Magi Craft Meister

81-14 Analysis and critique

On March 6, after breakfast, a flight test of the "Nile Ridge" using the "Magi Rocket Engine" was conducted.

Reiko was the one who piloted remotely.I was bought that reaction rate.

The reason why it wasn't Hope was that the size of the steering device was more or less the size for Reiko.

Location is Tatumi Bay, Phrom Phong.

No matter what, we have everything to deal with it.

It was Jen and Gou who were present.Merze stayed with Elsa and Amanda in Reuzart.

Well, let's go.

In a word, Reiko started the [Nile] engine.

The jet flame is vigorously spewed out from the tail jet orifice.

The ship's pier was used as a runway, and the "Nile Ridge" ran out.

Keep increasing the speed and take off after about 30 meters of gliding.

I flew!


Reiko raises the [Nile] at an angle of 45 degrees.

I quickly lost track of it with my naked eye.

But I'm fine.

As a temporary monitor, a large magic projection window (magic screen) is installed inside the makeshift hut.

The footage you chased with the "Peek Telescope (Peepers)" is shown.

Flight posture is stable, isn't it?

It's the sixth Delta Wing.

Rubina said proudly.

Unit 6 of the Delta wing aircraft has been made regardless of model size and actual machine size.

It was a plane that infused all of its previous know-how.

Yeah, Rubina said it all.

Isn't that right?

"Reiko, it's time to move on to the exercise test."...... Isn't that right, Rubina? "

"Of course! I beg you."

Well then.

Therefore, Reiko performs three consecutive flips, which are the basics, and then performs three consecutive flips.

“Great, there's less slowing down.”

Next up are Immermann Turn and Split S.This was also done with ease by the [Nile Rattan].

Horizontal flight to Ellron Roll. This is also stable.

It looks like you're doing well.

Rubina looked happy.

The maximum speed is over 400 kilometers per hour, right?

Considering that it is one-tenth of the actual machine, it is a number that is too much.

After that, the vertical ascent roll and vertical descent roll were also possible without any problems, so Reiko gave instructions and decided to land the [Nile].

Oh, I see it.

Tatsumi Bay is home to the Nile Ridge.

Reiko landed the [Nile] safely on the pier.

"Come on, let's check the plane."... the area around the engine is hot, so be careful. "


Gou, help him too.

"Ah, yes....... Rubina, I'll help you."

Thank you

With Gou's help, Rubina proceeded with the check.

There was only one point that Jen noticed, but she kept silent to determine whether the two of them would notice it.

"...... Rubina, here"


The first thing I noticed was Gou.

It's a Maggi rocket engine stand, but it's causing a slight drop in strength.

"Huh? That's... oh, really"

Why is that?

"... all you can think about is the heat."

Rubina was the first to guess the cause.

“Yes, this engine generates a lot of heat, so we have to take into account the heat resistance of the surrounding materials.”

Jen confirmed the conjecture.

"... ahh, my plane was set up based on the [Magic Jet Engine]"

Okay, you've noticed that.

The thermal conductivity of the light silver and 64 light silver that make the airframe is quite low among the metals.In other words, the fever is easy to cage.

Although it is a 64-light silver with high heat resistance, when the heat of this basket approaches 600 degrees Celsius, [stress removal annealing] occurs.

As a result, the strength that should have been increased by machining and curing decreases.

This can be prevented by using a material that has been annealed from the outset, by using a material that is more heat resistant, or by allowing it to cool down so that it does not reach annealing temperatures.

There were other things, but I was wondering if Gou and Rubina would notice.

"Come on, Rubina, what do we do?" Let's see what Gow can do for herself.Five minutes. "

"Huh? Hmmm..."

"Yes, yes.... erm..."

Two people to think about it.

Five minutes later, Jen asks each of them what their judgments are.

"I use highly heat-resistant materials, like Adamantite."

Yeah. How about Gow?

"I'm cooling down."

The two disagree.

Since none of the answers are correct, Jen will comment on each judgment.

First of all, it's Rubina, but that way won't lead to a cost increase.

That can't be helped, can it?

Adamantite is generally very expensive.I don't mind using it on Ponri and Onogoro islands.

"Gow's way is to have a bigger engine, and hence a bigger plane."

I can't help it.

There are short stories, but neither is wrong.

By the way, Jen thinks close to Rubina.I was in a position to use plenty of rare materials.

But of course, it can also be made at "low cost".

In that case, Ren is......

If I were you, I'd use the material that was annealed from the beginning.

"Why is that?"

"First of all, the cost. 64 In the case of light silver, the strength drop due to annealing is about 40 percent.In other words, it is sufficient to make the support bracket with 40% more strength.You don't have to cool it down. "

If cooling is essential, it can't be used in environments where cooling is not possible, such as when you have to fly in a hot environment, etc.

"Of course, it is necessary to assume the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature in terms of the operating environment.In my "swallow", the usage environment is about minus 80 degrees Celsius to plus 300 degrees Celsius. "

Where does that temperature come from?

“Minus 80 degrees is a reference to the temperature of dry ice. I don't think 300 degrees is very well founded.”


"By the way, the minimum temperature in the Nordic Federation is minus 50 degrees Celsius."

It's freezing!

Yeah, well, I mean, let's use a material that doesn't burn down at 300 degrees Celsius.

"... I see."

This was Rubina and Gou, who had gained another experience.