Magi Craft Meister

Reference1 (Character) 20170613


This is Reiko, an automatic doll. Dark hair hanging on my back, dark eyes. I look like I'm about ten.

What I have in my hand is probably a ball of Demon Crystal (Magi Crystal).


Girl from Kaina Village. Slightly dull blonde with tinted eyes. Age eight. I feel a little light-hearted.

I have a heavy water bucket.


This is Lisia Farheit, the new nobleman of the Kingdom of Klein.

Lithia, the source of the word, is a prefix attached to minerals containing lithium. I also pronounce it with Lithia. It has nothing to do with the story, though.


A red-haired girl I met outside of Blueland. Slender.


Young shipbuilder (Shiplight), 23 years old, blonde short, blue eyes, wheat skin.

I'm being made to look like this and eat.

Elsa Randall

The eldest daughter of the Viscount of the Imperial Shoulo, aged 16 to 17, semi-short of platinum blonde, watery eyes, white skin.

I care about modest breasts.

Height 160 cm, 43 45 kg. B79 80, W54, H80 82.

Congratulations, Beana.

Flying wedding because Beana and Count Kuzma were engaged during the making.

I said I wouldn't draw a man or something and I drew it. Count, give thanks to Beana (laughs

Stearina Gamma

Magician of the Kingdom of Celluloa (Magicraftsman).

Copper hair, red brown eyes. Hair drips or brackets.

Saki Eschenbach

Alchemist of the Shauro Empire.

Twenty-one. Red brown hair, purple grey eyes.

158cm, 46km. B77, W53, H78.

I'm the only one.

Eyewear version.

Dress version.

Berche Geist von Scarlett

18 years old. 150 cm, 42 km. B90, W56, H85.

Valentine's version, but I'm in the process of making it and I don't have Valentine's.

Eira Ciata and Kathea

Eira is 27 years old, 163 cm, 54 km. B89W55H88. Redhead, brown eyes.

Kathea is 19 years old. He is 156cm tall and weighs 45 kg. B78, W55, H82. Semi-short blonde, blue-green eyes. Wear round glasses.

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