Hmm, well, somehow, is it a convincing number of days?

But we only have dinner for one person. Okay, let's hurry up and make it.

At times like this, you just have to unlock and open the door!

"Welcome back... who are you"

"Huh!? Mr. Maido!?

"Class, club and name, not belonging and rank..."

"What, maid? Wow, I don't know what to do, not, um, no."

"Skin? Time is up. Please pick it up."

You can only close the door and lock the door at times like this!

"Hey, hey! Mr. Maido! It's me! Fukuyama! Same class!

Ugh, don't knock on the door. Mostly, I wonder how many boys are in the class.

You think I remember the names and faces of all my classmates?

... That's not what I can tell you! I'm sorry!

"Hey, I can't believe you don't remember..."

Uh, yeah, I think that was there. I can't help it. I'll open the door for you.

"Oh no, Fukuyama, you don't remember that or anything!

I do, but I don't remember or anything!

Fukuyama is a man who feels like an honorary student.

All I have is the edge of having a class together.

I've never even talked about it.

... No, speaking of which, he was in the library a lot, so it was worth seeing his face.

Uh, yes, yes, I remember, frankly.

I loved the dim, damp, cozy corner desk in the library corner, but one day this guy borrowed it there, so I was driven away.

Yeah. You had me in that corner, but when you suddenly came and occupied a corner of your desk, you lost your temper. Why did you come all the way over here?

Especially since that led me to find a more comfortable spot.

Heh heh, nobody thought there was a guy who used the encyclopedia bookshelf empty space as a desk and brought a chair there to sit on. Hehe.

And Fukuyama feels like a 'knight' to see.

Horizon dresses like you. I mean, armor cloak, shield, sword, and head gear.

Looks like I'm here alone, and I guess I'm highly combative for it. I envy you.

He's eating dinner I've been trying to make.

My share is rebuilt. Damn.

"Mr. Maido, you're a good cook. It's delicious."

"Well, that's good. Where were you at school when Fukuyama was flown? So, where'd they fly you?

I feel sorry for Fukuyama, but this is very important.

If you're from an area that none of us have been to before, that information is of considerable value.

Even if not, there is also the possibility of knowing something about the laws of this world.

"Oh, that time, I guess I was in the upstairs hallway of the North School Building then. I was on my way home to ask my teacher what I don't know about English."

Well, that's honorable.

"So after shaking like an earthquake and getting so dazzled, I was in the water. When I came out to the surface, I was surprised because I knew it was a river, and it was a place I'd never seen before."

"River? Is it south of here?

"Come on, you don't know where you're going. Sorry."


Then, even though the classroom was left flying in the classroom, the hallway is either gone or it's a river.

The thing is, maybe there are classrooms dotted along the river, so it might be a guide when looking for them.

"Gear? Where was it?

"Gear? Oh, you mean armor or swords? Then when I got out of the river and saw myself, I already had it all, I mean, I wore it."

Well, then, you don't necessarily have equipment in your cleaning gear compartment.

I mean, people in the hallway don't get bases, and it's tough.

"I walked out of the river for a little while, and there was an English-language lab, so I was sleeping there."

"Was there a teacher? What about the other students?

"There was not a single teacher. But I have five other students. [M] Mizuzawa, Takahashi, Arino, Kozaki and Kokino. Uh, don't you know Mr. Maido because he's in different classes?

"Yeah, I don't"

Oh, not a single faculty member, that's pretty much certain. Shit.

"What about Mr. Maido, by the way? Were you here all the time by yourself?

"Oh, no, I was in the lab, so it was a start with the rest of the crew. I've had a steady increase in company since, and now I guess there's six others besides me."

"Yeah, but I don't see him."

If you can see it, you're a thousand eyes.

'Cause I'm staying in the east right now to explore.'

"Then why is it just Maido...?

Damn, I thought they would definitely say it! Chickshaw, salt in people's wounds!

"... I'm the only one who pulls your legs because I have low levels of ability, from physical ability to combat."


Oh, don't look like that! That's what I want to look like!

Damn, this guy should have kept it tight after all!

Or so I thought.

"Oh, that's terrible! So I can't believe I left you alone where there are so many monsters! Mostly, what would a girl do if something happened alone!

... That sounds crazy, Fukuyama, your thinking circuit is mostly... seems to be flying.

"I mean, could it be, Maido, that you've been stuck here forever?

"No, I had him out and out a few times."

Now there are laurel trees and mints in shame.

... I don't know. Come on, guys, it's never that I don't have enough knowledge around there, but here's the thing... The ability to look at grass and decide if you can or can't eat instantly is inferior to me to boulders. Not to mention when it comes to spices.

Could this be a made-up correction? Or is it my vegetable?

... vegetarian, maybe.

"Let me out, did you get it? It's like Maido shouldn't be out there alone..."

"Oh, you're right. It's dangerous for me to leave alone, so I was doing chores and stuff here during the day, while everyone was out exploring."

"Ever!? What the hell is that? By and large, chores... no way, they worked all the time without even going outside!? Just one!?

No, no, no, no, no. You know, do you think it's a little too much flying?

What do you mean, they made you work? Do you deny my free will? [M]

"No, just that I was sharing roles"

Instead, I'm sorry I pulled you into a safe room, it's in condition.

They don't understand you there.

"But because it's too harsh to be able to go out all the time, to be left alone even though you can't go out any further than that! There's someone else attached to Mr. Maido, or something!

... um, I don't know, arm pressing on these warm curtains.

I didn't know I was unhappy with this situation... oh, no, I don't think I'm unhappy with my lack of combat skills.

But I don't consider this situation to be unfortunate in itself. Instead, I'm sorry I got muddy.

I love indoors. Viva pull. Long live the drawstring.

"Hey, Maido, um... outside, don't you want to go out?

"I won't answer."

If I leave, I die.

"Well, I'm with you, so I can protect you no matter what. Besides, I think it's better than being stuck here."

... Yep... This guy doesn't know my foot pull, does he?

This is Suzumoto, Hanagasaki, the president, and Horizon, and we're finally going outside to be safe, right?

I don't think you can handle it alone...

"... more to the point, there are two girls over here, and I think Maido is comfortable. 'Cause, you know, there were only girls in the chemistry department, right, Maido?

Hey, you're right. But maybe I, I'm definitely not comfortable with being with a strange girl.

Especially if she feels like she is now, she definitely dies of hard work first.

"After all, I don't think it's a good idea to be among all the boys"

"Oh, I split the bedroom."

I got the lecture room.

"That's not the problem! Yeah, yeah, so, yeah. Why don't you come over here?

... No questions asked, no answers, but what? Hey, I was just wondering.

"Then a few questions. The first. Why is Fukuyama acting alone when you have other people?"

"I'm acting alone because I'm strong enough to handle myself. I wonder if Arino and Kozaki are acting together and the other three are acting together."

"Second. What's the girl's profession?

"Mizuzawa was the magician, Arino was the bandit."

... Wasn't it true that women were in non-combat positions without question...

I was just hoping there...... Oh, ruthless.

"Third. How far have you guys acted so far?

"I'm exploring around the English department lab to procure food. Maybe about 5km radius. I went away a little bit today."

"Why did you go away at night..."

"No, 'cause you don't get more monsters at night, do you?

... Huh?

"Uh... better at night, aren't you answering?

"Uh, yeah. It's less numerous and less likely to come in flocks, so it's better suited for exploration at night... maybe, didn't you know?

I don't know. I don't know!

Whatever you think about it, it's that night, it's normal for monsters to get ferocious, for strong monsters to come out! I don't realize that!

Uh, is that it, or do I need to review my life patterns so far?

Hmm, this was pretty useful information.

"That's more than a question, but I still don't go. Tomorrow or the day after, they'll all be back."

"But, Maido, if you were to run away, wouldn't it be the only time?

WHAT? Running, running... from what?

"I think, isn't the current situation a DV?

"I don't think so"

I don't think it's double different because it's neither domestic nor violent.

"No, it's certainly not a domestic because it's not a home, but it's not. Isn't Maido free to go out now?

"That's dangerous."

"Right there! Maybe, actually, it's not more dangerous out there than Mr. Maido thinks. Even though it's not very dangerous, aren't the other chemistry guys lying and locking you up because it's dangerous?

Hmm, even if they say so.

"Except if it did. I like indoors."

"That's how dangerous it is to think! If you're on DV, you'll be able to change your mind."

Oh, even if they say so......

If they were to say that, they would be changing their minds about learning and being smart, so should they also avoid it? You want to hear something like that. I don't ask.

"So I figured Mr. Maido should get away from here. If things change, I'm sure you'll notice that the situation is unusual."

No... even if they say so... Uh, I don't know, uh... this guy is awesome, uh-huh.

"So, huh? Let's go."


If this guy already said something, I'd deny him how right he is.

Son of a bitch, let me tell you something earlier and you'll say people like brainwashed assholes.

"... Still, yeah. For Maido's sake, I think you should leave. Yeah. Hey, sorry."


Fukuyama-san, I don't care how many, no questions asked, I don't know about pigeon tails.