... noooooooo, yabe, it was falling! Yeah, right here, where?

Slightly shaking my vision. My body is shaking.

"Oh, Maido, are you awake?

Oh, I remember. That's right. I fell because this guy put me in a dovetail one shot.

This guy, one day, I'll kill him. Even if I don't kill you, I'll burn you. Maybe I'll get back to you.

That's why, yes. I, Fukuyama, am currently in charge and in the process of going outside.

It's bad. Here, where is it? I don't feel like I can go home.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to be too handsy..."

Bastard, you're kidding me. Yeah! Nah, I didn't want to do anything stupid!

You're kidding! This is a fine kidnapping! It's a crime! Including injuries!

All I'm trying to say was it was like a mountain, but for now, this is it.


... I tried to punch him, but he's hard to tear down. I don't feel like I hit the human body.

That one, he hit the armor.

Damn it, Fukuyama, throw away your weapons, your protective gear and your corrections!

You bastard, let me hit you, oraoraoraoraoraora!

"Maido, okay, calm down"

"Can you calm down! You bastard! Get back to the lab now!

My fist hurt when I was beating him up. Oh, I don't want to anymore!

"I can't do that. I'm sorry, but I think it would calm you down if you were in a decent environment."

Just go home, you kidnapper.

"Better than that, you see, it's time to get there, calm down"

Oh, we're not talking at all! I don't like this guy anymore!

And worst of all, my muscle strength allows me to shake off this guy's restraint and get away with it.

Or even if he escapes, then the monster hits him and he dies.

... Damn, the maid is really hard...

When I gave up and was taken care of by adults and carried on for a while.

"Wow! What the hell?"

Although we encountered an awesome number of monsters, it did not become a battle.

It wasn't a battle because it was detached from the herd, one horned rabbit, a big bird, and it ran right past us at once.

... but here's the thing...

"That's crazy...... I wonder if something happened"

Fukuyama, you're looking ahead to the monster.

At times like this, you should see the direction the monster has been running.

"... that, what is it?

"... Huh?

There, a wolf as big as an asshole, was stripping his fangs.

Big wolf, I think its size is about, like, a light tiger.

However, light tigers don't strip their fangs, and they don't stare at us.

So the intimidation jumps over the light tiger and there is the intimidation of the jet seat.

I don't know, the intimidation of the jet seat.

I don't know what I'm talking about myself, either, ha-ha.

"Uh, are monsters hard to get out at night?

"I've never been out of this before!

Oh, yeah, you asshole. If you hadn't taken me out, I wouldn't have been stared at by such a big wolf!

"It's okay, Mr. Maido because I'll protect him!

Even if I said so, you, with a sword like that, you can handle it? Arr.

Thus began the battle between Fukuyama and the giant wolf.

"Mr. Maido, stay back! Let's go! Get ready, wolf!

While saying something, Fukuyama ran out with his sword in his hand.

But you're a fool to go straight in or something, you are.

The wolf blew Fukuyama away with a light forefoot.

Look, I'm not telling you.

"Damn, not yet!

Cheerfully, Fukuyama, you will be stuck on the wolf again, but the wolf will be stuck on his forefoot again.

But Fukuyama on the boulder, will you learn too, scratching your forelegs and jumping, jumped on the back of the wolf.

And he tries to stick his sword up to the wolf as it is, but the fur seems to hold the blade back, and it doesn't work.

While I was doing that, the wolf shook me off and blew me off again.

He even hit it in the head with that momentum, and it stretches and stops moving. In the meantime, only about 30 seconds from the start of the fight.

Uh, uh, you were supposed to protect me, Chickshaw.

You won't even buy me time to escape, Chickshaw.

Are you not interested in stretched prey or do you think you should eat again later, the big wolf is staring at me.

Puffy, me, not a bad maid!

Eating it won't taste good! Probably only thin salt on top of the watery one!

...... ok, think calmly at times like this.

Maybe if I show you my back here, don't get stuffed and killed in an instant.

Or so I said, I'm not the one who can fight and win.

Fukuyama, the presumed knight, was easily stretched, even though he was an asshole who didn't think much of strategy or anything.

Instead of stretching if I were you, I would die the moment I hit my body. Definitely die.

I mean, if you eat one shot, it's an owata formula for instant death.

And even if I avoid God in a row, I'm sad, because I don't have the means to attack, I can't win.

Fukuyama seems to have carried me a great deal of distance even as I ran away from God, so I have quite a distance to the lab.

Can I keep walking that distance at all costs? I can't.

Or, in the first place, there's no way it's suitable for this wolf at the highest speed.

They're carnivores, aren't they? That's a light tiger size, too, right?

In the first place, if I said I was the better part than this wolf, maybe a small turn would be the right place.

For once, I'm confident in the instantaneous acceleration of using my body spring, but, you know, I'm definitely caught up in a moment.

Um, for once, I don't know if I can turn this guy off in "Cleaning," or anything, but I don't have a fling in the first place, so I can't "Clean."

Fukuyama hates you more and more.

So when I say what I can do right now, I mean skills that don't require tools.

In other words, 'song singing' skills and 'clothing making' skills.

But the battle is perhaps momentary. In that regard, 'song singing' is dangerous because there is a lag between when you start singing and when it works.

Because of this, I've been falling for over half an hour, and the effects of "Prayer Song" and "Wish Song" have expired.

And Fukuyama hates you.

In other words, when I say what can be done in "clothing production", because there are no tools, it is about smelting the fibers and turning the fibers into yarn by hand spinning. No, sewing and weaving doesn't change anything.

Um, yarning wolf hair? No, no, no, it's hand spinning, so I can't help it.

I think if you make fiber out of wolf hair into material, in an instant wolf hair will be a round-boy, but from my MP condition, it won't translate to a full-body round-boy, and there's nothing I can do about it where the hair is gone.

Um, at least if Fukuyama were here, I could have had him stab me with a sword where the hair disappeared or something, because he's stretching out on his own ahead of time, you know?

If so, after all, is there any way to survive only the pioneering position of the new skills?

It's bump production though.

Yeah, that's all I got, maybe.

... All right, let's decide on the belly.

All right, wolf. Are you ready for this? I can.

"Hey, doggie."

When he raised his voice, the wolf reacted with Pickle, but it did not strike.

But scratching the ground lightly with your forefoot is like, 'You can always jump, though?' Does that mean? Well, that's fine.

"Don't you think it's the maid's job to watch the dog?

The wolf turns his hair upside down, but there's still no sign of him attacking.

All right. Then breathe heavily.

"'Sit down'!!

I don't know what to say myself, but my voice rocked the ground, I felt like it.

At first, the wolf had no sign of movement. "What are you talking about? It feels like '.

Ah, I wondered if I had done this. I thought I'd run away with one or eight or something, and I was staring at each other, and I sat there, like, reluctantly, like, 'no shit', like that, and the light tiger wolf peed.

And there was a sense of seeing it down or no, something rapidly falling out of me, unconscious, but once again unconscious.

... Ha, shit, it was falling. More so in front of the wolves!

It would be extremely dangerous if you sat down!

By the way, what state is it now? Even though the area is a little rough.

... mundane?

Looking up for a moment, there was a light tiger wolf face.

Me, apparently, buried around the belly of a rounded wolf.

After a while of solidification, the wolf looked like 'you're funny,' so for now.

"... uh, well...?

When I greeted him in horror (although it was still dark around), he licked his face, feeling like 'yes, yes'.

Uh... uh... what the hell is this all about? Why do you miss this guy?

Dog tags in trouble.

If you look at the dog tag, there was an added skill in the skill called 'Keeper's Dog'.

... Uh, let's think about it for a second.

First of all, this skill has been added, which means that my 'sit down' must have been a success.

So, because the skill name is "Keeper Dog", this guy probably became "Keeper Dog".

So you're not attacking me, and you've left me in a mundane state like you're protecting me.

Hmm, that would be pretty convincing.

What scares me is simply the whim of this light tiger wolf, that pattern......

... Let's not think about it.

Uh, so, I fell right after that, maybe, because the MP went out. I think that voidness was the guy who made the feeling that MP was getting depleted stronger.

... which means that if it weren't for the long pannier with laurel dye, it would most likely have been something like a skill activation failure without enough MP, and an announcement of my termination.

... Yes, yes, yes, I'm glad I made it, Pannier! Thanks Laurel Tree!

"So maybe you're my watchdog!


'Yes, yes, I know,' he sounded like.

"Please do me a favor from now on!


He rang me again like, "I can't help it, do you protect him?"

Oh, my God, you seem to be able to communicate with me.

Although it is unclear whether this is a skill effect or simply whether this guy is smart.

But if you look closely, this guy, he's pretty cute. The hairs are tannic blunt and the eyes are beautiful golden.

That's quite a beauty wolf, this guy.

Or so I thought, 'Really? Really? Can you give me more compliments?' I looked like that.

All right, sweetie. Let's stroke him. All right, bye.

I feel like rubbing my face against mine when I stroke it. Normally, I feel very good as well.

Oh, my God, this guy is really cute. Yeah yeah.... yeah, one way or another, rather than being cute, I don't feel adored, but yeah. I don't care, I do.