Lord of Solples



I've heard garbage all my life.

I have no natural talent, no better than others, and I have never argued with the sound of such rubbish. I've only done a few exercises, and those exercises have only left blankets in the middle of the night as an experience.

Fucking life.

For the first time in my life, I found something better than anyone else.

Virtual Reality Game!

In reality, I, who lived at the bottom of the food chain, was a predator who could trample some of the game's ugly and distant creatures in a virtual reality game.

It was an era when even playing well could bring wealth and honor.

There was no hesitation.

To succeed with the game, I played the game with a lifetime of dedication. I did whatever it took to succeed. It was the intention not to cover up the means and methods if it could succeed.

In the end, if I reach out a little further, I come to a distance where I can hold what I've been hoping for.

Just a little more, just a little more!

I was able to reach it just a little further....

“Motherfuckers. ”

I really didn't expect my colleagues to hold my ankle for the rest of my life.


He was betrayed by his colleagues, and the four-year time he devoted to the game became a bubble.

He was bent on betrayal, had a hole in his lifelong, sturdy camouflage, and even developed interpersonal steatosis.

“If I believe in the Son of Man again in the future, I am not a man. ”

When I had the opportunity to start all that new, my choice was already set.

“Whether you're killed or you're fed, I'll show you what it is to eat alone. ”

A monologue!

That's why I play the game by myself.

Prologue end.