Maid Will Go on Through Thick and Thin!

Introduction to characters who take care of rattling


"Made". It is not women's but family medicine that is expensive.

I have just the ability to do my chores in general, but not the fighting power. Instead of it, it is weak.

I have an instrumentally poor temper.

Bon, cu, bon is far away. Pong, kioo, mung.

Law of Mass Preservation followers.

The game is the type to play. I want to defeat the Demon King with a hiccups stick.


"Swordsman". Cloak in lightly dressed armor, and start with a sword.

He was the head of the chemistry department, but we all forget that.

I lose my head, I can exercise there, I have a good personality, I don't look bad, and yet I'm afraid somewhere.

It looks good anyway, so it's okay for women to take it.

The sense of responsibility is strong. I want to return my staff (and everyone in the school if possible) without being indispensable.

Persimmon peas are pies that only eat persimmons.

Hanagasaki (Postcard)

"Mage". This happened because I'm smart.

He was deputy director of chemistry, but no one remembers that.

The head spins fast. Good grades, too. Tall, too, but sprouts.

Maido thinks I have a cleanliness problem, but that's not true.

Maido thinks it's a tundelle, but he says it's not true.

It's his personality that can use all the ice magic and water magic.

If this guy starts using flame magic, he must be fake.


"Scholar". But a combat position.

The name reads "Shicha".

So commonly known as the president. There's no one to call me by my real name, so my real name is Air.

Bright in poison and minerals.

The type that goes anywhere if you're heading in the direction of interest or interest, but can't move in any other direction at all.

Sometimes it's too rational to be rational.


"Knight." A balanced avant-garde position with excellent offense.

One, poor kid started in the bathroom.

I have the least poison in the face of the chemistry department.

It is rare among groups of Indoeans and possesses athletic-like motor abilities.

It's painfully silent, but the conversation is actually just shifting while I'm thinking about what to talk about. I often talk when the topic is slow.

If I play a bluff game or something, I can duck around Hangasaki and Tsunaga.

Cat pie over dog.

needle raw

"Bandits". Hands are clever. The tip.

I'm not very different from Maido in height, but heavy is heavy because I have a lot of muscle mass.

I'll get through it on the spot nori. Rare, bright and social in this group.

The way the guerrilla fights seems pretty good because you can instantly judge things.

Rich in improvisation, but not much planning.

However, you are lucky for some reason.

The room is full of loading gauges. Second time, but not much planning.

Added bird (heel)

"Sniper". My eyes are not sharp. Pong Yao.

Atmospheric pondering factor. With this guy, the air around him soothes.

You look like you're pounding, and you're hard to tell when a lie is a lie, so you can be strong in a bluff game.

There's not much loading gauge because it's all online.


"Warrior". It's full body armor, so I think it's moving.

It had above-average volumes, but the volume decreased because of life in different worlds.

Like needle students, the rare type that is sociable for 10%.

The terroir is good, but harder than that. Something clever. But cooking alone can't do anything or anything for any reason. Why?

I have a hard past of some distracted metal getting up after battle and looking at this one and choosing 'no' by mistake.


"Monk". A profession that can handle sacred magic and light magic.

Diet and lifestyle are improved and rough skin is cured in different worlds of life.

I can notice the details and pay delicate attention. His mind is also delicate.

But because of that, there is no word for sociability. 10% and humble. So people who don't know what's going on are treated like creeps. But there were many more creeps.

Except for Maido, I'm best at chores.