In the meantime, we still have two days of respite a day before there's nothing you can do in this stronghold, so let's get ready for your trip in the meantime. That's about all I can do.

In the meantime, I don't know what's bothering me the most about my absence, but I think I'm gonna run out of 'cleaning'.

The great thing about "cleaning" is that you don't need a laundry or bath.

This is not surprisingly stupid, not only saving time, but also not having to have detergent or change clothes in the first place, so until now we have lived with arriving sparrows.

So I'll sew your clothes.

I'll weave a cloth for that.

For this purpose, the yarn is hereinafter abbreviated.

So for now, in the meantime, I was asked to bring the wood.

Make it all fibrous from the edge it was carried. Think about sturdiness. It's all Lyocel. It's just an easy job to connect cellulose extensively.

Spin it from one end and thread it. Consider sturdiness and be careful not to be such a thin thread.

Skills will also adjust around there, so I can move my hands carelessly.

Oh, with regard to yarn spinning, I introduced a spindle because handspinning on boulders is too inefficient.

I really wanted a yarn wheel or something, but I'm not going to be able to make it, and for that reason I stopped because catching needles and birds is bad.

Apparently, the MP ran out during this task, and my head started to twitch, so I take a sip of MP recovery tea.

Ma, it tastes bad. I don't really want to drink it but another one......

If I manage to recover the MP and spin all the yarn, I will hang it on the loom and weave it cancer.

The emphasis on speed and sturdiness made it flat after all.

but it was lunchtime when he crouched, but you all took your lunches today, so kinisinai. I'm just a waste of time.

I won't stop my hand while I properly hold the guy who cut the smoked meat.

Interrupted because it was time to weave all the cloth and do dinner schedules around the end of cutting all the necessary parts.

They also took MP for weaving, and I figured if I wanted to drink MP recovery tea because my head was so annoying, I would hang it up, so it's dinner support while eating the mint raw.

Stir pressed wheat there after melting the deer fat in a pan.

After some stir-frying, add soy sauce and simmer, pouring water inside completely uncooked.

Add the chopped vegetables there and season with salt to go up a clove.

I did this because I didn't seem to have time to cook it, but it might not be very good to digest it. It makes me hungry faster.

After that, we'll have dinner with venison baked goods and salad.

Full throttle of focus & skill by the time you all get back and manage to sew up a change of clothes.

Even when I get dressed, I'm the type of trousers that tie with a t-shirt and string. I can't make a big deal out of it, sorry.

The kind of underwear that will probably be most needed as a change of clothes, let's hear your hopes before we make it.

Um, gender differences are inconvenient at times like this.

If they were all girls, I would have relentlessly made them string bread for my hobbies and ingredients...... the structure, I don't know.

... Yeah, somehow, you know, I was drying your father's and your brother's pants, and I know there's a hole like that, but I didn't mean to look at it seriously... Yeah.

... This will make you look absolutely nasty if I ask you all...

Dinner because you're all back.

I brought home a deer with horns as you always do and a pig with fangs made of blades that this one sees for the first time. Dismantling... Later. Let's just open it up and just drain the moss and blood, and we'll do the rest at night.

You guys are apparently going to explore again tomorrow. Tomorrow the exploration will probably be over, and the day after tomorrow the travel support will be in place.

Good. Not very much, but I didn't feel like a bit of sewing and everything else was going to end tomorrow.

"Uh, by the way, can I ask you something?"

"Hmm? What?

If I finish the work to a good point, I'll catch Horizon, who seemed to be relatively free.

"You know, what's the structure of your pants?

I don't care if you don't ask me weird, but if you do, listen clean.

"... Huh?

Horizon, you have hardened.

"Get dressed, you're here, right? But here's the thing... I don't know the structure..."

"... Huh?

Explained, it remained solidified.

This is an emergency meeting.

I thought, you know, I wish you could explain, but it's kind of hard.

"... Maido"


"You know where you're going."

"There must be some kind of hole."

Gentlemen, in the first place, we start talking.

"You know, I don't know if there's anything real."

"No, when I came to this world, I already had all my underwear in fantasy specs."

Speaking of which, yeah.

What I'm wearing right now is a guy like a string bread. It's huge and not uncomfortable.

"... so, you know, I can imagine this more than I don't have that kind of organ, but that's either right or left"

"Maido, shut up"


"Shut up."

"... Um"

"Please, just shut up for a second. I'm sorry. I know you have no offense or perfectly good intentions. But I'm sorry, but it's going to take a lot of mental energy for us to explain this to you. You know what I mean."

If Suzumoto says something like that seriously, it's the only way to be.

And it is also an extended and secretive meeting in the first place.

Then somehow, I got an explanation wrapped around about 10 oblates, but it seemed like you guys didn't want to be able to tell that it was too abstract to understand a lot of things, so it's okay now, right? So that's it.

What's wrong with you? Is that it? The Antarctic Observation Corps is the best underwear you can find, right?

It's night. You're all asleep. I'm dismantling it.

Speaking of which, I've been doing all the demolitions in the yard since I had a yard.

I decided to have a cobblestone-style place built in the corner of the garden and dismantle it there. Otherwise, the floors are tough.

Just because it's one shot in 'cleaning' doesn't mean it's not very mentally sanitary.

Place salt and herbs on 90% of the broken meat.

We don't currently have a lot of food to store, so we'll have to produce it in bulk the day after tomorrow.

Uh, for now, I think we should salt it until about noon tomorrow, then hang it, let it wind dry, and smoke it carefully from around the morning the day after tomorrow.

So we have to get the demolition done somehow by the end of the night... Damn, I hate the size of pigs.

Yes, in the morning. Good morning.

I managed to finish the dismantling and meat treatment, and I managed to get up at the moment.

Still, I usually wake up at 5: 00 and do lunch and breakfast at 6: 10.

Shit. And sleepy.

I'm supposed to be someone who can't move without sleeping for more than 7 hours, but the date changed last night because of the demolition or something. Hard...

Somehow, I'll finish making lunch and breakfast before you all wake up.

Or it sucked...... I've gotten used to cooking rice lately and it's getting faster that I did my job......

So when I had breakfast, you all left today.

I continued yesterday.

Sew even. Sew and sew and sew.

When the MP runs out on the way, hold the mint and sew while eating.

Thanks to that, I managed to get a change of clothes for everyone before noon.

However, if it stays like this, it's all generated. It's one color and it's too array, so let's stain it in the corners.

The same goes for the guy who complains when he gets here already, thinking, equipped with a knife and carrying a cage, lets go outside.

I walked out the door and found laurel trees in a few places.

Because it is a large tree, it will be okay to get a little bit of it, so I will have the bulky branch cut off.

I heard the birds chirping during the gathering operation, so I rushed to hide under the laurel tree and swirled around me a few times before heading back somewhere.


Stick the branches of laurel tree you brought in large quantities into the pan as if this were still the case, and simmer.

I would have liked to do it in a big pot if possible, but I don't suppose there's anything like that, proceed with the task of aggregating earthen pots, snow flat pots and 1L beakers to boil out even laurel trees.

beside it, the treatment of salted meat.

Flush the surface salt and hang it on the curtain rail through the yarn.

I plan to keep the window open and let it wind dry like this.

Since the amount of meat was quantitative, it was turned into a curtain of meat by the time it was all hung up. What a nasty view......

While doing so, the laurel tree could be simmered out, so the leaves were removed and the broth set in a pan.

So I do the groove, add a shirt or trousers and simmer.

It's a hassle because you can't do it all at once.

Prepare the fixative while the clothes are boiling. There were a few other metal bowls for food that weren't for food, so I'll keep the contaminant in there.

Available in two types: meuvan-mediated and iron-mediated. I'll take the medicine from the drugstore.

Once the clothes have been simmered to some extent in broth, the trousers are put in for the iron and the shirt for the meow bang.

After putting it aside for a little while, wash it with water and put it in the broth again.

When boiled again, fry, wash and dry.

However, even if dried, the curtain rails were filled with meat.

Since there was no place to dry, I abandoned myself a little and beat it with a beetle and the water flew, so it turns out that "cleaning" can also dehydrate clothes. I don't know what you care about.

However, after all, I couldn't drain food from moisture.

It's only possible to dry the laundry, I guess.

Depending on the practice, we might be able to work this one out.

… and, well, near finishing the above process, I remembered the presence of a piece I had tried to make with acetate, and I also decided to dye it at last.

Beige if it's a meow van, grey stain if it's iron, so it's contaminated with iron.

Easy to dry, for a moment with a fling. Nice hataki. Excellent hataki.

It's still time for a snack. By the time you all got back, there was a respite, so I decided to try it on because it was a corner.

No, it's been a week since I flew into this world to take off this maid's clothes... Oh no, I haven't really been in a week. Unexpectedly, these clothes are long skirts for classical reasons, they are heavy, and their shoulders are stiff.

That's why I changed my clothes.

Ah, light. It's so light.

Shit, I can feel that made-up clothes were hard to move through.

Somehow, it lightens up to the mood. All right, well, then, Dad, good luck with the pig fangs, we'll process them.

The pig's fangs were in the same mood as the opposite knife.

You're really a strange creature in this world, like this growing.

Whatever you think, the material looks metallic, and the blade is properly attached. It seems like it could be used as a knife after a little machining.

So the first step is to 'clean' and disconnect the fangs from the roots.

Wouldn't it be possible to cut a very thin plate if you 'cleaned' it with the image you want to cut it from? Here's what I thought! I'm glad it went well.

Then, the blade of the part that is interrupted by the machining is crushed with "cleaning" and scraped into the shape of the handshake.

All right, I got it. All you have to do is drill a hole through this... hmm?

Um, why am I using 'cleaning' so much at all? Weird, huh?

I tried because I just felt like I could do something, but I could try... this is crazy, right?

Why? Why?

Besides, they took my usual MP sneaky. It feels faint.

... Seriously, why?

Speaking of unusual things... have you 'cleaned' the new material or have you changed your clothes?

Um, I'll 'clean' the wood for now. To match the conditions, this one is also 'cleaned' in a way that looks like a knife handle.

... Yeah, I can do it normally.

Then get dressed one more time and have a similar challenge with made-up clothes.

... Yeah, I can't do anything.

Now that I know the trick, I'm going to try to do exactly that, but something tells me that they're going to take a sneak peek at the all-out MP on the 'cleaning' control, and because of that, they won't be able to move it the way they think.

In other words, if the MP is taken away when wearing made-up clothes, or if it is less likely to be taken away when wearing a piece.

Normally, I wonder if this is due to a piece.

I'm using laurel trees that have the effect of increasing MP recovery speed on the dye, and it's not strange if that kind of effect has something to do with it.

That makes me want to try other dyes, but yes, time runs out.

It's time for you all to come home, so hurry up and make dinner arrangements.