I'm the only one who hasn't changed his profession and he's depressed, but he's fine. I'll be fine. Let's cheer it up.

In the meantime, it was still visible today that it would be a futon battle, so I can't help it, it's just before bed, but I'll make the futon super fast.

The cloth is easy to make and put away. You can sew four big bags and fill each with fiber to make a futon.

"Come on Torikai-kun, Kaiya, use this."

When I presented the futon, I was very grateful.

He slept around in a physical lab curtain until he joined us.

Oh, that's what happened. We should have used a curtain without a futon made of cardboard, newspaper and packaging material, too.

But now we have futons! Futon, right? Futon.

Maybe they have the highest standards of bedding among the same people who were flown, us.

... Ah, on second thought, unless there's some weird guy with weird skills like me, futons are a dream existence.

Thinking about it, I don't think the profession of maid is that bad.

'Cause it's a futon, right?

My share of the futon (they didn't like it somehow after all) returned today, so I don't need to sleep in Ketrami.

I don't have any.

I said hello before I went to bed, and I went outside and I said, 'You want to futon me again, don't you? Face like', Mr. Ketrami, they were already stumba.

Oh, hey, if that's what you're saying, let me interrupt.

After doing it again with a flirt and cleaning it up, I tuck it on Ketrami's stomach and go to sleep.

Good night!... uh, earlier words, I withdraw.

We're not the ones with the highest standards of bedding. Me.

The best bedding is not futon.... Ketrami.

And the morning came.

"Ketrami, hi. It's a beautiful day."

He looked like, "Fine, go away," so I go away. Totally, Ketrami is Mr. Tundele.

Well, let's make breakfast.

I tried bread for breakfast. Bread and fruit jams, thinly chopped and roasted smoked meat and vegetable soup.

Oh, this is how I really got to the table level.

Flirting with emotion, Kaiya woke up.

"Oh, you're early."

"Good morning. Am I right? I'm always like this."

In the meantime, I'll do it with a hatchet.

"This hatchet is really convenient."

"Skills are better than flirting."

"Oh, so it activates in another hataki, too?

"... come on?

"If you were a giant hatchet, would you be able to 'clean' a lot at once?

"... come on?

Um, well, I was wondering, so it's an experiment.

Easily make a hatchet out of wood branches and torn cloth. The size is a bit larger.

And since the bird sea has been happening just fine there, I want it to be an experimental bench.

"Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey."

"Ha ha. What kind of experiment is this?

"Hathaki's Performance Experiment"

If I was doing it, I could see that my skills were activated because there was mysterious luminescence.

Hmm, is there nothing wrong with the type of hataki?

... All right.

We're not all subtly aligned yet, so we're going to make a hatchet.

Make a long stick of wood with 'Cleaning'.

... Although it is good to make, it is not likely to be heavy enough to be used, so I tried hollow construction to reduce it and did a good job, so let's go with this.

And stick an elongated cloth on the tip, done.

It's a giant hatchet with its length as well.

Would this increase your cleaning range?

So experiment quickly.

"Ketramy, I'll clean you up, get a little dirty"

Mr. Ketrami will be a bit gobbly and dirty on the spot while he looks like "I don't know the translation". Um, sweet.

"Thanks. Okay, 'Cleaning'!

When you wave a giant hatchet, what an area of mysterious light emission is obviously vast!

And what a couple of times you have to clean up a place that if it's a regular Hathaki, you have to do it again and again!

I knew I was glad I made it, giant hataki.

This will make it easier for Ketrami to 'clean' every night!

Oh, it looks like consumption MP is a little cheaper, too, because of that.

I wonder if that, the area you clean and the number of times you shake a hatchet is involved in the consumption MP, or something like that.

Because you don't have to shake it as often as you get a giant fling.

Well, we're all up at last, so it's breakfast.

Bread food is popular with half the people. The other half looks like rice cooks in the morning.

Because I honestly don't care either way.

I guess from now on it will alternate between dinner day and bread day.

"I'm going to take Maido outside too today. Just be careful if Maido can follow us or not get hurt when it comes to fighting monsters."

After dinner, happy words from Suzumoto. Finally, I can be taken on an expedition!

Copy that, sir.

Yeah. Of course you can't be unscrupulous about being a force for war.

Even it was negative. Because it's a big deal just to get to zero.

"By the way, what do you do about door tightening?

"... oh, well, I don't want him to come in, he was born."

Well, I don't think so, but in case you come around Fukuyama while you're away, and a lot of things get stolen, it's a lot of trouble.

"If you don't leave a message, do you want to carry the lab with you? Hatake can have the president surround him on all sides."

Uh, well. No, how convenient. The room is what you carry.

"... so you take it"


"Can't you be a regular hatchet?"

"I had a regular flirt, too."

A giant hatchet, isn't it romance?

I succeeded in devising something and keeping a giant hatchet around my back for the good. I stuck it so I could pull it out as soon as I needed it.

That one. Atmospherically, the Great Sword, that's what it feels like. Hathaway, though.

Even when I pull out the knife, I pull out the hatchet instead of pulling out the knife.

"All right, then let's go. Like Maido would never be unscrupulous."

Copy that, sir.

When we had the room covered with rock walls on all sides of the field, we set out.

What do you care? It's the first time I've followed your proper quest.

Yeah. Quite a few of you walk fast.

It's about as fast as it runs lightly.

That said, it's a fast foot position speed for Mr. Ketrami.

He's on top. I'm at a comfortable speed, too. Um, am I the only one who can be so comfortable?

"500 meters to the right! Maybe a deer or a pig! Number's three!

Suddenly, when I thought Torikai had screamed, Suzumoto, Hornsan and Needle Student popped up immediately.

... Za, I thought I saw the remnants. What the hell is that? Are they really human?

And a little later, I heard the signal, so when they all went over there, two pigs had already been tailored.

"I let him get away with it."

"Yeah, well, aren't you good?

With this conversation, I take out the physics lab and throw a pig in there to punish him again.

Um, they're treating me like an item inventory in a game, a physics lab.

As such, there have been several other fights with monsters, but you all do it without difficulty.

Yeah. I didn't get the curtain from the beginning, but I really didn't.

"I'll be in the mountains soon, but are you okay? The wolf."

Hanagasaki-kun tells me and reminds me of the map the president told me before.

Yeah, you did say that if you went through the woods, it would be convex.

Uh, well. I mean, the irregularities on the ground are getting bigger, so Mr. Ketrami might be hard.

"Ketrami, it looks like you're gonna have bigger ground irregularities, okay?

I looked a little proud, like, "Who do you think I am," so I guess it's okay. Maybe.

And in fact, Ketrami gracefully took a wide walk on the rocks and rocks, as if walking on the flats.

Um, wow.

Simply thinking about speed is overwhelming for all of you.

Mr. Ketrami, I don't think you're serious yet. If I could respond to Mr. Ketrami's seriousness, it would be a speed that would really not allow him to follow any other.

Of course, if you just go with your fighting power, none of you will, so you will lose out there.

That's it, I knew I was turning this into your luggage.

For some reason, Mr. Ketrami, you can only travel like this because you're putting me on your back, but if I wasn't on it, I'd jump on prey and bite you faster than anyone else, and I'd be able to smash you.

Current enemies are going with Torikai's "sensing," but if Mr. Ketrami is serious, he's going to be able to defy a wider range with a higher degree of accuracy.

So if I hadn't set Ketrami up with me, I would have expected a significant increase in combat power.

... Shh, I can't save you!

For once, there was a part of me that was positive. Once.

"Time for lunch"

That's why we deployed the lab on the spot.

Everyone disarms and enters leniency mode, so I decide to do the same for Sasa or Rice.

Instruct Ketrami to come to dinner. However, I will also say that you should leave early. No, maybe, if you call me, you'll come.

And I stuffed the rice and made a simple one (a sandwich and vegetable soup just pinched with roasted meat, vegetables and tomato sauce in a large amount of baked bread in the morning) to serve.

Ma, it's not even a big deal, so 15 minutes in between.

... This was fast, I hear. Whatever.

When you were all on an expedition, it seemed to take two and a half hours to cook rice or something.

Every time is cooking internship level.

Thirty minutes to peel the potatoes, two hours to dismantle the meat (because of this, they were eating smoked meat exactly the first time and later), it seemed like something like that, and because of that, the exploration time was shredding a lot.

Well, if all of a sudden the time to cook is one-eighth, that's fast.

"And delicious. What is this?"

"Um, I guess it was our struggle."

"What the hell were you guys making and eating?"

… so in my support in life, I decided to work in a positive direction.

I won't think about it because I don't feel like losing if I think about the efficiency gains from getting Mr. Ketrami into the war or which one is better.

So the break took about an hour, and it also coincided with the departure.

Oh, it's the ruins that are on their way.

When I compared Torikai's "sensing" to the president's "mapping," it seems that there are places I haven't been able to explore yet, but I think I gave up and came back because I was waiting.

Within an hour of leaving, I reached the ruins.

It's a school hallway! That huge building made of kanji material, yeah. Achievement. It's no surprise there's something inside that acts as a staircase.

Yeah. They showed me the president's map, but, sure, there should be a staircase here, right?

The chemistry lab is a classroom right next to the stairs.

... There's a big difference between classrooms, facilities, and equipment. The chemistry lab and the science lab were pretty close, and the bathroom seems to be a neighborhood there.

Um, what is it?

So you can't go inside the ruins...! Why not!

That's decided. Ah, it seems like it's because Ketrami can't get inside the building. Chickshaw.