Life, Once Again!

00001 Prologue

* * *

Bam, bam!

The bus is racing with an intense Claxon.

Violent driving skills. Buses stumbling from side to side are not uncommon to overturn. Other drivers immediately stopped while driving the bus.

A bus that crossed the lane like a derailed train made its way to India in a hurry. Bang, the bus stopped with a heavy noise. A half-broken telepole falls over the bus. People gather one by one around the silent bus.

Soon after that, the car door opened and the passengers who were on the bus ran out with a frightened face.

“Somebody get 119! ”

“The knight is dying! ”

October 3, 2031.

A bus driver named Hangul has died.

He was 45 years old.

* * *

Have you ever regretted anything in your life?

Suddenly, I opened my eyes, shaking my head. You hear the sound of waves rotting away. A cool breeze came. Where am I?

“You're awake. I was just about to wake you. ”

“Here……. ”

“Think about it. You'll know soon enough.”

As soon as I heard the woman in a clean white shirt, the floor could see what had happened to her. It was surprising but bitter on the one hand.


“I'm dead. ”


“Are you an angel? ”

“Something like that. Some call it an angel, some call it the afterlife. Actually, the title doesn't really matter, and it matters what I say from now on. ”

The woman walked forward volatilly. The floor followed. After a short walk, a puddled umbrella appears on the sand.

“Sit down.”

“Oh, yes. ”

As soon as the floor sat down in the chair, she was the woman who brought the matter to light.

“October 3rd, 11: 23: 14 am. Mr. Hanmuru is dead. Do you remember how he died? ”


The floor reminds me of a time when it was remembered as an old thing. I was driving the bus to the end point. Something flew across the road. It breaks the windshield and smashes its chest. What fell under the driver's seat was a lump of iron that resembled the head of a hammer.

I couldn't breathe. I felt dangerous at the same time. The floor immediately pressed on the brakes and bent the handle towards the uninhabited sidewalk. At that moment, the floor only thought about the safety of the passengers.

And the war.

It was here when I woke up.

“Are... my guests okay? ”

“Mr. Hanmuru calmly drove his car towards India, and all of them survived. If you gave up in the middle, you almost crashed into a freight truck. ”

“Good…… ”

The floor was a little bitter after saying that. People saved him, but he died. Who's gonna take care of my wife and daughter? At that time, life insurance suddenly came to mind.

“Five hundred million won't be enough, but it will be enough for her to grow up, right? ”

“You're thinking about your family. ”

“Yes, I have a daughter who's going to high school now. I couldn't do everything because the money was bad, but I could go to the academy with that money.... ”

The floor stole my tears as I spoke.

“Mr. Hangul. ”


“Life, do you want to live again? ”


It was then that an old woman in a fine tunic appeared behind the woman. The floor knew the grandmother. He was a grandmother in the front house who picked up scrap paper and sold it.


Flooring called the grandmother Mother. Of course she's not my mother. I called him that at some point while giving him a companion.

“The plutocratic grandmother has decided to pass on an opportunity to Mr. Hangul. ”



“What chance? ”

“A chance to live again. ”

When the woman finished speaking, the grandmother approached the floor and grabbed her hand.

“Thanks to you, I wasn't right. Thank you for being so much more gentler than my own son. ”

The floor looks down at the wrinkled hand. I used to help her often because I felt bad about pushing her around on cold days. I didn't ask for anything in particular. I just talked to her and helped her because she seemed happy to laugh.

“Are you saying that I can live my life again instead of my mother? ”


The answer came from the woman. The floor shakes its head firmly.

“Mother, don't do that. What am I...? ”

“I don't want to live my life again. It was horrible. Even if I lived again, I'd still be at war. We'll have to evacuate again. It's better now. I've been up there, but it's great. Lots of friends.”

She was a smiling grandmother.

“But Mr. Floor is different. And I can't watch someone as good as you die in vain. ”

The grandmother said that, and once again she grabbed the hand of the floor.

“I think it's a reward for talking to this old man. ”

“Mother... ”

“Be sure to take it. I'm giving you this chance. ”

At that moment, my grandmother's appearance became blurry and disappeared. I couldn't help but stare at the floor.

“Don't you want to live your life again? ”

“I live life...... again. ”

“Of course, there are some restrictions. The memory won't be intact for now. It means you can't change your life at once with stocks and lotteries. ”

“Are you sure you can start over? ”

“Of course.”

I thought of the floor.

Life so far.

What happens if you live again?

“Hey……. ”

“You can meet your wife now. ”

The woman said as if she had looked into her heart.

“It's up to Mr. Maru to decide, of course, whether or not to choose her. Oh, and I've been given a few abilities. ”


“I think it's a reward for making so many people happy. and another gift from the plutocrat grandmother who just went up to heaven. ”

“He is……. ”

“He's an unspeakable kindness. That's why I gave you the power to live your life again. Now, of course, it's been handed over to Mr. Hangul. ”

The woman rolls a small bullet out of her hand.

“If I eat this, I'll go back to Mr. Hangul as a child. ”

“When I was a child.... ”

“High school grade 1. ”

“I see.”

The floor tried to remind me of high school, but I didn't remember it well. It just reminds me a little of the faces of the children I was communicating with.

“When you wake up, you'll know something about it. ”

The floor has been handed the potion.

I could see the woman smiling.

“Don't live your life too altruistically. It's good to make others happy, but you also have to find your own happiness. ”

Hearing that, the floor smiled lightly and said.

“I'm not that kind of person. ”

It was when the floor hesitated to look at the potion.

A wrinkled hand appeared somewhere and took the potion and put it in the floor's mouth. When the surprise floor turned around, I could see her smiling.

“Live a fun life. ”


The floor has regained consciousness.

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Thank you, Sun-choko.