"Hey, okay? Here's the real deal."

Oh, wasn't that the point until now, no.

"Especially Maido, listen. We think that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, we'll be almost done exploring the range of excursions. Then the next step will be to go as far as you can't go on a day trip.

If we do that, we'll have to camp or take this building, but the former will have to leave Maido outside.

There's a risk in both of them, and I want to hear your opinion. "

... Than I expected, it was the point.

"And I think you should take every room for now, huh? Camp or something, right?

Right? I'll tell you what, your expressions are not excellent.

Or whatever you think, the disadvantages will be greater than the advantages of camping or something!

"It's a map for now. Really? President."

"Yes, this is the map of the area we've explored."

It was the experimental notes that were spread out on the desk. There was a map there. Apparently the president wrote down the terrain he grasped in "Mapping".

"This is the current point. You're about 2 km south of here and you have a river.

This is the point where we discovered the science lab and Mr. Horizon about 20 km west of this river transmission.

So, a little further southeast from the current location is the point where the river narrowed, and from there, across the river, and further west to turn back, the point where we found Mr. Kabir and Needlework. You're just about in position to cross the river and face this place.

The point I said… In other words, the explanation proceeds as I finger the mark on the place that there was a toilet and a chemistry lecture room.

"So, going west from here, through the woods, all of a sudden the monster gets stronger. So for now, the west is on hold."

Mostly from around here, the president drew a line about 9 km further west from the Kakusan-kun discovery point.

"The north side, as you can see, is a cliff, not very much, but a bit too little return, I guess, in terms of the risk of exploration.

The east side has always been a mountainous area. It changes the type of monster, but it's much better than the west.

Once we made our way northeast from here, we found something strange in the woods. "

The president says, pointing to the position that it's probably 50 kilometers away from the current location.

Well, you guys can travel 100 kilometers back and forth in half a day.

"So, going further south across the river, a huge lake... I mean, there's the ocean, and I don't feel like I can cross this for a bit. It also looks like an island-like float in the middle...... well, the south is on hold too.

So East is the way to go, but I'm going to explore it from the ruins for now. It just takes less than half a day, from here to the ruins, doesn't it? So we talked about camping because day trips are not possible. "

"... no, no, no, no, no, no. Then it would be more efficient to move the base to near the ruins?

"No, there's a commensurate risk to moving, huh?

Speaking of meetings, everyone around here seemed to be acting as they talked during the day exploration, and grasped it. I don't understand, it's just me.

... Sorry for the inconvenience.

"First of all, if there's a chemistry lab here, it won't have to be different from the people who came looking for us.

This is true of the other two in the chemistry department, but of course I can tell you about the masses of other people who should have been in school.

However, given the location relationship between the chemistry lab and the chemistry lecture lab, the chemistry lab, and the toilet, I think it's reasonable to think that the school structure, while maintaining the classroom location relationship, was increased in its scale and blown up a little bit.

It's about as close to the classroom as it was, which means the classroom is far away, so this might be a low expectation. "

Uh, don't make it any easier to talk.

Let's just talk about our school.

Our school, in brief, can be divided into five parts.

The first is a four-story south school building.

There are rooms like the staff room, the principal's office, the broadcast room, the infirmary, and classrooms ranging from one to three years.

I mean, it's usually a school building with space for classes and administrative space.

Next, a three-story north school building.

There are special classrooms like our chemistry lab, music lab, home cooking lab, and various labs, or rooms with faculty in each subject.

Next, the west wing, which is located connecting the south school building to the north school building.

This is a building with a library room and a hall.

By the way, there are a total of six aisles connecting the south school building to the north school building, including the part that is in the west wing.

1F is almost integrated with the courtyard, but well 2F, 3F is a crossing.

And further south of the south school building, there is a small, remote school building. His name is the extracurricular learning building, and hardly anyone uses it, but it must have been a theatre department or something.

Access is tedious like an asshole, the only passage is on the west side of the South School Building 2F, and I'll let you in from there.

Finally, facilities such as gymnasiums, room buildings, and memorials are built in a way that extends further west than the west wing.

This one is a little distant from the school building, so I usually have to go from 1F.

And then there's the ground, the parking lot, the garbage dump. I'll skip explaining that.

... uh, what are you talking about, oh, yeah, I mean, I can find someone else - about the possibility that someone else can find me.

Our chemistry lab is located at 2F in the north school building.

And because there are so many special classrooms in the North School Building, there are usually not that many people, so that means...

Probably thin expectations.

Once there was another 2F North area around the English Department Laboratory, Mathematics Department Laboratory and Music Relations classroom, you might find around the English Department faculty and choir department.

But... there wasn't a single faculty member in the science lab, so the English faculty has low expectations.

And I don't really want to think about it, but the fact that there was a music room is called West.

... the monster is strong.

Yeah, let's not. Let's not think about it. We're full of ourselves now.

"So, the second risk about moving is the field.

I can move the classroom, but I can't move the field, so I'm going to get rid of the field here.

This is simply unbearable.

In particular, there is a solution for mobilizing the president and Hanagasaki again to build a new field, but I want to keep the MP as warm as possible in the unknown.

One reason is that it will only be easier for the mint to stabilize as a means of MP recovery. "

"And then I figured you'd be the neck,"

And the biggest risk of momentum blowing that up, that's me.

Yes, it's me.

Simply because I'm incapable of fighting, if that's what you mean, there might still have been salvation.

But things weren't that simple.

Uh, I just think this already depends on that kind of vocational correction or something, but you guys are less tired, less injured, and stronger.

They're going 10 km an hour or something normal, and if they were normal, they'd die, even if they jump off that height, they're pimping, and even that Moyashi-like Hanagasaki can walk normally with about one human being in charge. There is no such thing as a load of about 100 kg if you just walk to Suzumoto and Horizon in the avant-garde.

What's so frightening?

So it's an experiment.

Long vertically and thin horizontally, Hanagasaki, I thought that if you or the president had muscle strength to lift and walk normally, it would prove that it would take a lot of correction, so I decided to lift it.




... both, antagonizing.

When I say what it is, it just means which one will be the hammer.

The president and Hanegazaki your grandpa lasted until about Game 5, where Hanegazaki finally lost.

"... Um, Hanagasaki-kun"


"I'd like to lift it."

"You can do whatever you want."

That being said, Hanagasaki-kun, he is an upright immovable Jen-sen. I don't even feel like being lifted, this guy!

"Then I'll do whatever you want. Be ready, Olah!


I managed to grab it from the back to the waist and lift it like an array of Germanic suplexes, but Hanagasaki said I had to glance at it when I tried to lift it properly because you were tall.

Though I'll try to figure out how to change my posture a bit, I can't do that either because Hanagasaki, who is really uncooperative, doesn't move like you've solidified your body disappointingly.

... Uh, uh, in this state, it's full, but in this state, you want me to walk?

I was struggling with the muggy, lonely army, and I said to Hanagasaki, "Come on, give up!" I gave up because I was kicked out.

"If you're a little more cooperative,"

"No, because there's no correction for you at a time when you can't move me from there to the mound."


I didn't have such a correction.

Lift once.

But I can't walk 10 km an hour while I'm holding it.

So, taking me, that is, putting the emphasis on safety, going the detour route at about half the normal pace, or putting the emphasis on speed, allocating less personnel to the person who carries me and escorts it, etc.

In contrast, the risk when you make the choice to camp instead of moving is the extent to which 'quality of life is reduced'.

Besides, if civilized life was in the primitive era, and if there was a level of discrepancy like that, then there was no big deal anyway, because there was a level of life with hairy corners and outdoors in the outdoors.

Or, honestly, I don't need to move in when I've picked up the chemistry lecture room.

Leave the chemistry lab where you are based, and if you take the chemistry lecture room as a sleeping bed and shelter for the camp, that will be enough! Oh, my God!

I mean, at this point, my existential value, almost, zero.

Rather negative. It's why you should normally move if I'm not around, and it's why I'm in a state where I can't move as a neck, and whatever you think is negative, this.

Plus, my minus plenty doesn't know where to stay.

You gentlemen have noticed.

"If... if we don't come back for a long time, Maido... we're gonna die, right?

"... two people, you want to leave me here with Maido?

"No, no, no, no, no, that would be suicide, though. Calm down, gentlemen."

"But if you don't, you're gonna have to come back every few days at least, so you're gonna lose your efficiency."

"I wonder if it would be me if I stayed, do you need a bow?

"In Kabir's case, restorative magic is important. In that case, I'd make a wall."

"No, you can't do an appraisal or anything without the president! If I were to stay, wouldn't it be me? You got a guerrilla or something?

The meeting is disputed by your remarks, Horizon. I get capped on your behavior with all sorts of things.

You all have to come home every few days for whatever it is.

I can't finish exploring the ruins and keep going further east, or start exploring the area. For some reason, because I die when the water and food supplies are cut off.

Especially water. Currently, I live a water-dependent life that Hanagasaki-kun puts out with water magic.

Even if food is self-sufficient and manageable, it may die of water shortages.

And then, because the fuel runs out right away anyway, and you won't be able to use the fire, even then you'll die.

Or self-sufficiency, because you can't do it on the scale of this field anyway, so starve to death.

But, you know, I don't think it makes much sense to keep personnel with me.

I just need you to come back every few days, every few weeks, if it works out, so I don't think you should do that, stupid thing that cracks up your power.

I thought so.

But I hear what you guys thought here was a little different in seriousness.

No, you weren't serious enough for me.

I mean, I hear you all had your own 'death' in mind.

If you go to the ruins and destroy them all, you seemed to be thinking about leaving someone so I wouldn't die because I would die without a leak.

As far as the flow of your story goes, I guess we've already discussed it around there.

He couldn't decide who he was leaving behind.

That's right. I don't care what you think. I want all the power I can get.

Shit. I, I wasn't serious enough.

It's sunny because I've been in a safe room the whole time. Seriously, I'm the only one who says you're exchanging lives!

... It's not exactly that I wasn't thinking about dying or anything. But I'm pretty sure I didn't feel it.

Ladies and gentlemen, since I had the MP means of recovery, I'm realizing now that maybe he came back from healing wounds and stuff outside, and that he was bothering to act like he didn't even let me feel fine dust next to death.

Me, I don't care what you think, it's just a foothold. Thank you so much.

"No, relax on your own. I'll be waiting for you all to come home. Because that's what maids do."

When I said it because the meeting was very disputed, I felt very sorry for it.

After all, as all of you, they knew the asshole addition or subtraction of dividing the power.

But I guess it was hard to say that's what anyone but me stands for.

You made me say it as a result, maybe you feel something like that, but I don't want you to worry about that.

"You, is that all right?


"If we die, you die too."

"You're going to end up in a made-up profit."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"It's okay, no problem"

After a few more similar push-ups, my long period of time was confirmed.

It's spiritually hard but let's do our best......

First of all, my power, I wouldn't call it a plus, so let's at least get out negative and zero...

It was the day I reconfirmed that my footsteps would come spiritually.