only one tree! )

(Have a chicken ?!)

(I have the poison. The guys ...)

(Is that so……)

(It's close to the weakest of poison types, but your stomach will break normally ...)

I thought that the goddess' habit would destroy her stomach with the weakest poison ... but I didn't say it.

You can't help but expect the worse things than the level 1 villagers.

(But that lion looks pretty strong)

(Actually, in terms of status, at level 2869, there were about 35,000 HP)

(Hah ?!)

(20 starters, 30 full soldiers, 80 veterans and 200 masters.)

(2869 is a monster!)

But wait.

I ’m from a different world.

As a promise ...

(I'm stronger than that ...?)

(I think you're about two or three)

Chic show! !

(Oh, my numbers are guesswork)

(If you accumulate god points, you can see them ...)

(If you accumulate that point, you can use miracles and skills)

(Of course! I'm a goddess, that is, God!)

The goddess feels like a Goddess, but he dares not to rush.

(And ... how do you get the nuts when you have such a strong lion?)


Laura points at her tail.

(The tail of the guy, Piko ..., Poko ... isn't it moving?)


(Oh, he feels the air at his tail.

(It looks like it's sleeping, but it's really awake.)

(If you think you're asleep and you're careless, gaburi ...?)

(I see)

Laura nodded quietly.

(If you aim to eat prey that you do not notice or prey that flew out of numbness, you can easily pick up nuts)

(If you ask, it seems easy)

(Even if you do, if you kill all the prey, nobody will be able to approach you.)

(got it)

(That's why it is the aim)

Laura is a serious face.

Until the very beginning, the goddess element has no dust.

I reviewed it a little.


"Hack Chun !!"

I sneezed big.

“GURUuu …………?”

The lion opened his eyes slightly.

This fucking goddess is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! !

(Oh Oh Oh Oh…………!)

Laura, the goddess, moaned with tears in her eyes.

However, the wake-up of the lion has stopped at "light".

If you kill your breath as it is, you are likely to be able to do it.


"Don't do it, let's do it!

The goddess panicked.

I clung to my chest and cried.

Lion woke up pat.

"Run away anyway! I'll make time lightly!"

"Uh, uh ..."

"Take it fast!"

"Don't overdo it!"

Laura escapes with a dash.

I exhale suddenly.

The other party is a beast even if it is fast.

I think the movement is linear.

In other words, there is no way out there.

So I conclude that it is a furry and narrow it down to one point.

From the speed of the charge, calculate the speed at which the lion will fly.

Fly sideways! !

Barely avoid the lion's first strike.

A huge shadow passes over me.

At the same time I grabbed the soil.

"Eat it!"

Soil on the soil.

He picked up the nut that had fallen and fled straight.

The lion is standing around the tree.

And wild creatures are basically not from Nawabari.

Outside of Nawabari, where you don't know where you're going to get a surprise, there's an equal danger to minefields.

Creatures in this world are not necessarily so.

However, the lion was barely surrounded by trees.

He usually pretended to be sleeping and said he would make a surprise attack.

I mean, can I say this?

This lion is troublesome.

If you avoid the first hit, there is plenty of chance to escape! !

It was just gambling, but the bet went well.

I escaped safely and also got the fruit of Toma.

That's two.

――― Comicalization report ―――

Comicalization of this work has started.

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