Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won’t Hang Her Head Down Anymore

397. Temple Contract and Golden Magic Lantern

The next day, Darya was visiting the temple as the sunset diminished in redness.

Marcela told me that she would be escorted, but there are twins and babies in the house.

I don't want you to work overtime. Even so, I don't want to worry if I travel alone.

Therefore, I consulted with Ivano and decided to come in a horse-drawn carriage from the Rossetti Chamber of Commerce and have Maina accompany me from the stable to the temple.

When she came to the reception with Maina, the female guru, who was the guide, came to Darya.

After seeing it, he went back to the stable.

I was guided to a room a little behind the temple, past a narrow passageway and two doors.

The female guru waits in front of the door.

Once inside, Elaldo and Jonas were already waiting.

The walls of the small room are all white.

There were no windows, and there were magic lanterns on the left and right walls.

And there were four chairs with backs, and they turned to Erald, and they and Jonas sat side by side.

Darya-sensei, you seem to have a lot of connections here.

Thank you for your help, Eraldo-sama.

Erald smiled and nodded honestly.

Recently, when the chairman of the Haldard Chamber of Commerce, Youssef, collapsed, he was rushed with a horse to be treated. In the third section of the Royal Castle Magic Tool Production Department, he was appraised that the magic power of Black Slime remained in his hand.

Thank you for taking care of me.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Darya. Please forgive me if I should be your substitute for Master Guido or Master Rosalia."

No, don't worry about it.

The purpose of today is the Temple Contract.

Darya has nothing to say about the eyes of Rosalia in House Scalfallot.

The House of Scalfarot is quite notable for its imminent ascent from the count to the marquis.

Either the husband and wife will come to the temple and stand out.

Fortunately, Jonas is in and out of the temple with Ivano in relation to the carriage.

Carriages filled with cushions derived from yellow slime are said to be valuable for transporting the sick and for the gurus of long-distance travel.

Donna taught me about this yesterday when she came to tell me the time of the temple contract.

"Now, I think you are both busy, so without the preface - today I will explain the temple contract that Dariya-sensei will receive."

Yes, please.

"The contract you are requesting this time is the mildest contract. If you try to speak, you will not speak, and if you try to write, your hands will not move. You can tell your opponent that you have a Temple Contract. Even if you sign a temple contract, it won't interfere with your normal life and magic power.”

If so, it would have no effect on the magician's ability, and Darya was relieved.

Erald continues to explain in a flowing manner.

"If you want to cancel, I'll give you two Temple Contract documents - one for Jonas and one for Darya - but please take it with you." However, please note that the same fee will apply. ”

Got it.

I have the Scalfarot family for today, but they usually have four gold coins and a donation, as Ivano told me.

"Mr. Darya, do you have any questions so far?" Please don't hesitate to ask. "

Well, what about the higher temple contract?

What if I wanted to see you?

When Erald sent Jonas a gaze, he shook his head to the side.

Darius hastily denies.

“No, I don't know anything about the Temple Contract, so I just wanted to know.”

"Darya-sensei is going to be a sage soon." If that's the case, you should know it as one of the noble stories. ”

Lady Eraldo.

It's the responsibility of the guru, Jonas.

And the silver-collarman smiled with a smile against Jonas, who called his name.

"There are several types, but if you separate them up, they will stop breathing. For example, in the case of confidentiality, if you try to talk or write, you will stop breathing because you can't speak or write.”

She looked pretty scared. But then we'll have to keep a secret.

“Top of the list, breaking the contract stops the heart. For example, if someone who had a contract not to kill someone tries to do so, the heart stops moving. The effect of the contract is very high.”

"Oh, is that so..."

At last, my voice came up.

It is more life-threatening than effective.

The content that must be contracted to that extent must be not much.

"However, you cannot enter into a temple contract unless you accept it wholeheartedly. It is impossible to unilaterally contract and subordinate. When it comes to cancellation, the conditions may change, so you will be asked to bring both documents at that time. Well, some people burn their documents on the spot because they're willing to never remove them.”

The green amber gaze flowed loosely to Darya's right.

Jonas, the next door neighbor, was silent and kept his face silent.

Darius, who understood the meaning, bowed his eyes and shut his mouth.

Well, here's the explanation, let's start with the Temple Contract.

The three of them rose together.

Erald puts two pieces of parchment on a small desk beside a chair. And I made a silver collar with my fingertips.

"The contractor, His Excellency Darya Rossetti. Contractor, acting as Agent for Guido Scalfarot, Jonas Dratsi. Constraints: It is forbidden to transmit special information about the eyes of Lord Rosalia Scalfarot. Is there any difference?"

Yes, and Jonas answered with a voice, and Darius was told to sit on the chair.

It was probably the same as when I was in the third division of the magic tool production department, so I couldn't fall because I was intoxicated.

"I'd like to borrow your right hand." Look me in the eye - the temple of Ordine, the vice temple head, Herald, asks. Darya Rossetti, do you accept this contract? "

I accept.

Herald's hands, which touched him like he was lifting his hand, were cool.

Just like last time, the staring green amber eyes turn deep and invisible dark green.

Also, do you see a deep forest in that eye? When I thought so, I felt like I could have a thin net all over my body.

This may be the case with the insects caught by the insect net.

I felt a little difficult to breathe, but my breathing was normal, so it was probably due to tension.

Darya gazed at Elaldo's eyes, slightly stiffening her body.

The vivid reminders were Rosalia's blue silver eyes, Guido's description, and Volff's plaque.

Cornburno has succeeded with his fairy crystal glasses, so Rosalia will be able to see and laugh at the faces of her family and close ones.

And it reminds me of the nightmare I had when I made my fairy crystal glasses.

Make sure Volff returns safely so he doesn't fall to the ground like that.

Maybe because of the temple, my wish turned into a prayer.

The magic power like a two-eyed net enveloped me.

It felt a little thicker than the first magic power.

In the midst of magic, I remembered the glasses that gave Volff the image of a golden eye, and from there, memories were connected like threads.

In my previous life, a little before I disappeared, my mother needed reading glasses.

When I returned to my next long holiday, I emailed to go looking for something stylish with a new thin string (vine) - reminding me of an unfulfilled promise and hurting my chest.


The dark green eyes he was staring at were suddenly closed and his hands were released.

The magic power swayed wobbly, and the left side of the room darkened at the same time.

"--The contract is complete. Oh, the magic stone is broken. Once we've reviewed your documents, we'll replace them.”

One of the magic lanterns on the wall had disappeared.

The Fire Magic Stone was about to run out of magic power.

However, even the magic lantern on the right side was still visible, so there was no problem.

Darya puts a needle in his little finger, and on the small desk he signs two pieces of parchment with blood.

It is said that this is definitely proof of identity.

Her little finger was healed on the spot. I am grateful that the burning pain has disappeared immediately.

Each piece of parchment is placed in a black leather tube.

One of the cylinders was given to Jonas, and the other to Darius.

I was going to put it in my bag, but since the cylinder is longer, I think I'll take it home with me.

"Now, we need to replace the Fire Magic Stone." Sure, I'm supposed to pull it out of here... "

Erald removes the magic lantern on the wall and tries to remove the magic stone holder above and below the small desk.

However, it appears to be pull-out, and it does not come off just by pulling and slightly moving.

Um, Master Erald, may I have a look?

Darya had an imagination.

The magic lantern could not be removed from the magic stone just by lying down.

The pull-out type is often lifted up once to remove the step of the stop, or there are screws and pins on the bottom.

“Thank you, I'll leave it to the experts.”

He handed it to me as it was, so I lifted it and looked at the bottom.

There are no screws or pins, so it is a stepped type. I decided to lift the magic stone holder and it came off immediately.

"There is a step stop in this part, so if you lift the magic stone holder a little and then pull it, you can remove it immediately."

"I see. I use magic lanterns every day, but it's hard to exchange magic stones, so I studied them."

When she took the Fire Magic Stone out of the cupboard, Elald happily exchanged it for the Magic Stone.

The lighted magic lantern glowed very brightly.

The shape is a standard lantern shape, but the polished golden umbrella beautifully reflects the light.

Whether the umbrella was enchanted or not, the light drifted slightly golden and soft.

It's pretty golden, isn't it?

Volff's golden eyes were reminiscent of his radiance.

It seemed that the guru in front of him was with me.

"Speaking of gold, Lord Volff has very beautiful eyes." That golden eye is the very blessing of God, and I hope you will love it. "

"Lord Erald, that's... no, excuse me."

I almost contested it, but that's not what I can say.

Jonas spoke as he squeezed his mouth tightly.

"I don't know if that eye-catching or beautiful, but there were a lot of unwanted editorials. Often they have been strangled by women or resented by men or their families. So I had to do it alone -- sometimes I still hide my golden eyes with glasses."

“Is that true? Not that it's popular and very favourable?”

“Sounds good when it comes to popularity and favoritism, but I think it's more accurate to say that you're struggling with excessive nuisance. Even the Scalfarot family has been dealing with it for a long time. If there's anything you'd like to tell me about Mr. Volfford, I'd like you to stop--"

"Yes, of course, I won't recommend it!" However, since Mr. Volff seemed to have Darya-sensei and close friends, and the squad had a friendly conversation... everyone loved him and was happy... "

Ellard's voice was unusually disturbed by the reversal of his praise.

In fact, it may be the case from the perspective of a third party who does not know the circumstances.

"It is now. Mr. Volfford has been a good friend since last year."

While saying that, the rust-colored eyes turned towards me.

The explanation is correct, but what can I say to myself here? Could there be a follow-on classic for an aristocratic case like this? I think desperately, but nothing comes out of it.

"-Yeah, since last year."

Erald turned to himself and nodded.

I want you to wait and tell me what you are convinced of.

You got a good friend, didn't you, Volff?

"I 'm--"

I'm not that much of a person, so to speak, and I rethink.

Volff is a dear friend of his.

And he also thinks of Darya as a dear friend.

It would be different to deny it here and to despise it.

I am proud to be his friend, and I want to answer straight.

“Thank you, I hope so.”