Leveling Up, By Only Eating!

590 Level-Ups for Food Only

Elizabeth, the god of snakes.

It is said to be the weakest of the six monsters.

However, some of the six monsters were more powerful than others.

And Elizabeth, the god of snakes, had fifteen children.

Among them, there is a child who resembles Elizabeth's genius.

Marquis Riona.

She was the descendant of Elizabeth, the god of snakes.

Marquis Riona was born with the traits of Elizabeth, the serpent god, who wields a peculiar power.

We are no closer to Elizabeth now, but we will transcend her power over time.

Elizabeth, the serpent god, wanted "Riona" to protect the other children.

The baron who was asleep, when she tried to wake the children, she had a system that woke her up first.

"Damn it..."

Vanrod the Lion.

He couldn't hide his frustration.

Temple of the Snake.

There, a ritual was underway to awaken the sleeping Benz of the Earl.

Suddenly, Viceroy Riona wakes up.

The Lion King Vanrod has reached absolute NPC. But I wasn't ready to face Riona, who was the winner here.

The winner was a dangerous man.


He urgently summoned the Beast God.

The giant lion looks at its larger, redder, cracked egg and does not slow its guard.

Stupid. Stupid.


A part of the egg's shell falls to the ground.

Just in time.

[Snake chains are triggered!]

[All skills are temporarily unavailable.]

[All parchment and potions are temporarily unavailable.]


It was true.

Elizabeth, the god of snakes, and Riona, the architect of her child, have the power to control the system.

NPCs that perceive the system as an absolute force that 'Athens' has unleashed cannot imagine that it is controlled.

But it's happening now.


Immediately, you hear a terrible cry from the egg.

Ben-Rod the Lion.

He hurriedly climbs onto the beast's back.

The original goal was to wake up the Earl and lure him to the place where the Maserati guild members were.

After that, hunting him will put an end to the situation cleanly.

But now, it's completely turned on.

'I can never lure them away.'

Before that, she'll eat you.

He was not a reckless fighter.

The answer was to join the Maserati Guild immediately and hunt down Riona.

Tatata, Tatata, Tata, Tata.

The god of beasts starts running at a fierce speed.

After breaking the egg behind her back, Riona, a fully hatched doll, was lighting up her base, covered in sticky, transparent slime.

Along with him, another notification covered the world.

[Snake World]

[Riona's power envelops the path of the stars.]

[The position of the users is controlled.]

[Users of the path of the stars can escape the path of the stars in the next 24 hours.]

Right away.

[An army of snake gods awakens in the world.]

Around 50 snakes have appeared around Riona.

The snakes slowly began to build their shapes.

On the smooth scale of a snake, the armies of Elizabeth, the size of two metres with the face of a dragon.

And with the hair of the vipers among them, the white-skinned Riona began to move on.

"Trying to kill my brothers."

She looks at the path of the stars.

"I will kill them all."

* * *

Min-hyuk who dominated all time attack dungeons and hunted with new guild members.

He was thinking about going back.

'I'm afraid I haven't been able to open all the slots in my MVP shop.'

I can't help it. Collecting cash wasn't as easy as I thought.

Also, after hunting for a few days, the soldiers and guild members will be exhausted.

I did what I wanted.

All guild members handed over StarCoins as a reward for Min-hyuk.

It was worth more than 100,000 platinum.

He tried to turn his back on his regrets and order Min Hyuk to go back.

Right then.

Trees, rocks, land.

Thousands of Serpents appeared everywhere.


"Tsk, tsk, tsk."

"Ow, ow!"

"What, what!!!"

"Why are snakes suddenly like this?"

And the sky bites red.

[The first child of Elizabeth, the god of snakes.]

[Marquis Riona wakes up in the world.]


Min-hyuk's face distorted.

Min-hyuk also examined the six monsters of God and their children before coming on the path of the stars.

Why are you awake? '

It was something he couldn't understand. If someone hadn't touched them, they wouldn't be awake yet.

Did someone wake you up on purpose? '

When I question that.

[Snake World]

[Riona's power envelops the path of the stars.]

[The position of the users is controlled.]

[Users of the path of the stars can escape the path of the stars in the next 24 hours.]

[An army of snake gods awakens in the world.]

It was a successive notification.

'The situation is serious.'

Riona has the power to control the system.

And so she began to control the entire path of these stars.

What does that mean?

It meant I would lock them up and kill them all.

Is it impossible to log out? '

I immediately tried it.

[You will be able to log out in 4 hours.]

Fortunately, you can leave the path of the stars after 24 hours, but you can log out after 4 hours.

But of course, Min-hyuk can't log out.

'Guild members may be NPC, but soldiers are NPC. They're in danger without me.'



Serpents violently attack troops and guild members to make their way up or down.

Here, the number of snakes will spread over tens of millions in the path of stars.

"Huff? I got paralyzed by a snake."

"I'm a poison..."

"I'm Stun."

Even the serpents released by Riona have different traits that affect the opposing party.

Squad Leader Park approached Min-hyuk.

"Your Majesty, give the order."

"We watch the situation."

It is a situation that does not need to appear as a foreign country in heaven.

In addition, you may lose valuable troops.

The goal is to get out of the way of the stars 24 hours after hiding in the safest place possible.

I looked beyond the path of the red stars.

Beyond. Right now, a blood festival is taking place.

* * *

Vietnam, Thailand, China.

These three nations formed an alliance in the path of the stars and were at large in the hunt.

This was one event that meant that after server integration, the three countries wanted to do well in the future.

8,000 in China, 4,000 in Vietnam and Thailand.

There were places where monsters appeared on a massive scale, and they were poaching them as they hunted.

In addition.

Since each country is united, those who insist on each other are on the front line to avoid being attracted to each other.

In Vietnam, Miaoga, the palace that was part of the throne, and in China, the Black Dragons, including Schicharge.

Thailand also participated in Gilma with members of the Tiger Guild called the Royal Thai Joint Chiefs.

They were on an easy hunt and they had also suddenly heard Riona's announcement.

But there were a lot of them.

There were also large numbers of those belonging to the highest NPC class.

There was no great fear. There were too many of them to hide because they were afraid of it.

Right then.

You can see Riona and her army of snakes coming here as they see the true nature of Myao Shrine.

"…… That's unusual."

Myao's face distorted.

Their path has been ravaged.

Everyone was getting swept away, whether it was the user or NPC.

"This... can't be avoided."

"…… I think so."

"It's an opportunity."

Everyone was being slaughtered because it was in Miao's eyes.

If the great soldiers themselves had avoided this, they might have been blamed for a long time.

This disaster that has fallen on the path of the stars.

"We have to fix this."


Myao's bows were pulled.

The world's best archer. Miao's arrows contain a powerful power.

The name is rather childish. One, its power can wipe out more than 1,000 enemies.

"Nuclear bomb."


An arrow that emits a massive wave flies towards Riona's glabella in the distance.

If it goes down and explodes, a 50-meter radius of me will collapse like a nuclear bomb.

But soon, there was a mutation.

As the arrow flies through the air, it hardens like a stone.

Finally, the arrow, which has become a lump of stone, falls to the ground, unable to withstand its weight.



Myao's face was startled.

What do you mean, "the ability to completely override"?

And Riona's creepy eyes met Miao.

Riona has long, yellow eyes.


Myao's back gives me goose bumps.

You can see me from this street? '

Myao is named after the Shrine. But not Riona.

Immediately, Riona and her army begin to rush towards the Allied forces.

It was as fast as folding the ground.

"I'm ready for battle."

Miao recognized the seriousness of the situation.

In just a minute.

They've reached their limit.

And then the collision started, and the world shocked.

* * *

Breaking news is continuing.

[A total of 16,000 coalition forces built by China, Vietnam and Thailand were wiped out by Riona.]

[The Allied forces were exterminated just 30 minutes after the battle began.]

[Riona, amazingly, summoned the power to disable all skills and tens of thousands of snakes, knocking down the alliance with various status conditions.]

[Moreover, even Myao Palace's ability to turn to stone in the face of Riona alone was completely silent.]

[The petrification ability in the eye contact is probably available for a time difference. It's the most tricky thing right now.]

[Experts have strange opinions that it is best to close your eyes and fight against Riona.]

[Not necessarily impossible. Absolute NPCs in the world. because it's not impossible for them to actually close their eyes and fight.]

[Currently, Riona appears and is forced to log out of the path of the stars, counting over 200,000 victims.]

[An unprecedented catastrophe is devastating to those who have left the path of the stars to enjoy new content.]

[People who went hunting with NPCs like friends lost their NPCs forever, and some went on a family-wide hunting spree and were killed.]

[In this regard, the enjoyment side is also the user's responsibility to solve the difficulties. It seems to avoid the situation.]

[Can there be no one to stop the unprecedented disaster?]


He also saw continuing breaking news.

'200,000 users have died.'

Richard is not some kind of monarch.

He updated the new record of the Time Attack Dungeon fairly through his guild members.

He also tried to wake the Earl up and hunt him, as far as possible, from the line that others could not see the harm.

However, his foolishness was damaging many users and NPCs.

And by the nature of this Richard, many follow him.

In front of it are 1,000 of Maserati Guild's elite.

Those who were prepared to hunt the Earl in the first place.

Twenty of them are ranker ranker rankers above the chattering world.

The other two, who are not known as unofficial rankers, are as powerful as the kings who participated in the throne.

Of course, empowering when you don't receive 50% more stat synergy.

"From now on, we lure Riona and her troops here and kill them so that others will no longer suffer harm."

"But, my lord, if I do wrong, everyone..."

"It was all because of my stupidity. Innocents can no longer be harmed. Those who do not join will leave the guild and not be held guilty."

This quote by Richard means that he feels a great weight.

It meant that he would pay for what he had done.

But because he was such a monarch, they all believed in him.

"I'll join you."

"Just give the order."


They all burn hot traditions.

You're a good monarch.

Someone thought.

And someone was Min-hyuk, who went into the cave with guild members and troops near the place where they gathered.

'Why here...'

Their distance was only 100 meters from the caves covered with vines on the large wall behind them.

I was sweating from Min-hyuk's forehead.