Lisko's American life

Chapter 1 Small Town

2006. Colorado.

Liske was drunk for three days after handling his father's funeral. Now he has a splitting headache. After a few sips of coffee, he rubbed his temples and lay in front of his fireplace meditating.

"Destiny is really unpredictable." The sunlight passed through the gap in the window sill and spread on his white side face. A piece of flax-colored hair was standing messy, and a few playful ones turned up. .He got out of bed, was 1.8 meters tall, his six-pack abdominal muscles were shining brightly, opened the door of the room, and went to the bathroom. The bladder that had been held back overnight was released.

"Comfortable~" He squinted his eyes, shuddered, and walked to the mirror. His face was carved like a sculpture, with sharp features, angular and unusually handsome.The appearance seems to be licentious, but the inadvertent light in his eyes makes people dare not look down upon it.Under a pair of sword eyebrows are a pair of slender peach eyes, full of passion, and people will fall into it if they are not careful.The tall nose and moderately thick red lips are now filled with a dizzying smile.

"Who would have thought that I, a fat man who died in a dead house, could actually regenerate into a star?"

He rubbed his face and recalled his experience.

It has been half a month since he came to this world fruit. Yes, our Lisko is a traveler. Before he traveled, he was a small screenwriter for a domestic film and television company. He didn't know the reason for the travel. It was just an unknown existence. A little joke, anyway, he only knows the code word of staying at home before crossing, and there are no parents or friends. There is no worse situation, right?

He is quite satisfied with his current situation. The great-grandfather is Chinese, and his grandfather is of Chinese and Jewish race. He is a 22-year-old Yale graduate and professional writer. After graduation, he published two books. The first "Blood Road" is A book describing the incident of Chinese workers going to the United States to repair railways in 1865, and won the "American Book Review Award."The second "Red Diamond" describes the history of diamond workers' blood and tears, and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, but he was defeated by a German writer and was called the "Leader of Young American Literature" by the media.Simply a winner in life.

His ancestors ran a ranch in Colorado. His grandfather Li Duo smuggled here and used his life savings to buy a small ranch of 100 acres. After several generations of hard work, he expanded it to 3000 acres.His grandfather and grandmother died early in poor health, and Lisko's mother died soon after he was born.In the recent financial crisis, his father went bankrupt and was forced to sell the ancestral "Li's Ranch". It didn't take long for his father to die in depression. After dealing with his father's funeral, Lisko was thinking about his own way out.

Yesterday, the lawyer had read his father's will. What he missed most before his death was his own ranch. Lisko had already commissioned a lawyer to buy it at a premium, and he was about to deal with it.

The two books published by Li Sike have brought him a lot of fame and huge income. Now his worth has reached more than 100 million US dollars.After a few days of running-in, the memories of him and the original body have merged, but after all, he was a Chinese who had never been abroad in his previous life, and all his habits were incompatible with the previous ones. In order to avoid the flaws of friends and colleagues, he decided In order to move back to his own ranch to live, first to complete his father's entrustment, secondly, his work can be done anywhere, no one is disturbed in the ranch, and it is more suitable for writing.

After crossing, Lisko discovered that his memory is like a fish jumping out of a fish tank and swimming to the sea. He can even remember the bite of a neighbor’s little girl when he was seven months old in his previous life. For the American script he studied later for work , Novels, film and television dramatists remember clearly, and discovered that some of the world's modern history, classic literature have disappeared, he does not have much doubt about this, after all, every traveler is loved by the world.

He got up, put on a slender windbreaker, and walked out of this hotel. Garrison is a small town in the Grand Junction District. His ancestors have settled here for almost two hundred years.He also spent his childhood here, until he went to New York to attend high school, and he has not returned for eight or nine years.

"Hey, Mark Twain,"

"Hey, Uncle Dell"

Dale is a veterinarian in the town. He and Liske’s father were playmates that grew up together. Since Li Siliang returned to the town, everyone has called him Mark Twain. The main reason is that the cowboys are not interested in reading. They know The most powerful literary writer is Mark Twain.

"You know, Sco, I'm very sorry, Tem's death, we are very good brothers, but Sco, we should look forward to the death."

Lisko was silent for a while.

"I understand, Dell, I decided to buy back the property and settle in Garrison. I have started to buy Lee's Ranch, and of course its name is Damn Pony Jasmine's Ranch."

"Sco, you are the most powerful person in Colorado since Nikola Tesla and Reagan. I mean you are from Garrison. This is your hometown. We will support you. "

"Thank you, Dell, I'm going to Maggie's, would you like a drink?"

"No, I won't go. The stingy blogger calf is sick again, damn it, he never paid $200 to inject that calf with vitamins." Lisko patted him on the shoulder and waved goodbye.

Pushing the door open, there was a burst of laughter in the bar, Lisko walked to the bar, "Maggie." "Wow, Mark Twain, Lisko, it's been a long time since I saw you, you are great now."

After the two embraced, they sat down separately. Maggie is the wife of the farmer Bo. Now she runs the only bar in the town. Lisko has lost her mother since she was a child. His only maternal love is felt from Maggie.

"Li Sko, you have been busy on the day of the funeral, and there is no time to say hello, how are you now,"

Maggie poured a glass of whiskey and wiped the glass,

"I'm okay, how are you doing? Is it still like that with Bo?"

"You know, it's still like that. Bo reconciled with your father. On the night your father sold the ranch, the two of them were drunk. The two quarreled because of the different concepts of the Vietnam War. They have not had any contact for decades. , I didn’t see it before, of course, I mean you’ve always been excellent, but I was shocked when I saw you being interviewed on TV. I never thought you would be so good. That day, there were people everywhere in the bar. You cheer, they call you son of Garrison."

Li Ske smiled. Although the memories have merged, she still feels a little strange, as if she is talking about another person, and there is no fluctuation in her heart.

"Where is Colt, where is it recently?"

"The last time I heard the news that he was playing in the Canadian league, and then I heard that he was fired. Anyway, it has been the case for so many years, Bo and I have gotten used to it."

Bo is a rancher in a small town. He is an authentic old cowboy. He has a firm and unsmiling character. His ranch is just a bit bigger than Lisko.His eldest son Cock followed him to take care of the ranch, and Maggie was his wife.The two have been separated for four or five years.His second son is a rugby player who plays in a third-tier club and has not returned for many years.

After drinking a glass of wine, Lisko received a call from his lawyer and redeemed the Lee Ranch for seven million dollars.Li Sike found a service company to manage farm cleaning and renovation, and at the same time commissioned a lawyer to dispose of some fixed assets invested in New York. The time soon came the next day.

Liske got up early, ate breakfast at random, and then took out two bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey from the luggage he brought back, which was given to him by his agent when he was Nobel nomination.

Jack Daniels, one of the ancient American wine producers, the top whisky brand, is made from rye, corn and malt.Since we choose to store in carbonized white oak barrels, after opening the bottle, it will smell like a barrel smell of paint.As for the taste, Jack Daniels is heavy. Many people like to drink it with Coke to reconcile the original heavy taste.

Lisko took out the gift box, wrapped it, and fastened it with a beautiful cable tie.

He went downstairs and chose a Chevrolet pickup in the garage. Bo is an old-fashioned farmer. He is serious and he is not used to seeing other cars. The cowboy's thinking makes him think that the other cars are soft and soft. .