Lord of the Skill

Skill Emperor 261 Coins

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Bashrack, Bashrack, Bashrack.

You hear pieces of glass stepping on your feet.

When the gloved hand touches, the broken pieces begin to swirl and snap together.

Dimension Spiral.

The dimensional force that Diago failed to absorb remained in place.

The fever thought it was broken, but the remains still held its power.

The shape was not important.

As long as dimensions exist, there must be dimensions.

The eyes in the mask glare at the vortex.

"Hmm…. Imhotal Runner.... I never thought I'd get that job. I couldn't even calculate that he had an opening. I really don't know anything about this world."

He looks down at the dimensional door through the darkness.

It was like any other scenery in Seoul.

Then he picks up the sword murderer who fell into the darkness.


The day shivers as if the sword were still alive.

"Heavy heat. I want to applaud the choice of normal life, not bladder.... The job you got, too, is one you can't get away from."

He pulls a small object out of his chest.

Then a holographic picture of the tower shrinking appeared in the blue light screen.

Some of them were empty and some were painted red.


Once the stone has been inserted into the machine, a compartment of the tower turns red.

"Dimension regained. As you can see, the 67BFG dimensional Earth ended before the Farell was created."

[Soo-hyun Choi. Okay, come back soon. I closed my eyes to your involvement in the Seven Thrones, but I wouldn't have let you get involved with the Farrells on that Earth.]

An enchanted voice from an earphone that is plugged into your ear.

I felt a slight smile on my mask.

"Where to next."

He pulls a small slate into his arms.

On the old slate was a strange painting like the one in the Grave of Swords.




He sticks the dagger in his back.

"Enjoy your life now. Gangnam Fever"

The core created at the center of the sword begins to glow blue.

"Blader's day will soon come."


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Author Reviews

Hi there.

This is Lee Hyun-seok of the Skill Lord.

Starting in June 2016, we ended our 11-month journey through May 2017, bringing down the film of the skill emperor.

The first thing I want to say is thank you to my readers for following me to the end.

Even though it was never a short time, every single comment that mattered to me was very powerful.

I don't know if any of you know this, but the Lord of Skills shares and shares my vision of the world with my former sensation, Assending Blade.

Each novel has its own worldview.

Pharel, the composition of the world,

Blader, a mysterious organization,

Immortal Runner,

And the identity of the swordpaw.

If you've enjoyed seeing the King of Skills because each element is intertwined, please read the Accentuating Blade, which is the former Sense, and we think you'll find little fun not found in the King of Skills.

In addition, these materials will be borrowed from my later novels, and we are planning for each novel to be completed in one big picture (Universe).


Please remember that the story of forced heat is not yet over and can appear in my novel at any time.

Once again, I would like to sincerely thank all my readers for loving my work.

We'll be back soon with a new novel that we're working on, and we'll try to make it even more enjoyable next time.

Best regards,

May 10, 2017.

Lee Hyung-seok.