Oh, my God, the sky is starting to whiten, so let's keep it open.

Well, I wondered how I was going to get home, and when I thought the light tiger wolf had walked a little, I brought something and looked like, "Hey, what are we going to do about this?"

"Oh, I forgot. Hmm...... what should I do, Fukuyama?"

What the light tiger wolf brought was Fukuyama, who is still stretching.

Um, something, if it's all good thinking if it's over, I'm very good because I was safe, and I even got a comforting watchdog named Light Tra Wolf.

Still, this guy made a lot of noise out of me, which is true, and most importantly, I'm upset with this guy.

I said, if you keep throwing it out, definitely this guy, don't let the monster eat you to death.

That's a little sleepy.

...... hmm.

"Hey, you know, can you do this?

I told the light tiger wolf a little bit, but it turned out to be very OK, so I quickly executed it.

"... Um, what...? Hiya!"

Yes, Fukuyama-kun wakes up dodgy with great success.

Oh, my God, when I wake up with something in my face, the coveted light tiger wolf looks down on me. You must be scared.

"Hey, what the heck!? This... Oh, that, what about the sword!?

I let go of my sword when you were blown away. It's rolling in the distance, though.

To Fukuyama, who searches for his sword with a stiffness and hindsight, another step, when the light tiger wolf took, Fukuyama began to gut.

Hehe, that feels good. Come on. More tremors, though.


If I could yell a little light tiger wolf, I'd already be happy to pass by and shake up my pathetic position. Uh, uh, pity. No, I can't say this when I'm in the same situation.

I'm getting a little pathetic about boulders, so I'll stop you.

"Fukuyama kun"

I was hiding in the bushes a little far away to see how things were going, so I stood up and waved as I made a retreat noise, and I hung up.

Take that as a signal. The light tiger wolf also walks loosely towards me with a face like 'Oh, the farce is tiresome'.

and then.

"Maido-san! Oh, I'm sorry!

And shouting no, Fukuyama ran away with great speed.

............. that. I've got a story for you. That's crazy.

If you think about it, from Fukuyama, who knows nothing then, a light tiger wolf who suddenly changed his target to me, who spoke out, might have looked like he was going to eat me first.

Um, so if you got away with it, maybe it would have been nice to do it again.

Speaking of which, I realized that I had never done a song rehanging before.

Uh, Fukuyama came to me at dinner and abducted me, because it was only about 7: 00 then...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

This is definitely you guys finding out! They're gonna find out! They know I've never been able to rehang a song for any reason!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Oh, well. If you think about it, you can also use 'song singing' skills to check cheap.

Um, can't you remember any of you who went on the expedition?

But this' song song ', it is a mystery. Fukuyama didn't seem to have the effect of a song.

Um, I guess I'll have to experiment a lot when you all get back.

In the meantime, we'll have to find a way home while we sing and announce "I'm safe".

"Hey, I really don't know what to do, light tiger wolf...... is terrible on boulders. Uh, I have to give you a name, too."

As I walked, I wondered if it would have been more or less this way, and walked in the same direction, the light tiger wolf followed me next door.

"You in the first place, male? Female?"

You think you're a female in front of me?

I looked like, so maybe this guy, he's a male.

"Hmm. So, name, Ketrami, okay?

Ketrami-kei tiger oh kami, is.

He looked like, "Yeah, that's all right now," so this guy's already a ketlami.

"Okay. Bye, Ketrami. Do you have any idea which one of these chemistry labs we have?

They made me look like, "What's that?" Uh, yeah. I asked you. It was my fault.

"That's where I live for now, but that's where I have to go, as soon as possible."

As soon as I emphasised, my God, Ketrami bit me!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what bothered you right now!? I thought for a moment that Ketrami didn't bite me, he just snapped at me.

And I was thrown up in the air as it was... and landed on Ketrami's back.

"Uh... are you gonna give me a ride?

They made me look like, "Just give me directions," so maybe they'll give me a ride, and they'll carry me.

"Uh, for now, is this, more lakeside than a river? Or who's not a lake?

I looked like "lakeside," so maybe it's lakeside. Maybe. Then you'll be crossing the river.

"Uh, well, I'd like to cross the river."

The moment I said it, the view flowed behind me.

It's something Ketrami runs at too fast, so I'm desperate to stick to Ketrami's back. I don't want to look around.

And in just about a minute, Ketrami jumped across the river.

"What's next? Don't look like 'hey...... Yes, now I'm running out of strength...

From then on, I decided to get Ketrami to move without much speed, and to move east along the river.

Maybe if you were walking for an English studies lab, you'd have crossed the river and gone west.

I hear the river is thinner and easier to cross, so I ask Ketrami to aim there.

And if we head northwest from there, maybe the lab should be close.

Oh, I'm so glad the president was explaining the map all the time.

And when the sun turned up completely and a little bit, I came back to the lab.

I'm home.

Good. Looks like you guys haven't come back yet. All right, all right. You look like nothing happened... I can't. Ketrami is here, isn't he?

Yeah, whatever, I got some info, and I just have to punch it all over the wash.

But I'm not bad! So I'm going to go with that spirit. Yes. The bad news is Fukuyama. I am the victim.

Well, the lab was in the exact state where I was kidnapped.

Except for one sentence left on the blackboard.

"I'll take Maido, who was imprisoned. Stay away from her again.

2-2 Fukuyama '


It's a bit of chest shit, so I wasn't sure whether to turn it off, but I decided to leave it there for onsite preservation. When I turn it off, I take one shot with a hatchet.

While eating a late breakfast, pull out the Aya Woven Cupra Mint Dye to keep.

I wonder if the length is enough for about 5m.

Make a long ribbon with this. Let's embroider 'Ketrami' on the edge of the ribbon.

Yes. That's right. It's a ribbon to attach to the ketrami. I hope it's easier to understand the collar or something, but there's not that much leather, so with your ribbon.

"Hey, Ketramy"

Getting out the door and shouting a little, Ketrami ran from the other side.

He's feeling a little violent around his mouth, so maybe he was even eating.

Ketrami procures her own meal, so it's very helpful.

"I thought I'd put this on you, but you still want a neck?

He's going to look like 'Anywhere', so he's going to give in quickly and tie a ribbon around his neck.

Yeah, yeah. Isn't it looking pretty good?

Now you know that Ketrami is not a wild wolf, but someone's keeper wolf, right?

Speaking of which, the effect of 'song singing' skills seemed to hang on Ketrami as well.

When I saw Ketrami when tying the ribbon, there was a familiar pattern of gold and silver at my feet.

Hmm, I'm losing track of this skill.

Well. It doesn't feel strangely softly restless to see if the kidnapping has worked now, but let's get back to our routine.

Speaking of which, you were on your way to making some water.

Yeah, all right, all right. I think I have maltose.

Boil the liquid you planted yesterday and turn it into water candy.

It's getting thicker and thicker, and it looks like water candy.

After simmering for a while, brown water candy appeared.

Since there are no containers to store, I put them in a few flasks that have been converted for food and left the lid on.

All right, all right. Has this set the stage for securing sweeteners in this world? Although the wheat supply is unstable.

Then, boil the water candy and mint in hot water.

Once boiled, flush over glass plate and cool slightly.

When I get to touch it, I pinch it a few times, and then I cut it a little bit with scissors.

Yes, the mint candy is complete.

I wonder if I will recover MP just by licking this, so it depends on what I create.

The result is subtle.

I recover for once, but it's usually faster and more healing to eat mint morsels no matter what you think.

Make it an addition to your healing speed, you might want to lick it with a feeling of position.

After all, it was because of the low absolute amount of mint, I thought, and with the idea of reversal, I added watering to the mint and boiled it down, and even stuffed something jammy about the mint.

The result is this again subtle.

The amount of recovery has increased, and the taste has improved, so I think it would be better to eat the mint as it is. But whatever this is, it's inconvenient to carry.

You can have tea. I wish I could eat candy, but if it's jammed... there's nothing I can do about it.

If so! I thought I should jam it with candy, but I didn't get to the experiment just thinking about it.

Because I can see the candy melting in the water from the jam.

Hmm, something that can't somehow concentrate the mint ingredients more......

... Concentrate?

Don't forget. This is a chemical laboratory. There are plenty of facilities for chemical experiments.

When I looked to rely on my memory, there was.

Obviously 'bought more but didn't use' Soxley Extractor! I mean brand new! It's ok to use for food!

Um, a soxley extractor is a device that, uh, sits a flask at the bottom and boils the solvent, while cooling the vaporized solvent over the apparatus and returning it to the liquid, dropping the liquid into a solid sample, and the dropped liquid returns to the flask while containing the intended ingredient, and the solvent evaporates again...

This means, simply put, that if you add water and mint to this and boil the water, the mint ingredients can be easily concentrated for a fraction.

Because the mechanism is simple, it looks like we can move it enough in the present situation.

So I tried to concentrate.

CONCLUSIONS. It has become a tear away small amount.

That's right. Concentration is what it is.

In the meantime, I decided to keep just a few ml of the essential oil ingredients in a sample bottle as well.

Um, could it be used for something?

It's time to start making dinner arrangements while you're at it.

Now, would you like to sprinkle it with rice again?

... or something, it's noisy outside.

Specifically, noisy with the wolf's barking voice and the human voice.

When I opened the door in a hurry, I saw that Ketrami and everyone who came back were staring at each other.

"Welcome home, my lords! Long time no see! How are you!?

"Hey Maido! This is it! Yours!?

Uh, uh, Ketrami is that one, 'You're here like that asshole again!' You're intimidating me with the feeling. I can't do this, I have to tell you how it goes up and down properly.

"Uh, Ketrami, Ketrami, these people are like my husband. So I'm your husband's husband, so be polite, okay?

Let me tell you, Ketrami looked like, 'I'm not convinced you're my husband,' but I'm pretty sure I respect you all, and that seems to have passed on, and I sat down a lot and let him shake his tail.

"... Hey Maido, you, where did you pick this up? So, how did you make me miss it?"

"Yeah, I'll explain, including that. In the meantime, thank you again and welcome home!

From what I've seen, they're all unharmed and a little dirty. I'm so glad. I can't help it all at once.

"Oh, I'm home. I have a lot more to explain this one too. By the way, what's rice yet?

"I'm going to make it now."

"Then we'll have two extras."

... that means.

"Ya, long time no see!

"You're really a maid, aren't you?... That's it. You fell out, Mr. Maido."

10 days actually since the shipwreck. Interaction, we have all the crew.