Leveling Up, By Only Eating!

Level Up 001 for Food Only



Number 15 in the official world ranking of virtual reality games in Athens.

The Black Wizard Ali reaches the top of the Berets.

'It only took me two months to find a thousand year old snowflake.'

Three thousand years old.

Great elixir item that permanently boosts Magic Power by 1.5x when consumed.

Cash prices are also worth over 200 million.

This is the best complement to the disadvantage of increasing Mana retention.

'Push limits.'

A small smile settles in Ali's mouth.

You have reached your destination, which is the end of the quest.

Ali's face distorted.

"Uh, nothing...!?"

He had to be frightened.

It's because the traces of someone digging through the Thousand Year Old Lunar New Year had already been reversed.

'Who the hell...!'

Did someone else get it by duplicating the quest?

No, more than that, you won't be able to do it unless you're a top ranker with a quest like this.

Ali was soon calmed down when she thought about it.

'It may still be nearby.'

Spent two months of snow for a thousand years.

A blue glow emanates from Ali's hand.

[Tracking spell activated.]

This tracking spell can be found within a kilometer of where the item was originally located.


[Locate target within 300m radius.]

[Start tracking.]

An arrow pops up.

"Even if you do PK! '

Ali quickly chases the arrow and starts to move.

When he moved about 100 meters, a small cavern appeared.



[A huge inferno of fire is created.]

A huge flame was summoned in front of him.

It's a six-class magic.

In case you haven't noticed, I prepared it in advance.

I slowly walked toward the cavern.

In the meantime, I could smell that was stimulating to the tip of my nose.

The smell was familiar.


It smelled like ginseng, as he was a Korean user.

On his way inside, Ali was appalled by the sights in front of him.

There was a man lighting a fire under the hot cauldron.

The man was chewing something out of the tree trunk.

I knew there'd be three in three.

"Hey, hey..."

Ali's voice trembles.

The man's head turns.

He was a man with clean black hair.

Ali said with an unbelievable look on her face.

"Jee, that's not a thousand years old, is it?"

Thousands of years old, Yeongdaeng, and other special items will lose their effectiveness as soon as they split.

It is a system that prevents sharing.

If not foolish, it was Ali who denied the reality because everyone knew the facts and could not believe it.

"That's right."

The man speaks casually and puts all his mouths in his mouth as if not a single bite could be taken from him.

"Wife, where in the world is the one who makes trinket soup out of a thousand years old snowflake!"


The man replied casually.